Gender Reassignment Surgery – Transgender Procedures, the Facts.

gender reassignment surgery
Gender Reassignment Surgery Transgender Procedures The Facts
For the majority of patients undertaking SRS, the surgery is performed in order to match their physical gender with what they feel emotionally and intuitively is their correct gender. This syndrome, known as gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder, is infrequent but getting more widely diagnosed. You may also hear these individuals being referred to as “transgender.”.

Gender identity struggles usually begin in early childhood but descriptions of feeling like a man trapped inside a woman's body, or vice versa, have been identified in and reported by people of all ages. A person living with this an internal conflict may develop anxiety and depression, and go on to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, formally known as gender identity disorder

gender reassignment

(GID). Gender dysphoria is a mental health condition that can arise when a person lives with ongoing feelings of being physically incongruous with his or her birth sex — and medical intervention may be beneficial. Identifying as transgender, itself, is considered by scientists to be, at least in part, biological and not a mental illness

Male to Female Transition.
The procedures that change male genitalia to female genitalia include a penectomy (removal of penis) and orchiectomy (removal of the testes), which are typically followed by a vaginoplasty (creation of the vagina) or a feminizing genitoplasty (creation of female genitalia).

For those born male and transitioning to female, there may also be procedures that include breast implants, gluteoplasty to increase buttock volume, a procedure to minimize the appearance of the Adam's apple, and possibly, feminizing hormones.

Facial feminisation surgery (FFS) is often done to soften the more masculine lines of the face.2 Each patient is unique and the procedures that are done are based on the individual need and budget, but facial feminization often includes softening the brow line, rhinoplasty (nose job), smoothing the jaw and forehead, and altering the cheekbones. For some, a chondrolaryngoplasty, commonly known as a “tracheal shave,” can help reduce the prominence of the Adam's apple.

Female to Male Transition.
The procedure that changes female genitalia to male genitalia is a masculinising genitoplasty (creation of male genitalia). This procedure uses the tissue of the labia to create a penis.

The procedures that change the genitalia are rarely performed without other procedures, which may be extensive. For those born female, the change to a masculine appearance may also include hormone therapy with testosterone, a mastectomy, a hysterectomy procedure, and perhaps additional cosmetic procedures intended to masculinise the appearance.

Transitioning is often two-fold: a social transition, such as new clothing, a new name and new pronouns; and a medical transition, with treatments such as hormone therapy and surgical procedures. Depending on the needs and wants of each individual, transitioning may include both social and medical transitions; just one of the two; or for those who eschew gender completely, neither.

But does GRS really work for everyone?


Medical evidence suggests that sex reassignment does not adequately address the psychosocial difficulties faced by people who identify as transgender. As Ryan Anderson points out in his book ‘When Harry Became Sally'  ‘even when the procedures are successful technically and cosmetically, and even in cultures that are relatively “trans-friendly,” transitioners still face poor outcomes'.

There are strong arguments on both side of the line and this is not really the place to debate them since the argument as to whether sex can be truly reassigned is an enormous political and cultural battlefield.   Experts like Dr Lawrence Meyer from Princeton is quite clear on the subject:

Cosmetic surgery and cross-sex hormones can’t change us into the opposite sex. They can affect appearances. But they can’t transform it. They can’t turn us from one sex into the other.  “Scientifically speaking, transgender men are not biological men and transgender women are not biological women. The claims to the contrary are not supported by a scintilla of scientific evidence,” explains Mayer.

The Global GRS Market

But what is certain is that there is a substantial demand from men and women who feel that their lives can be radically improved by trans-gender surgery  and the job of our site is to guide them to reliable surgeons around the world who have extensive experience in this kind of work.  We are also including a list of helpful organisations that will advise and guide you in your quest for the right answers.

The market is large and is trending ever upwards. Global Market Insights, Inc. has recently added a new report on sex reassignment surgery market which estimates the global market valuation for sex reassignment surgery will exceed US$ 1.5 billion by 2026. Rise in number of sex reassignment surgeries across the globe will be a major factor driving factor. The growth of market can be attributed to the increasing patient pool with an inclination towards changing sex from male to female as well as female to male. The number of such patients has increased nearly four times in the past years.

