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Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery 2023

What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery

Thousands of women around the world looking to enhance their appearance and self-esteem opt for breast augmentation every year, which makes it the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

In 2018, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reported a six percent increase in breast enlargement procedures over a 12-month spell.


Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants and Breast Lifts

If you’re thinking about having breast enhancement surgery, you may be wondering whether there’s a difference between breast augmentation/enlargement and breast implants, and whether breast lifts fall into either of these categories.

The terms breast augmentation and breast implants are used interchangeably. Augmentation (or enlargement) describes the end result, while implants are the devices plastic surgeons use to achieve it.

Breast implant augmentation has been performed since the 1960s and typically uses saline or silicone implants to improve volume, size and shape.

Another, less common form of breast augmentation cosmetic surgery is fat transfer, which achieves a relatively small increase in breast size. It entails a liposuction procedure that takes fat from other areas of the body and injects it into the breasts.

No implants are used for breast lifts. The procedure involves manipulating tissue to tighten and lift the breast to counter sagging.

Woman Discussing Breast Augmentation With Plastic Surgeon

Pros and Cons of Saline and Silicone Breast Implants

Saline implants are shells containing sterile salt water. Silicone implants hold silicone gel within a silicone casing. Saline and silicone are both found naturally in the body. Both types of implants come in different sizes with either textured or smooth shells.

Silicone implants are more common in the UK, and many women report that silicone implants feel more natural.


Advantages of silicone breast implants include:

  • Made with medical-grade silicone tested for safety and used in other surgical procedures such as prosthetic implants.
  • Firm or soft gel options.
  • Silicone remains inert in your body, avoiding problems of reaction or rejection.
  • Approved by the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS).

A potential disadvantage of silicone breast implants is that a ruptured implant can be difficult to detect and the substance stays in the body, possibly travelling beyond the breast.


Advantages of saline breast implants include:

  • May require a smaller incision – saline implant casing is always filled after it’s placed, while silicone implants can be filled either beforehand or during the procedure.
  • Any leakage can typically be detected sooner than silicone implant breakdowns.
  • Less risk in the event of leakage – the saline would pass through your body or be safely absorbed.
  • Slightly firmer feel.
  • Volume can be adjusted during the procedure.

A disadvantage of saline implants is that they may feel and look less natural than silicone implants.

Breast Implants Combined with a Breast Lift

Woman Discussing Breast Augmentation With Plastic Surgeon

A rising trend is to combine breast implants with breast lift surgery, particularly among women who’ve had children.

Significant changes the body undergoes during and after pregnancy often include loss of volume and shape. While breast enlargement improves fullness and can increase cup size, a breast lift makes breasts firmer and more buoyant.

A breast lift also solves the problem of severely drooping breasts, which breast enlargement on its own can’t fix.

Breast lifting is often performed at the same time as augmentation but in some cases may require a separate operation.


Benefits of Breast Enhancement

The results of breast enlargement depend on many factors, including:

  • Whether you choose silicone or saline implants.
  • Shape and size of the implants.
  • Your overall body shape.

The outcome of breast augmentation and breast lifts is generally perkier, fuller breasts that are more symmetrical and attractive.

Most women say their clothes and particularly their bras fit better after breast enhancement. A study by the University of Florida found that breast augmentation cosmetic surgery boosted patients’ self-regard and reinforced their feelings about their sexuality.

Typical, specific benefits of breast enhancement include:

  • More projection and greater fullness of the breasts.
  • Better balance of hip and breast contours.
  • Long-term solution – breast implants last from 7 to 12 years on average.

Where Can I Go for Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery?

browsing for breast augmentation surgery
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Breast enlargement implants are only available on the NHS in exceptional circumstances, so you’ll need to find a private cosmetic surgery breast augmentation clinic.

The good news is that there are plenty of breast implant surgeons to choose from, both here in the UK and abroad.

Top breast enhancement clinics and be found in many major cities in England, including:

Further afield, there are highly-rated breast augmentation clinics in many countries, including:

You will find a selection of breast augmentation surgery specialists at the end of this article.

Which Type of Breast Implants Are Right for Me?

Deciding on which type of breast augmentation is right for you calls for careful consideration and advice from a skilled plastic surgeon.

A breast augmentation cosmetic surgeon can help you decide between silicone and saline implants, taking into account factors such as.

  • Your current breast shape and size.
  • Your age.
  • Condition of your breast tissue.
  • Your medical history.
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                              Spotlight on Transgender Breast Augmentation Surgery.

                              In our gender fluid age many men feel that they could lead a better life if they were able to identify fully as a woman. Physical appearance plays an enormous role in the gender transition process and some people feel that they would only be truly comfortable if they could take care of their physique too.. Transgender breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that convincingly enhances the size of the chest and the the shape of transfemine patients using implants.

                              gender breast augmentation surgery

                              Transgender breast Augmentation

                              Whilst there is an abundance of information on regular types of breast augmentation (boob jobs) there is a paucity of modern relevant information on how M to F (male to female) breast surgery works and what are the benefits and the dangers involves in following this path.

                              While the basis of breast augmentation is the same for both procedures, there are some subtle nuances that differentiate MtF  surgery from traditional breast surgery. Many transitioning women and gender non-binary individuals have smaller nipples and areolas that are positioned more on the outer portion of the breast, and their inframammary fold is typically farther apart than cisgender women.  This requires a different technique to prepare and position the implant which is why there are some cosmetic surgeons who specialise in transgender breast augmentation

                              If a patient has been transitioning for a period of time taking hormone treatment then it is more than likely that their breasts will have developed unevenly.  It takes an experience surgeon to make the necessary allowances the obtain the maximum authenticity and aesthetic appeal.  Most candidates for MTF surgery will have been on HRT for 12 months prior to breast  implantation.

                              transgender breast augmentation surgery MtF
                              Young beautiful Asian transgender woman

                              Some trans women can generally develop an A-cup this way. But unfortunately, HRT doesn’t work the same way for everyone. Especially for transgender women over the age of 35, it is more difficult to develop breasts without surgery. In such cases, transgender  breast augmentation with implants is a better solution. You are more or less free to choose which implants you want. But we also take into account the amount of breast tissue and skin you have, the size of your chest and the extent to which your breasts hang or sag

                              However, depending on your current chest appearance and your goals, your breast surgery may require multiple steps. Staying on the smaller side can produce a more natural look for those not taking HRT, but if you want larger breasts you may need tissue expanders to help stretch the skin before proceeding with your breast surgery.

                              Would You Be a Good Candidate for MtF?

                              You may be a good candidate for transgender breast augmentation surgery if you are in good physical health and have a clear idea of how you’d like your breasts to look post-procedure. Because many transgender individuals receive different types of therapy as a natural part of the transition process, we recommend that you pursue augmentation if you meet the following additional criteria:

                              Completed hormonal therapy

                              Attended at least three months of professional counselling

                              Received the support from a licensed health professional (i.e. a letter of recommendation that can be verified by our staff)

                              Discontinued any medication that could pose adverse side effects during surgery (i.e. medications that cause excessive bleeding, such as aspirin and heparin).

                              Try visiting a great disability site.

                              There are many specialists in Transgender Breast Augmentations and a selection of these is listed at the end of this article.  Experts are available across the world depending on your available travel zones.  I am writing this during the Covid19 epidemic when future travel plans are still unclear.  We know of great surgeons in The USA, the UK, Thailand , Israel and Belgium.     The LGBT community is very good at passing around information so as soon as clinics are working normally I am sure you will find out.


                              Whilst you are considering MtF breast surgery you might also consider these additional optional surgeries to make your transition even more complete.

Removal of excess skin and fat from around the arms (especially if you’ve lost a lot of weight) creates a more sculpted appearance.

Through a low abdominal incision, excess skin and fat are removed. Underlying tissue (fascia) can be sutured to further tighten the abdomen. Additional liposuction may be used for further contouring.

                              Thigh lifts
Using incisions inside the legs, excess skin and fat is removed to provide a more shapely appearance

                              Buttock and thigh augmentation
Sculpting the buttocks and lateral thighs involves careful fat grafting to create a fuller, more aesthetically pleasing area.

                              Liposuction/Body Sculpting/Implants
For the right patients, liposuction can be performed anywhere on the body to remove unwanted fat deposits.

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                                                  10 Top Transgender Cosmetic Surgery Clinics. 2023

                                                  transgender woman
                                                  Cc Top Transgender Cosmetic Surgery Clinics Cy

                                                  As the market for transgender cosmetic surgery expands globally we look at the clinics that have set up specialised teams of surgeons and nurses to work with men and women seeking to reassign their gender.   Such surgery is never undertaken lightly and often comes with drug regimes and psychological counselling.  But, assuming that you qualify emotionally and physically we have put together a helpful list of surgeons who are experts in MTF (male to female) breast augmentations and genital adjustments.

                                                  The transgender cosmetic surgery clinics are located all around the world in such diverse countries as Israel and Thailand, Belgium and USA.   We really appreciate feedback from patients who have had experience of these surgeries.  You can leave clinical reviews beneath the individual transgender cosmetic surgery clinics in our listings.

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                                                    • Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center, Bangkok Thailand (approved)
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                                                      • Sava Perovic Foundation Surgery Belgrade Serbia (approved)
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                                                            • Rumer Cosmetic Surgery. Ardmore USA (approved)
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                                                              • Center for Transgender Medicine & Surgery New York USA (approved)
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                                                                • Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI Clinic) Bangkok Thailand (approved)
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                                                                  • Kamol Hospital (approved)
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                                                                    • Elysian Plastic Surgery Texas USA (approved)
                                                                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                      • 2Pass Clinic Antwerp Belgium (approved)


                                                                      High Value Cosmetic Treatments To Change Your Life.

                                                                      cosmetic surgery procedures
                                                                      High Value Cosmetic Treatments To Change Your Life

                                                                      A question we are often asked is what cosmetic treatments will give the ‘most bang for the buck' in terms of how they will change your life for the better.   If you want to tackle wrinkles or signs of ageing on your face then here are 2 suggestions that are affordable and will make a noticeable difference to how you look.

                                                                      Deep Chemical Peel

                                                                      This is like having a facial that lasts forever. Instead of going back to the spa every couple of weeks for a facial why not treat yourself to a deep chemical peel where the results lasts for months.   Peels are cosmetic treatments that have been used by celebrities and movie stars for years.  But not all peel are created equal.

                                                                      Chemical peels come in different strengths and different price brackets.  The deeper the peel the longer-lasting the result. It also means additional down time due to increased skin sensitivity, redness, inflammation, skin peeling and healing. A higher risk of complications can also arise with deeper peels. Superficial chemical peels are a suitable choice for individuals who have never had a professional chemical peel service, or people looking for mild correction and skin care maintenance.

                                                                      But keep in mind, they are just that… superficial. Even a series of 3-6 superficial peels spaced 3-4 weeks apart is not going to remove deep lines, wrinkles and excess pigment abnormalities. You need the stronger sorts of cosmetic treatments to achieve deep changes.

                                                                      In conclusion, the deeper the peel, the greater the results and skin rejuvenation.  Also the higher the cost of course.