Destinations to Transition.

Germany dominated the European market and was valued at USD 15.9 million in 2019. The growth can be attributed to the development of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Germany. Also, improving healthcare facilities and presence of doctors, surgeons and clinics specialised in sex reassignment surgery will further boost the market growth over the forecast period. For instance, HELIOS Hospital Berlin-Zehlendorf provides female to male sex reassignment surgeries.

There are major facilities in the UK also driven by the LGBT movement.   The UK also has some excellent support groups such as.  FORGE  and  FTMMentors. Some of the other major players in the market include Some of the leading players in the sex reassignment surgery market share include Bupa Cromwell Hospital, Yeson Voice center, Chettawut Plastic Surgery Centre, Sava Perovic Foundation Surgery, Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (PIAC), Rumercosmetics, Transgender Surgery Institute of Southern California and Mount Sinai Centre for Transgender Medicine and Surgery (CTMS).  You can also browse through our general listings and you will find many clinics offering these types of surgery at varying price ranges.

How well this clinic med your expectations?
    • Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center, Bangkok Thailand (approved)
    How well this clinic med your expectations?
      • Sava Perovic Foundation Surgery Belgrade Serbia (approved)
      How well this clinic med your expectations?
        • Cosmetic Surgery Partners (approved)
        How well this clinic med your expectations?
          • Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (PIAC) Thailand (approved)
          How well this clinic med your expectations?
            • Rumer Cosmetic Surgery. Ardmore USA (approved)
            How well this clinic med your expectations?
              • Center for Transgender Medicine & Surgery New York USA (approved)
              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                • Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI Clinic) Bangkok Thailand (approved)
                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                  • Kamol Hospital (approved)
                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                    • Elysian Plastic Surgery Texas USA (approved)
                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                      • 2Pass Clinic Antwerp Belgium (approved)

                      Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Travel, Post-Covid.

                      cosmetic surgery tourism resumes
                      Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Travel Post Covid
                      For those of us looking forward to a post-Covid cosmetic surgery tourism travel jaunt the prospects are not looking entirely rosy.  The halcyon days of carefree global travel are behind us for now and we must adjust to a ‘ new normal' as the media keeps telling us. So when we do get moving again what will the new normal look like for airline passengers?
                      I guess if your mode of transport is your own Learjet then things will look very different to budget travellers looking for a cut price hair transplant in istanbul or  a bargain basement bit of ‘lipo' in Mexico City.  If you were planning on cut-price cosmetic surgery before the pandemic then you probably won't be looking for a first class cabin when it has all blown over.  So what will economy be like when airlines are back to business.
                       It's clear flying, for cosmetic surgery tourism travel will be different after coronavirus, and while some airlines are discussing the removal of middle seats to maintain social distancing, one airplane interiors company has come up with concepts for adapting economy class cabins.
                      Italian designers Aviointeriors,  the company behind the standing airplane seat, has unveiled two new seat designs aimed at keeping a safe distance between passengers “in accordance with the new requirements” without compromising too much space onboard.”  So what do they have in mind for us?

                      Two-faced seats Named after a Roman God.

                      cosmetic surgery tourism

                      The “Janus” seats are made up of a row of three, with the seat in the middle facing the opposite direction.
                      Named after a god of Ancient Rome, the “Janus” seat has “two faces” and is made of “easy cleaning” and “safe hygienization materials.”
                      This is essentially a row of three with the passenger seated in the middle seat facing the opposite direction to those on the aisle and window seat, to ensure “maximum isolation between passengers seated next to each other.”
                      In addition, each seat is fixed with a three-sided shield “made of transparent material,” to prevent “breath propagation” between those in adjacent seats.
                      It's not clear whether these seats are intended to fill the entire cabin, but it's been noted that the exit row could not be replaced with a design such as this due to regulatory requirements, which recommend these seats have at least seven inches extra room in case evacuation is necessary.

                      What do I pack?

                      Travelling with cabin baggage, for cosmetic surgery tourism travel,  may be banned – with the exception of a laptop, handbag, briefcase or baby items – to keep aircraft interiors as sanitary as possible. Packing lists might include ‘anti-viral fashion’, such as the  Biohoodie that zips across the mouth and nose. And no one will head to the airport without a good supply of face masks (probably home-made so as not to undermine resources for health workers) and surgical gloves (this is a requirement of all Emirates passengers flying from Dubai International right now). Hand-sanitising stations will be installed throughout public spaces.