                                                                      laser treatment - a good cosmetic treatment

                                                                      Laser Skin Resurfacing

                                                                      Do you have wrinkles or dark spots you want to quickly remove? Laser skin resurfacing is a highly effective treatment that can drastically improve your appearance. It uses a wavelength of light to eliminate dead skin and encourage healthy skin growth.  You would need to budget around $1000 to get this done at a top clinic but many clinics around the world offer cheaper deals. So what should you expect with this procedure?

                                                                      Laser resurfacing is done by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. It's an outpatient procedure, meaning you'll not have to stay overnight.  It is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments you can do as a day patient.

                                                                      The doctor may treat wrinkles around your eyesmouth, or forehead individually or treat your entire face. For small areas, the doctor will numb the areas to be treated with a local anesthetic and may also sedate you. You may require general anesthesia if your whole face is being treated.

                                                                      Treating just parts of the face takes about 30 to 45 minutes. A full-face treatment takes up to two hours.

                                                                      Following the laser procedure, the doctor will bandage the treated areas. After 24 hours, you will need to clean the treated areas four to five times a day and then apply an ointment such as petroleum jelly to prevent scabs from forming.

                                                                      Swelling after laser skin resurfacing is normal. Your doctor may prescribe steroids to manage swelling around your eyes. Sleeping on an extra pillow at night can also ease swelling.

                                                                      Sometimes all you need is one of the low-risk high value cosmetic treatments rather than a full-scale facelift to transform your self-esteem and knock years of your face. Whilst spa treatments and makeup artists can help you on a temporary basis it is worth considering the advantages of paying a bit more for cosmetic treatments that get the sort of results that will smile at you in mirror every morning and add to your seductive appeal in the candlelight.

                                                                      Other ideas on alternatives to cosmetic surgery can be found in this article on our site.


                                                                      Cosmetic Surgery Procedures 3D Printing Breakthrough.

                                                                      Cosmetic Surgery Procedures 3d Printing Breakthrough

                                                                      There are times I feel I am in a science fiction movie existing in a strange dystopia where engineered bodies move seamlessly with humanoids.  I first became aware of this emerging reality when I watched a 3D printing machine creating scaled down versions of people at a stand in  a vast German exhibition hall.  Perhaps it was the Hanover Fair, I can't recall exactly – as a science writer I attend many such shows.  At the time I thought I would quite like a scaled down version of me for the office desk but they were charging several hundred euros a pop and I had other things on my mind.  It did start me thinking though about what the 3D printing future held especially for cosmetic surgery procedures.

                                                                      It is noticeable that 3D printing and other advanced technologies are starting to have a big impact in the plastic surgery space especially with reconstructive surgery – dented craniums and the like, as well as rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and breast implants. With an ever expanding client base these are very profitable markets and poised to join up with 3D printing technologies.  So we have been looking at what is going on.

                                                                      Here is some breaking news for you. Two German companies have paired up on the development of a technology that could disrupt the breast implant market.


                                                                      will use Evonik's Resomer bioresorbable polymer in its Senella breast scaffolds with a proprietary additive manufacturing process that avoids the use of silicone implants, some of which have raised major safety concerns.

                                                                      BellaSeno plans to begin first-in-human clinical trials of the Senella scaffolds with Resomer in Germany this quarter. Evonik has agreed to supply its Resomer polymer for clinical and commercial use. The scaffolds are designed to guide the growth of natural tissue using the patient's own body fat harvested via liposuction.

                                                                      Designed to be implanted after breast reconstruction, augmentation, or revision surgery, the Resomer polymer features mechanical properties and a degradation profile that allow the scaffold to absorb at a rate that matches the formation of the patient’s own tissue. Scaffolds will be available in different sizes and shapes to match the patients’ needs, BellaSeno said.  In other words, custom made breasts made from the patients' own harvested tissue.

                                                                      The German startup has the potential to disrupt the breast implant market, which has been plagued with safety and regulatory snags. France has had its share of scandals involving breast implants  and cosmetic surgery procedures and the FDA has been accused of hiding millions of adverse reports since 1997.

                                                                      Transferring fat from one part of the body to another is more common than one might think. A California company called Puregraft is also developing a technology that uses body fat for breast augmentation. Instead of using a scaffold or any other type of implant, however, Puregraft's device serves as a type of dialysis for fat, purifying the fat before it is reinjected into the body.

                                                                      So, that's the breast implant sector disrupted ;now lets let's see what is happening to the ‘nose job' (rhinoplasty sector).

                                                                      cosmetic surgery procedure

                                                                      Nose surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. Of the top ten countries surveyed by the ISAPS, rhinoplasty is known to be one of the top most popular and routine procedures in Mexico, Germany, Columbia, Italy, Argentina, and Iran. There are well over a million nose jobs done every year with countries such as Brazil leading the pack with more than 80.000 operations – almost 10% of the global total.

                                                                      Customised, life-sized, 3D-printed, models can provide a useful visual reference in the operating room for plastic surgeons performing rhinoplasty, according to a special “Ideas and Innovations” article by ASPS Member Surgeon Bardia Amirlak, MD, FACS, of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, and colleagues. They write, “Patient-specific 3D-printed models reflecting the actual 3D anatomy provides additional visual and tactile information to the surgeon, which may contribute to achieving the desired clinical result.”

                                                                      In the operating room, the surgeon can refer to the 3D-printed models as a “side-by-side reference,” helping to see and appreciate subtle changes occurring during the rhinoplasty procedure. The models help to ensure that the outcomes of cosmetic rhinoplasty are as close as possible to the planned appearance of the patient's nose. The advantage that the patient can see  in advance how their nose will turn out can reassure and encourage the patient to go under the surgeon's knife.

                                                                      Dr. Anthony Youn, a Detroit-based plastic surgeon and author of The Age Fix, agrees that  3D printed models are the next evolutionary step in providing patients with a “before” and “after.”

                                                                      The technology also helps with communication in the office. The thing we always want to avoid is somebody regretting having their cosmetic surgery procedures done,” Youn said. “Anything we can do, in general, to better educate the patients, in my opinion, is good. If we can give them an idea of what they're going to get, it can hopefully help them make the right decision for themselves.”

                                                                      This type of surgery did not start as a cosmetic innovation, it started back in 2015 when a young man, Dallan Jenne, who had lost his entire nose from an accident had it recreated by a  certain Dr. Tal Dagan, an Associate Adjunct Surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

                                                                      Dr. Dagan and a team from Oxford Performance Materials, Inc., a leading advanced materials and 3D printing company, created a 3D printed facial device that would replicate a natural nose in appearance and functionality. Unlike a standard implant, the device was created using sample models taken from the noses of the patient’s close family members to recreate the most natural and culturally appropriate graft. It also allowed the surgeons to rehearse the complex procedure and create a custom operation to minimize complications. We will be looking specifically  at reconstructive cosmetic surgery procedures in a later post.


                                                                      Spotlight On Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

                                                                      alternatives to cosmetic surgery
                                                                      Spotlight On Alternatives To Cosmetic Surgery

                                                                      Even as you browse the pages of our site you might still be hesitating about undertaking a procedure. You may have read articles about celebs who regretted their surgical procedures or worried about the costs involved. So, with these thoughts in mind we have put together some alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

                                                                      Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

                                                                      nose job cosmetic surgery alternative


                                                                      Rhinoplasty Alternative.

                                                                      A nose job is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, but it does not come cheap and there is always a risk of going under the knife.   Recently there has been a trend to go for a non- surgical alternative using fillers to ‘tweak' the shape of the nose and even out the bumps.  A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting fillers into the nose to alter its shape, the nostrils or bridge height.

                                                                      The actual procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes, but might be slightly longer if a numbing cream is applied beforehand  since numbing creams typically need 10 to 15 minutes to kick in.

                                                                      Facelift Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery.

                                                                      The cosmetic application of CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument), the best facelift alternative out there right now, was discovered by accident. The CACI technology, which is nowadays used to stimulate lost muscle tone in the patient’s face, was first developed in order to treat a type of facial paralysis called Bell’s Palsy.

                                                                      A package consisting of 10 individual treatment sessions can be purchased for approximately $500. While this is still a hefty sum, it doesn’t even come close to the almost $10,000 you’d have to fork out for a facelift procedure especially if you chose one of our top European facelift experts.

                                                                      Another alternative to cosmetic surgery which will rejuvenate your skin and produce effects comparable to a facelift involves injecting a mixture of vitamins and amino acids just beneath the skin’s surface.

                                                                      The procedure, called Mesotherapy, plumps up and hydrates the skin. While the results are subtle, they are nonetheless noticeable. The formula which is to be injected a few millimetres under the surface of the patient’s skin will contain different substances depending on what issue needs addressing. You’ll be rewarded with firmer and brighter skin after just one treatment!

                                                                      Butt Implant Alternatives

                                                                      Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian have a lot to answer for with their perky, voluptuous rears prompting women to go under the knife for implants to recreate their looks.

                                                                      But fear not if you can't find $10.000 – for $25 you can buy a pair of Katrina Butt and Hip Padded Panty from that will give the same look. One of the great  alternatives to cosmetic surgery!

                                                                      Breast Implant Alternatives

                                                                      One of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments, breast implants have recently suffered a damaged reputation in the wake of the PIP scandal.

                                                                      And now that Macrolane breast enlargement injections have been withdrawn from UK use, it's back to the classic padded bra and bikini to give a natural, non-surgical and cheaper lift.

                                                                      At around $50 per bra, that's a tidy saving of $8,500 compared to going under the knife.


                                                                      Botox, or Botulinum Toxin, is injected into peoples’ face, with the aim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It works is by temporarily blocking signals from your nerves to your muscles. This means that they can no longer contract, so your wrinkles become more relaxed.

                                                                      Usually, people will use it to soften the lines on their face, including their forehead and eye lines. That said, Botox can have serious repercussions on your overall health. After treatment, it’s quite possible to experience pain, trouble swallowing, puffy features, muscle weakness and much more.

                                                                      Over time, this can then seriously affect your health and looks. With too much use, your skin can become thinner, your muscles may weaken, and it may become much more difficult to continue using it.

                                                                      At $150-a-pop and needed every couple of months, the cost soon adds up.

                                                                      But Freeze 24/7 Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment, that contains Chinese anti-ageing ‘miracle herb' Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, costs $70 for 15ml – and is said to be clinically proven to reduce lines without having to inject a toxin into your face. This, you will agree, is a one of the best alternatives to cosmetic surgery and it very safe to use.

                                                                      Dermal Fillers

                                                                      Fillers have become a really popular choice for anyone wishing to change up their face a little. Through injecting hyaluronic acid into the required area, the shape can be altered. These aren’t permanent and require top-ups every so often, but it’s crazy how they can completely alter your face!  If you are considering changing the shape of your chin ten check out our post on dermal fillers v chin implants.

                                                                      Just an injection here or there, be it on your lips, forehead, cheeks, or the like, could transform you and provide a clever alternative to cosmetic surgery. Although there is some danger behind it, as the acid can sometimes make its way into the bloodstream, there aren’t many other things that could go wrong. Just find someone that knows what they’re doing, and has good reviews, and you’ll be sorted.