                      Inside the airport there could be far more automation – from DIY check-ins and bag drops to robotic cleaners – and fewer staff on hand to help. It’s likely there will be no more person-to-person pat downs at security or handing over paper boarding passes, and there will be protective barriers at any desks staffed by humans. To help reduce gatherings of people in close quarters, waiting areas at the gate, for example, will need to be expanded. (Initially, there will be far fewer people flying so it may not be a major problem.) Queues will be widely spaced. Lounges may remain closed.

                      I still find it extraordinary that this has happened literally overnight, I pinch myself when I watch the daily news.  Our site was just getting off the ground when Corona hit us but we are still getting quite a lot of site visitors and we add new information several times a week so there are always new articles and reviews to read.  Our most recent feature articles  were about intimate female surgery and at the other end of the body we just published a feature article on chin implants.

                      When the world came to its abrupt stop it was bit like musical chairs and we got locked down wherever we happened to be at the time.  So I am writing this from my base in Helsinki Finland when I fully expected to be in London or Turkey.  Who knows when the music will start up again?


                      Chin Implant or Filler. Which is Best For You?

                      Chin Implant Or Dermal Filler Which Is Best For You

                      Chin Implant Versus Fillers

                      For men and women alike, a well-defined jawline is key to an attractive, balanced face. Unfortunately, like any other facial features, our chins come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, a small chin can make your nose look larger, while a recessed chin may provide no visual distinction between your neck and face.  This is when chin implant or filler procedures are considered.

                      strong chin

                      Like it or not, first impressions are important, and facial structure is just as significant as the fullness of your lips or colour of your eyes when it comes to how others perceive your appearance – and if your chin is poorly defined, it can easily spoil your looks.

                      If you’re unhappy with the shape of your jawline, two options are available to enhance your appearance and self-confidence: chin implants and dermal fillers.

                      A chin implant entails surgery to improve the contours of the chin, neck and jaw line with an implant around bone to achieve a more natural facial symmetry.

                      A chin filler – injection of dermal filler material – also creates a more balanced profile, particularly in cases of a weak chin.

                      While both techniques are aimed at restoring harmony to facial appearance, each has its own advantages and potential drawbacks. For instance, a chin implant can be more predictable and stable, while a filler is a simpler procedure.

                      Here we’ll look in more detail at the pros and cons of chin implants and fillers.

                      chin implant or filler

                      Advantages of Chin Implants

                      Chin augmentation with surgical implants – a type of genioplasty – can improve the underlying structure of your face, and is sometimes performed in conjunction with nose-recontouring rhinoplasty or neck liposuction.

                      A chin implant is generally an outpatient procedure, using general anaesthesia or a local anaesthetic with sedation.

                      Chin implants are popular because the procedure is relatively easy for the patient while producing significant improvement in facial profile by strengthening a recessed or weak chin to produce a sharp and firmer new profile.

                      Surgical chin augmentation can:

                      • Enhance facial balance by making your chin more in proportion with the rest of your face.
                      • Improve definition of the jawline and neck.
                      • Minimise the appearance of jowls or a double chin.
                      • Strengthen an underdeveloped chin.
                      • Increase the width or height of the chin.
                      • Achieve harmony between the chin and nose.
                      • Improve the appearance of dimpling.
                      • Achieve long-lasting results with one procedure and a fast recovery – usually within seven days and with minimal discomfort.

                      Potential Disadvantages of Chin Implant

                      All types of surgery carry the risk of infection and side effects of anaesthesia. However, a chin implant is a relatively short procedure – typically taking less than an hour – with a very low safety risk when carried out by a qualified cosmetic surgeon, who will also ensure no scarring is visible after healing.

                      You’ll need to sleep face up with your head elevated for a couple of weeks after surgery to help control swelling and protect the healing process.


                      Advantages of Chin Fillers

                      The main advantage of chin fillers is that it’s a non-surgical procedure, and, like chin implants, these injectable implants boast a good safety record.