                                                                      The desire for plump Angelina Jolie lips has led to an increase in injected lip fillers. Not only can these cost as much as £1,000, they can also result in horrific disfiguration – just ask Pete Burns.

                                                                      So rather than risk a trout pout – and being left out of pocket – pucker up with Too Faced Lip Injection that offers plumper lips at under $50.00 for the tube.

                                                                      Cool Sculpting v Liposuction

                                                                      liposuction and alternatives to cosmetic surgery

                                                                      Cool Sculpting is gradually becoming a much more popular method of removing excess fat from the body. The idea is that you head to a clinic to have your body fat frozen, and it is then vigorously massaged away. This is usually used on stubborn fatty tissues under the chin, and along the abdomen.

                                                                      Many people are sceptical about whether this even works or not. However, some studies do show that, with persistence, this could actually work wonders as an alternative to cosmetic surgery.

                                                                      CoolSculpting is not as effective as liposuction when it comes to significant fat loss; it does, however, work very well if you want to get rid of small pockets of fat which are difficult to burn through exercise alone.

                                                                      While choosing CoolSculpting over liposuction means reducing your risk of post-treatment complications significantly, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia has been reported as a rare adverse effect of cryolipolysis. This condition causes the treated area to progressively enlarge and become firm in the days following CoolSculpting.

                                                                      Chemical Peels

                                                                      chemical p

                                                                      Chemical peels are often used if a person has acne scarring from years back, which affect their confidence and makeup application. Others may use it to brighten and smooth your complexion, shaving years off of their appearance… quite literally!

                                                                      The idea is that an acidic solution is applied to your skin, to cause it to peel off, essentially. Sounds pretty scary, right? Well, it’s not as bad as it may sound.

                                                                      This provides a deep exfoliation, where the first layer of your skin will gradually peel off over the next few days. With prolonged use, you may notice a real alteration in your overall skin quality.

                                                                      Costing as much as $2,500, the treatment doesn't come cheap, but fear not – Dr. Brandt Laser a-Peel System also shifts dead skin cells – at just $100.


                                                                      Microdermabrasion is a painless and non-invasive procedure, which aims to improve your complexion. Through using vacuum suction and fine abrasive crystals, the skin is exfoliated lightly.In a similar way to a chemical peel, this removes the dead skin and cleans up your face along the way. In doing so, spots and blackheads are likely to diminish, and your skin will appear smoother and more refined. This way, you should look a lot more rejuvenated and glowing.Laser Treatment

                                                                      Laser treatment is a little more painful than some other treatments but can work wonders after a couple of rounds. The idea is that a laser cuts or vaporises the tissue, changing its general makeup.

                                                                      It can be used on a number of body parts, for changing wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, or hair placement. For example, some people might get laser treatment on their legs to completely remove hair growth, after a few procedures. So, for generally smoother skin, in all aspects, this is a pretty good choice.

                                                                      Clever Makeup Application

                                                                      For thousands of years people have been using makeup techniques to alter their appearance and hide disfigurements.  With the amazing array of modern products and the extraordinary skills of makeup artists , the makeup department of a major store could hold the solution to your problems and offer many alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

                                                                      With makeup becoming a real trend, makeup artists and enthusiasts across the globe are posting videos online of their transformations. Not only do people alter their looks to fit societal expectations, some even do it for entertainment!

                                                                      Some great ways you can use makeup to alter your features include:

                                                                      Using a cat-eye eyeliner, or dark eyeshadow, to change the appearance of your eyes.
                                                                      Using foundation and concealer to cover acne, scars, or pigmentation.
                                                                      Creating shapely eyebrows through eyebrow pencils and pomades;
                                                                      Using sculpting and contour techniques to change the appearance of your nose and jawline.

                                                                      Even people who are burn victims, and have skin marks and scars, have alternatives to cosmetic surgery and can completely transform themselves through the use of makeup. So, if you’re feeling a little insecure about yourself, perhaps a dash of this stuff could do the trick.


                                                                      Finally, and something which shouldn’t be laughed at is moisturising. Having a good skin routine is something that can completely alter your life. If you have spots or dry skin, or just want to add some bounce to your cheeks, changing up your morning or night-time could be just the ticket. Also, don't forget to use a good suncream with a high SPF to help avoid wrinkles and sun damage.Some good ingredients choices for these grievances could include vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, glycerine, proteins, and mineral oil. Do your research, and choose something which will work for you, and you never know what may happen!  Do comment if you have any other suggestions for alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

                                                                      Also check out our article on chemical peels and laser resurfacing as alternatives to full surgery.




                                                                      The Truth About Young Women and Cosmetic Surgery.

                                                                      The 37-year-old UK Celebrity Nicola McLean the star and former glamour model knows what it's like to go under the knife, having had a boob job and, more recently, vaser liposuction to remove five litres of fat from her torso.  She recently shared her thoughts on cosmetic surgery for young women.

                                                                      nicola maclean has had cosmetic surgery
                                                                      Nicola Maclean

                                                                      With a wealth of cosmetic experience behind her she offers a warning to the latest crop of reality TV lovelies who might be tempted to improve on their natural assets.  She is concerned about offers of free surgery from Turkish clinics saying the women are too young to make these life-changing decisions.
                                                                      In an interview with ‘The Sun ‘ Newspaper she says “These places in Turkey – that I would never go to personally – offer all this stuff for free to these 20, 21-year-old girls and the girls do it because it's ‘Oh my God, it's amazing getting all this free stuff!' “People feel like they can't say no and that's the danger, the fillers are free, the Botox is free.
                                                                      Her words of wisdom make an important point, cosmetic surgery is a very popular pursuit amongst young women and there has been a lot of criticism about the exploitative side of the plastic surgery business.
                                                                      In fact  Nicola makes quite a profound comment to the tabloid audience.  She points out that there is an addictive quality whereby you get progressively used to the changes you allow to your body.