                      Compared with chin implants, chin fillers offer the following advantages:

                      • Simpler procedure.
                      • Minimally invasive.
                      • Instant results.
                      • More affordable.
                      • Little or no down time.

                      Disadvantages of Chin Fillers

                      Results from chin fillers are temporary (but can last from one to two years) and repeat injections will be necessary to maintain your appearance.

                      Compared with chin implants, fillers achieve only a modest enhancement of chin and jaw line contours.


                      Which is the Best Chin Augmentation Procedure for Me?

                      chin implant or filler?

                      A chin filler can give you the chance to try out a new-look jawline, while chin implants may be a better option if you’re looking for lasting changes.

                      So, if you’re unsure about getting chin implants straight away, you could start with filler injections as a trial procedure to give you a taste of what implants can achieve.

                      On the other hand, if you only want a modest chin enhancement, fillers can likely achieve this with no surgery necessary.

                      Strong chins have long been considered an attractive feature, and historically, a frail or receding chin has been associated with a weak or unlikable personality. This is why Batman and Superman are depicted with chiselled chins.

                      heart shaped chin

                      Whether you yearn to look like a superhero, or want a heart-shaped chin like Scarlett Johansson, or a square chin like Angelina Jolie, the best way to determine whether chin implant or chin filler treatment is right for you is to consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

                      Many cosmetic clinics – both in the UK and abroad – will resume offering chin augmentation treatments after coronavirus lockdown restrictions have been eased.

                      Chin enhancement is a fast-growing trend, and costs can vary greatly across the world. This is why savvy medical tourists will continue to shop around for the best deals in cities such as Istanbul as well as London.

                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                        • TES Clinic Singapore (approved)
                        How well this clinic med your expectations?
                          • Mr Jag Chana London UK (approved)
                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                            • Hershe Clinic Seoul Korea (approved)
                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                              • Forme Clinic Prague Czech Republic (approved)
                              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                • Symmetry Clinic London UK (approved)
                                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                  • Clinic Plast Istanbul Turkey (approved)
                                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                    • Andrzej Sankowski Clinic Warsaw Poland (approved)
                                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                      • Nazim Cerkes (CosMed) Clinic Istanbul Turkey (approved)

                                      Breast Lifts & ‘Mommy Makeovers’ – Lifestyle Cosmetic Surgery.

                                      breast lift
                                      Breast Lifts Mommy Makeovers Lifestyle Cosmetic Surgery

                                      One of the topics we most receive information requests for is ‘breast lift' or what some women refer to as ‘perking'..  In this article we will look at the major aspects of ‘perking' one's  breasts and clarify what is involved.

                                      beast lift

                                      A breast lift, medically called a mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure performed to revitalise bosoms that have a somewhat droopy or flabby appearance and return them to a more younger looking and attractive position.

                                      This popular operation removes surplus skin and firms up the surrounding tissue to create a more youthful breast contour. A lift can also decrease the size of the areolas if they have become enlarged over time.  Many women use this as an opportunity for a ‘tummy tuck' also known as an abdominoplasty, where you reduce the amount of unwanted fat and skin in your abdominal area.

                                      A ‘lift' can revitalise your breasts.

                                      Pregnancy, nursing, weight loss and previously having big, heavy breasts can all result in accelerating the ageing process of the breasts and can cause premature or more excessive sagging.

                                      A number of the women we talk to feel very self-conscious about the decrease in the pertness of their breasts and desire to have a breast lift to rejuvenate their breasts to a more elegant and natural position. Most of the time, the breast lift operation also shifts the nipple and areolar placement to enhance the new breast appearance.

                                      A Tummy Tuck' can get you back in your ‘size 8' jeans

                                      Don't forget to ask your surgeon on whether you should also book in for a tummy tuck to complete the ‘mummy makeover' look.  All the clinics listed below will be pleased to give you a professional opinion on your best route forward.

                                      mommy makeover
                                      A full ‘Mommy makeover often includes a ‘tummy tuck' to return the body to its former shape.

                                      Breast Lift and enlargement combo.