                                                                      botox girl
                                                                      Mirror, mirror on the wall..

                                                                      “”Then you've got to remember you see your face every day so you get used to it, so then you start pumping more s*** into your face and I just really feel like we need to be more honest about the fact these companies are offering this s*** for free to girls who are way too young to be doing it.”
                                                                      Even more so, because the TV companies arrange these procedures with the clinics in exchange for publicity the girls get the cosmetic surgery for free..
                                                                      “I think they take it way too far but it's because it's all for free, if they had to pay for it would they do it? No.” Say Nicola.  Although some argue that young girls go under the knife to deal with self-esteem issues, Nicola dismisses this argument..
                                                                      “I know some people have issues with self esteem but I don't think it's mainly that, I think it's those companies giving them things for free.”
                                                                      Nicola had her latest round of implant surgery carried out in London by the renowned surgeon Dr Riccardo Frati, explained the reasons behind it all, saying: “Implants don't last for a lifetime, when these girls are getting them done so young they're going to have to have them done again so many times as they don't last.”  In fact a close  friend of mine recently needed her implants redone after having her first child and she regretted her youthful folly in having the implants in the first place.
                                                                      Botox is treated as no more serious than a spa facial by many young women who casually have injections often from poorly qualified practitioners. I have spoken to girls in their early 20's who will have dermal fillers and botox injections as ‘treats' before a big event such as a wedding party or starting a new job.

                                                                      Amy Childs has expressed regret over undergoing plastic surgery at the tender age of 18.

                                                                      cosmetic surgery problems
                                                                      Amy Childs

                                                                      In a new BBC documentary, I’ve Been There, the TV personality, 29, detailed the dangers of cosmetic procedures as she attempted to discourage two young women from going under the knife.

                                                                      “I honestly look back at pictures now and I look like a freak”, the media personality reflected on her past “addiction”, which led her to have a boob job, botox, lip fillers and veneers.

                                                                      In her teens, Amy boosted her bust by three sizes, going from an A-cup to a D-cup, before jumping to a 30EE for a second boob job at the age of 23.

                                                                      In May last year, the mother-of-two underwent an eight-hour operation after experiencing pain in her chest following a rupture in her left implant, and a month later, doctors discovered a lump had formed in her breast tissue from leakage.


                                                                      But things can go badly wrong for the ‘Instagram generation. ‘  Sia Cooper, an Instagram fitness influencer with 1.2 million followers, had a difficult and traumatic experience with cosmetic surgery. She had a breast augmentation back in 2011, in her twenties, because she wanted something to boost her self-esteem. But she told INSIDER that although her new body helped her confidence initially, it became a burden on her health for the next seven years.
                                                                      Ms Cooper suffered from a whole range of unexpected symptoms, such as autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and hypothyroidism, swollen joints, rashes, and pain. No healthy 29-year-old should be getting these things, but there seemed to be no explanation.   Eventually the mystery seemed to be  resolved when she heard about breast implant illness from her Instagram followers and a support group on Facebook that she thought her surgery could have caused the problem. This highlighted the risks of cosmetic surgery for young women.

                                                                      The diagnosis seemed to be confirmed when, after removal, of the implants her health returned to normal.  This does not suggest for one moment that there is any large degree of risk in the 2 million breast augmentation procedures carried out each year  but that just because it is ‘routine' as an operation does not mean that it is actually risk-free.  Certainly we would advise any young person considering a surgical procedure to discuss the pros and cons with a specialist and make a decision that is not based on impulse or fashion. Cosmetic surgery for young women is certainly is topic we will return to again.

                                                                      Ethnic Surgery and Changing Demographics.

                                                                      ethnic cosmetic surgery
                                                                      Ethnic Surgery And Changing Demographics


                                                                      In a recent article we talked about the growth of ‘ethnic surgery’ and how black people and Asian men and women were turning to cosmetic surgery to shed bits of their genetic identity and blend in with the Caucasian beauty model.  A recent study Paris Butler, MD, from the University of Pennsylvania looked at  patients' individual attitudes and motivations for surgery based on demographic information.   This is a fascinating bit of the puzzle.  They published their results in a recent edition of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

                                                                      Here are the highlights of the report.

                                                                      eyhnic cosmetic surgery

                                                                      African-American patients indicating they were more willing to travel more than 100 miles for a surgeon of the same ethnicity or race, to consider international surgery, to report that social standards did not influence their decision for surgery and to view the buttocks as the female feature that most defines attractiveness within their race or ethnicity.

                                                                      Patients who had incomes higher than $125,000 and those over the age of 50 saying they were more likely to seek a surgeon of the same gender, more likely to believe that a same-gender surgeon could provide better results for their ethnic surgery , be influenced by societal standards to pursue surgery and define the female face as the most attractive feature within their race/ethnicity.

                                                                      Patients who had college or graduate degrees indicating they were more likely to believe a surgeon of the same race and gender would provide ethnic surgery result and argued that societal standards could not be obtained with only diet and exercise.

                                                                      Although the belief that plastic surgery is only attainable to more affluent patients has long since been disproved, Dr. Butler says the closer examination provided by the report can help plastic surgeons in their outreach to new and potential patients by appealing to a more diverse base. The most recent ASPS data shows an increasing percentage of minority populations seeking aesthetic surgery, so marketing solely to a Caucasian patient base could pose missed opportunities.