                                      The breast lift operation on its own is not intended to enhance breast size, nevertheless, for the most part, only unneeded skin is taken off and not breast tissue, so your breasts will appear more voluminous and more shapely because of this. Some ladies want to boost their breast size along together with the lift and so, sometimes, a combo of breast augmentation with a breast lift may be performed to help them reach their aesthetic goals.

                                      If you feel you may want to add breast augmentation to your lift but aren't certain how it would look, 3D digital photography may be able to assist. Many board-certified plastic surgeons utilise sophisticated 3D photography as well as 3D printing models to help with surgery preparation and to replicate your desired outcome. This is a superb way to visualise how you would look after your procedure.  Leading clinics have been using this software for quite a while and it does help clients get a better idea of what the procedure can produce.

                                      Hey ‘mom' it's time for the makeover you promised yourself.


                                      The term “mommy makeover” is used to describe a set of procedures typically performed to rejuvenate a woman's body after having children and breast lifting treatments are often suggested. A breast lift is a common operation in a mommy makeover, and sometimes a lift is coupled with breast augmentation to improve the breast size while lifting them.  It often includes a ‘tummy tuck' to return the body to its more youthful look.

                                      What sort of costs are involved?

                                      Obviously no insurance plan is going to cover a ‘mommy makeover' since it is usually an elective procedure (s) and very firmly in the ‘lifestyle' range of cosmetic surgeries.  Along with your breast enhancement you might want to include a ‘tummy tuck' or even a ‘Brazilian butt lift'  – Dr Kat in Birmingham UK is a top name here, (maternity fat can affect the buttocks) and even a bit of liposuction.  In the USA or UK this sort of treatment plan can run anywhere up to $20.000.  On the other hand you could pop over to Lithuania   or the Netherlands (when flights are running again) and get a ‘Mommy Makeover' from €6000.. To get the best deal our site + Google will put you on the right track!

                                      Clinic ImageRatingClinic Name & Feature
                                      Azataka Plastic Surgery Clinic Singaporeno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Azataka Plastic Surgery Clinic Singapore

                                      Founded in 2017 by three accredited and highly trained Singapore plastic surgeons originally from Singapore…

                                      Dr Marco Clinic Singaporeno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Dr Marco Clinic Singapore

                                      Dr Marco is an internationally trained Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon with over 30 years of…

                                      Picasso Clinic Singaporeno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Picasso Clinic Singapore

                                      A leading Singapore clinic whose philosophy is to amalgamate the science and artistry of plastic…

                                      Cadogan Clinic Londonno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Cadogan Clinic London

                                      The Cadogan Clinic is an award-winning private hospital on Sloane Street in the heart of…

                                      Georgios Orfaniotis Clinic London UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Georgios Orfaniotis Clinic London UK

                                      Mr Georgios Orfaniotis is a fully certified London Plastic Surgeon who practices as a Consultant…

                                      Gary Ross  Manchester UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Gary Ross Manchester UK

                                      Mr Gary Ross is a Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeon in the North West of…

                                      Dr Woffles Clinic Singaporeno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Dr Woffles Clinic Singapore

                                      Dr. Woffles Wu has been a household name in Singapore for his expertise in plastic…

                                      Dr Titus Adams London UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Dr Titus Adams London UK

                                      Titus Adams belongs very clearly in the 'celebrity surgeon' category in the London market. Featured…

                                      Kat & Co Clinic Birmingham UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Kat & Co Clinic Birmingham UK

                                      Named by Tatler as one of the UK’s top cosmetic surgeons. Birmingham-based Mrs Kat is…

                                      Millimetre Perfect London UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Millimetre Perfect London UK

                                      Well the clue is in the name! Mr Raj Ragoowansi is a London based cosmetic…

                                      Vanity Clinic Istanbul Turkeyno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Vanity Clinic Istanbul Turkey

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                                      Kings College Hospital Dubai UAEno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Kings College Hospital Dubai UAE

                                      Using the best of London trained cosmetic and plastic surgeons, this top class Dubai facility…

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                                      Essential Aesthetics  The Hague, Netherlandsno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Essential Aesthetics The Hague, Netherlands

                                      This is a clinic that is tightly targeted to the modern woman They say they…

                                      Frati Cosmetic Surgery London UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Frati Cosmetic Surgery London UK

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                                      Mr Sheikh Ahmad  london UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Mr Sheikh Ahmad london UK