                                                                      “Our results dispel any myths suggesting that minority populations are less interested in plastic surgery or that they do not pursue plastic surgery due to affordability based on income status,” he says. “The majority of our patients were found to make less than $125,000 per year.”

                                                                      So it seems that some of our cherished perception about the sort of person who would consider cosmetic surgery needs revising.  It is certain that the democratization of plastic surgery  has been driven by popular media especially the ‘Celebrity culture’ and reality television shows.  Finally the report concludes that ‘Plastic surgeons encounter patients of varying ethnicity, gender, age, income and education level – all of whom have differing attitudes about cosmetic surgery and motivations for pursuit,’





                                                                      Bone Shaving & Facial Contouring Surgery.

                                                                      Bone Shaving Facial Contouring Surgery

                                                                      Many people are unhappy with their jaw line.  They look in a mirror and they see a strong or overly conspicuous jaw that is disproportionate with the rest of the face or maybe a jaw that is elongated or they find their jaw to be too round and wide, cosmetic surgery can hold an answer.   The increasingly popular operation of facial contouring or ‘bone shaving’ could be the solution to your problem.   This surgery has been performed for many years in Korea and other Asian countries but is now also being offered by many surgeons in Europe and the USA.

                                                                      So what causes a pronounced jaw?

                                                                      Often it is down to genetics, these sorts of features often run in families and you might just have picked the ‘short straw’ in your generation.  In many cases a pronounced jaw is the result of enlarged jaw muscles.  While some people are genetically predisposed to larger masseter muscles, others develop them as a result of bruxism or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) whereby the individual habitually grinds or clenches the teeth at night, inadvertently giving the masseter muscles a workout.

                                                                      Bone Shaving

                                                                      So what is ‘bone shaving’ and how can it give you the jawline you dream about?

                                                                      Jaw reduction surgery: Also known as jaw shaving; jaw contouring; or most commonly, V-line surgery, this permanent surgical procedure removes bone from the lower jaw, to change its shape and size. Bone reshaping can be done at both the front (chin) and back (jaw angles) of the jaw. For the chin, an incision is made in your mouth, and the outside of the bone is shaved or a T-shaped osteotomy is performed to narrow it. For the back of the jaw, bone is removed either from the outside, by shaving (narrowing the jaw angle but keeping the same shape) or by removing the entire lower edge of the bone (making it more narrow as well as changing its shape). These bony-jaw reshaping techniques produce different aesthetic outcomes. Your surgeon will help you pick the best method for your desired lower jaw shapeSo, what is involved in the surgery?

                                                                      bone shaving surgery

                                                                      Jaw reduction surgery can take one to two hours, depending on the technique used. First, you’ll be given general anaesthesia. Once it takes effect, your surgeon will make incisions inside your mouth (so there’s no visible scarring). Then they’ll use a laser or micro saw or micro bone shaver to remove bone and sculpt the desired jawline shape. .  These surgeries involve the use of scalpels or “osteomes” (essentially a chisel!) and recovery time from any major surgery involving bone shaving can take up to a full year in terms of swelling and for the soft tissue and bones to fully heal

                                                                      Once the procedure is complete, your doctor will close the incision with stitches that will dissolve on their own within two weeks. You should be able to go home the same day, though you’ll need someone to take you and assist you for a day or two after your surgery.

                                                                      What could go wrong?

                                                                      As with any surgical procedure, there's a degree of risk involved. To start with, there are risks associated with having a general anaesthetic, but there's also the risk of infection and nerve damage.  You should also consider the following risk factors.

                                                                      1. Damage to Inferior Alveolar Nerve: The inferior alveolar nerve provides sensation to the lower teeth and lips. It is the most important anatomic structure during jaw shaving surgery and utmost care should be taken to avoid damage to the nerve. Injury to the nerve leads to permanent numbness and damage to the lower lip.
                                                                      2. Failure to reattach the mentalis muscle: This is another possible complication during jaw reduction surgery. The mentalis musclehelps to elevate the lower lip and chin. Failure to reattach the mentalis muscleswill lead to the chin and lower lip to sag, causing permanent damage.
                                                                      3. Infection:Infection may also results following the surgery. Preventive antibiotics can be taken to reduce the risk of this complication.
                                                                      4. Hematoma:This refers to a solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissues.
                                                                      5. Asymmetry:Achieving perfect symmetry is very difficult. Even if the surgeon takes the utmost care in marking out the areas on the jaw line that he or she will trim, asymmetry may still occur. If this does happen, however, it can be corrected in a secondary surgery.

                                                                      . But  in the right hands, the surgery can see impressive results. The results are also permanent unless revision surgeries are performed. These treatments have been happening for decades and whilst with every procedure there is a risk profile, these treatments are safe in experienced hands and can provide amazing results. To fully understand the risks it is important to discuss this with a specialist.

                                                                      What are the alternatives?


                                                                      Non-surgical techniques are essentially limited to cases in which only the masseter muscles are enlarged. Factors that can cause the masseter muscle to increase include genetics, teeth clenching, repeated gum chewing, bruxism.

                                                                      A convenient method to treat an enlarged muscle is through the use of botox injections. Botox is injected into the enlarged muscle, weakening it so it slowly becomes smaller through atrophy over several months. There is no down-time and improvement is gradual—individuals who interact with the patient may never know that a plastic surgical procedure was performed

                                                                      The use of Botox for jaw reduction has been studied scientifically. Improvement is generally not seen for at least 2 – 3 weeks. Peak improvement occurs at months 3 to 9 with good results still observable at one year in many patients.  Dermal fillers can also be used to enhance a chin in terms of length, projection and width as well as enhance the jawline angle.