                                      Mr Sheikh Ahmad has over 30 years of surgical experience, with extensive experience in both…

                                      Cosmetic Surgery Riga Latviano-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Cosmetic Surgery Riga Latvia

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                                      Forme Clinic Prague Czech Republicno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Forme Clinic Prague Czech Republic

                                      Forme Clinic is a classic Prague cosmetic surgery clinic very much geared towards medical tourism.…

                                      Innovations Medical Dallas USAno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Innovations Medical Dallas USA

                                      At Innovations Medical, all cosmetic procedures provide cutting-edge technology. For breast augmentation and Brazilian Butt…

                                      Eterno 360 Windsor UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Eterno 360 Windsor UK

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                                      Reflect Clinic Manchester UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Reflect Clinic Manchester UK

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                                      Comfort Zone Clinic Istanbul Turkeyno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Comfort Zone Clinic Istanbul Turkey

                                      This is a real celebrity hangout for TV reality stars and other people looking for…

                                      Elysian Plastic Surgery Texas USAno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Elysian Plastic Surgery Texas USA

                                      Dr Dellinger is well known for his work in MTF breast surgery and also in…

                                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                        • Azataka Plastic Surgery Clinic Singapore (approved)
                                        How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                          • Dr Marco Clinic Singapore (approved)
                                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                            • Picasso Clinic Singapore (approved)
                                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                              • Cadogan Clinic London (approved)
                                              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                • Georgios Orfaniotis Clinic London UK (approved)
                                                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                  • Gary Ross Manchester UK (approved)
                                                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                    • Dr Woffles Clinic Singapore (approved)
                                                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                      • Dr Titus Adams London UK (approved)
                                                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                        • Kat & Co Clinic Birmingham UK (approved)
                                                        How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                          • Millimetre Perfect London UK (approved)
                                                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                            • Vanity Clinic Istanbul Turkey (approved)
                                                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                              • Kings College Hospital Dubai UAE (approved)
                                                              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                • Coramed Clinic Wroclaw, Poland (approved)
                                                                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                  • Essential Aesthetics The Hague, Netherlands (approved)
                                                                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                    • Frati Cosmetic Surgery London UK (approved)
                                                                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                      • Mr Sheikh Ahmad london UK (approved)
                                                                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                        • Cosmetic Surgery Riga Latvia (approved)
                                                                        How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                          • Forme Clinic Prague Czech Republic (approved)
                                                                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                            • Innovations Medical Dallas USA (approved)
                                                                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                              • Eterno 360 Windsor UK (approved)
                                                                              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                                • Reflect Clinic Manchester UK (approved)
                                                                                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                                  • Comfort Zone Clinic Istanbul Turkey (approved)
                                                                                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                                    • Elysian Plastic Surgery Texas USA (approved)

                                                                                    When you are considering breast lift surgery, tummy tucks and general ‘mommy makeovers'  it is vital that you research the subject thoroughly and discuss it with your general practitioner.  Our site gives you a directory-style listing of cosmetic surgery clinics and they can provide a basis for your research.  when you contact them please mention our site.


                                                                                    How Quarantine is Affecting the Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Business.


                                                                                    When I started this site back in November 2019 it never entered my wildest imaginations that most, if not all, the cosmetic surgery clinics in this world would be closed or working on a very restricted basis.  Yes, here we are in April 2020 in the midst of a Coronavirus epidemic that has shaken the world to its very foundations.  Airlines have grounded their entire fleets and airports are operating on a limited basis.  Borders are closed everywhere and the very idea of popping over to Bangkok for a ‘tummy-tuck’ for cosmetic surgery tourism has become risible.  I am not a prophet so I cannot know if this is a seismic change in our world or if things will drift back to normal in due time.  I would like to think this is merely a ‘blip’ in our history and not the end of the world as we knew it.

                                                                                    As we come out of lockdown my guess is that cosmetic surgery will open up on a country by country basis.  Places like Singapore who have dealt very quickly with Covid-19 infections will probably be up and running early on.  They have a large medical tourism sector that is eagerly supported by the government as a strong earner of tourist dollars.

                                                                                    turkey is a great destination for cosmetic surgery