                                                                      Where should I get my bone-shaving surgery done?

                                                                      From what we can see, the greatest experience in this type of surgery is South Korea and other Asian destinations.  Obviously many destinations are closed off right now due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Other countries also have expertise and London could be a good bet and, of course United States.  But bear in mind that costs can easily pass $10.000 for recontouring you jaw line with bone shaving methods.   Hopefully, the pandemic will soon pass and all the usual cosmetic surgery tourism options will be back with us again.

                                                                      The surgeries below are known to specialise in bone shaving surgery but many other surgeries in our listings will also be able to help you.

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                                                                        • Trikwan Clinic London UK (approved)
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                                                                          • Hershe Clinic Seoul Korea (approved)
                                                                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                            • Regen Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea (approved)
                                                                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                              • Naravee Aesthetic Clinic Bangkok Thailand (approved)

                                                                              Resting Bitch Face (RBF) is the Latest Fad in Cosmetic Surgery.

                                                                              restin bitch face cartoon

                                                                              We have all seen the look.  The woman or man who sits there viewing you with disdain or even contempt.  You feel socially uncomfortable and, of course, you don't warm to them.  If this is in the context of a first date it pushes away the chances of a second encounter or in a business situation it might push you towards a competitor. This is the Resting Bitch Face Syndrome, here's what its all about.

                                                                              Yet, this person might not feel any animosity towards you and what you are perceiving as disdain might just be a case of RBF (resting bitch face).  Now we know that whilst cosmetic surgeons sometimes create problems that are looking for solutions, the RBF might actually be a facial disability that a skilled surgeon can correct and that will make you more loveable and approachable.  

                                                                              Some people’s mouths naturally raise on one side when they are resting, causing them to look contemptuous even though they’re feeling neutral. This can cause lots of problems since people subconsciously have negative reactions to expressions of contempt because it is the universal facial expression for hatred and arrogance. Ageing can also cause extra wrinkling on the brow which can made the face seems scowling or unfriendly.

                                                                              Meet the Kardashians

                                                                              Like many new trends there is some suggestion that RBF awareness is ‘Kardashian' influenced. 

                                                                              “This is actually a common request from patients — I get several each week,” says Dr. David Shafer, a double board-certified plastic surgeon and medical director of Shafer Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Midtown.

                                                                              It’s because of a public shift in focus from the upper to lower face — “popularized by the Kardashians, and their affinity for lip injections” says Dr David Schafer in a recent NYT interview.

                                                                              He says selfies are also a factor: They force people to “look down at their phone, [which] accentuates the resting bitch face.”

                                                                              Here's the RBF Science Bit ..

                                                                              Jason Rogers, a behavioural neuroscientist ran neutral pictures of celebrity faces through a face-scanning software to discover the differences between those who have resting bitch face and those who don’t. He found that a typical neutral face will only register approximately 3% of hidden emotions. So, their faces do in fact look neutral. People with resting bitch face however show an average of 6% underlying emotions and most of that is contempt. Full contempt is shown when one side of the mouth is slightly raised. 

                                                                              RBF star
                                                                              Kristen Stewart is seen as the ‘poster girl for RBF

                                                                              People are not generally looking for a ‘Joker smile' but rather a subtle adjustment to their resting face. To achieve the look, doctors use techniques such as the injection of fillers into the face and sometimes Botox, medical experts said. The procedure takes about 10 to 20 minutes, costs between $500-5,000, with top docs, depending on the number of shots. It typically lasts up to two years. A tiny bit of bruising and swelling can occur near the mouth and lips, but “it’s barely noticeable,

                                                                              Botox or Dysport can wipe out the vertical lines between the forehead. This area is called the glabella. A major contributor to the appearance of Resting bitch face can be attributed to the permanent scowl created from these frown lines. If you have etched lines in the glabella, even at rest, then Botox or Dsyport can help improve RBF.

                                                                              Do You Have RBF?

                                                                              If you want a bit of fun you can use an tool to check if you suffer from RBF. There is an RBF test tool available so you can measure your own contempt rating. If you do score high on this tool we suggest that you contact one of the specialised surgeons listed below who will make sure that you project a carefully honed celebrity image to the world.   If you do contact any of these specialists please mention you found them through us rather than from your highly paid publicist. 

                                                                              RBF Menu of Procedures

                                                                              Here is a summary of recommended surgeries for ‘expression management'.  Anyway it will provide a basic roadmap for you and your chosen surgeon.

                                                                              (NB before you go ahead check this Buzzfeed list of reasons to keep your Resting Bitch Face or Bro face).

                                                                              Lips: Filler or fat injections to restore fullness and soften scowl lines/folds around the mouth or lips – look friendlier, happier.

                                                                              Eyelids: Botox can make the eyes look more open and rested. An eyelid lift for the upper eyelids or chemical peel or laser for the lower eyelids is the more advanced version.

                                                                              Nose: Rhinoplasty to feminize the nose.

                                                                              Brows: Proper aesthetic brow waxing/shaping, or Botox to lift, better shape, better arch the brows or a browlift procedure – all  for a more open, awake and less stressed look

                                                                              Forehead : Botox works best for smoothing out these classic frown lines.


                                                                              Please note, this article is just to let you know what RBF is all about.  We are not recommending that women (even celebrities) should be considering expression management surgery.  Every surgical procedure entails a certain degree of risk.


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                                                                                            • Paul Harris Clinic London UK (approved)