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The Stats Are In Black Women Choosing To Get Cosmetic Surgery Is On The Rise

We all love watching trends, seeing what changes are coming in our fast-moving world.  Here at Best Cosmetic Surgeons we look at trends in the cosmetic surgery beauty space. One of the noticeable trends right now is the increased number of black women booking in for cosmetic surgery procedures and also in all forms of ethnic cosmetic surgery.


 There are certain assumptions about ethnic cosmetic surgery, especially when it comes to black women. Yes, ‘black don’t crack, but black does sag'. It is hard for them to admit that they are not completely happy with themselves, especially when black women are supposed to be super strong and brimming over  with confidence. They are taught that no matter the size, or shape of their features, they are still beautiful. This confidence has become part of their evolution as black women. It is built from their need to survive in a society that can ignore and objectify them.

Ethnic Cosmetic Surgery Data.

Here are some interesting and up to date statistics on ethnic cosmetic surgery. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery announced that cosmetic surgery among black women increased 56% between 2005 and 2013. In 2016, the Plastic Surgery Statistic Report highlighted the fact that black people accounted for 8% of all plastic surgery procedures in the United States. In March 2019, The Gleaner did a story on the growing number of visits to the plastic surgeon’s office that has become routine. Apparently, it is a trend that is becoming more and more evident in Jamaica.

The butt lift, where fat is removed from areas like the stomach and then injected into the buttocks to enhance and reshape it, is also becoming more popular with African-American patients who see this as a.seductive ethnic cosmetic surgery procedure.

Rhinoplasty is main ethnic cosmetic surgery procedure

One of the main speciality areas for black women is specialist ethnic rhinoplasty which seeks to create a nose that is less ethnically pronounced and more harmonious with face.  We list here a small selection of surgeons who are especially renowned for their work in ethnic cosmetic surgery.

Black women have also shied away from from cosmetic surgery in the past for both cultural and scientific reasons.  It is worth considering that darker skin has natural protective factors against the sun, so blacks often don’t have the same amount of wrinkling as those with lighter skin.

Ethnic Cosmetic Surgery and Asian Women

The most commonly performed eyelid surgery in people from East Asia is sometimes referred to as “double eyelid surgery”, this is an ethnic cosmetic surgery procedure that reconstructs the skin of the upper eyelid. Often oculoplastic surgeons also partially remove any skin surplus, which is a natural consequence of ageing.

eyelid surgery

One of the truly defining features that differs between someone of Asian descent and someone of Western descent is the presence of an upper eyelid crease. Approx. 50% of Asians do not have an upper eyelid crease. The double eyelid operation, or creation of a supratarsal crease, is the most common cosmetic procedure requested in Asia and the third most common procedure requested by Asian Americans.  We cover this subject of eyelid surgery in another feature article on the site.

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Otoplasty – Cosmetic Surgery to Fix Protruding Ears


Emotional distress if your ears stick out isn’t just a childhood issue – schoolyard teasing can be followed in adulthood by ongoing embarrassment and lack of self-confidence in social interactions. This article on otoplasty treatment should offer you hope.

Fortunately, the problem can be fixed with cosmetic surgery for prominent ears, which creates a natural, balanced facial appearance, with permanent results.

Children from the age of five, teenagers and adults with protruding ears can all benefit from cosmetic ear surgery.

The British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) points out that advances in ear surgery techniques means that patients can now expect even better aesthetically-pleasing results.

What Causes Prominent Ears?

Ears that stick out more than two centimetres from the head are considered to be prominent or protruding.

Prominent ear – otapostasis – can affect one ear or both. It’s usually a genetic condition, which results in:

  • An under-developed fold in the ear that makes the outer rim stick out; and
  • A deep concha (the hollow area in front of the auditory canal), which pushes the whole ear away from the head.

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), up to two per cent of people in the UK consider their ears to be too prominent.

Famous people with protruding ears include Prince Charles, Barack Obama, Will Smith, Kate Hudson and Emma Watson. Celebrities rumoured to have had surgery to correct prominent ears (otoplasty) include Brad Pitt and Ben Stiller.

protruding ears


One actor who’s glad he never had his protruding ears fixed –­ despite childhood embarrassment ­– is Josh O'Connor (pictured), whose prominent ears helped him land the role of a lifetime, playing Prince Charles in “The Crown” Netflix series.




What is Otoplasty?

Plastic surgeon examines ear of patient before plastic surgery in hospital

Plastic surgery to fix protruding ears through reconstruction is known medically as otoplasty (oto is Greek for ear). It’s also referred to as pinnaplasty (the pinna is the external ear). Plasty means moulding or reshaping.

Otoplasty for an older child or adult is typically carried out with a local anaesthetic, and the procedure entails:

  • A small incision behind the ear to expose cartilage.
  • Removal of small pieces of cartilage, if necessary.
  • Stitching the back of the ear so it’s repositioned closer to the head.

An otoplasty generally takes one to two hours. If you have local anaesthetic, you'll be able to go home the same day. You may need a bandage around your head to help healing and safeguard against infection.

An alternative technique – incisionless otoplasty – can be performed without cutting the skin.

Either way, otoplasty isn’t suitable for children younger than five because their ears are still developing.

Benefits of Otoplasty

Although prominent ears don’t cause functional issues, studies have shown that otoplasty to correct the abnormality results in a better self-image by eliminating feelings of embarrassment.

Problems surrounding otapostasis typically begin when a child starts school, with issues such as “bat ears” taunts from their peers.

Later, men with prominent ears may feel they have to grow their hair long, whether they like it or not. And both sexes can suffer from ear-based jibes in the workplace.

Even royals with protruding ears aren’t immune to ridicule – including acerbic comments from the Queen.

When Her Majesty saw her new-born first grandchild, Prince William, in 1982, she’s reported to have quipped “Thank heavens he hasn’t ears like his father” – a cutting reference to the ear anatomy of Prince Charles (pictured).

Otoplasty to correct protruding ears like those of Prince Charles can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Benefits of otoplasty include:

  • Permanent results in just one or two hours – achieved by reshaping the ear cartilage.
  • Increased self-confidence in children and adults alike.
  • Natural facial appearance.
  • Safe treatment – risks associated with otoplasty are minimal.
  • Fast recovery time – most patients resume regular activities within a couple of weeks.

Otoplasty can also correct other problems such as cauliflower ear – often caused by blunt trauma – and lop ear (when the tip folds down).

ear correction surgery

Is Otoplasty Right for Me or My Child?

If your protruding ears don’t bother you that much, you may regard otoplasty as an unnecessary inconvenience – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

On the other hand, if, as in many cases, protruding ears are affecting your quality of life, then otoplasty can be your ideal solution – unless, like Josh O’Connor, you’re holding out for a starring role in some future production featuring Prince Charles!

While most cosmetic surgical procedures aren’t recommended for children, otoplasty is the exception.

A child with prominent ears can get many psychological benefits from otoplasty but bear in mind that timing is a key factor, and it’s important to discuss the procedure and your youngster’s overall health with their doctor.

Where Can I Get Otoplasty Treatment?

As a cosmetic procedure, otoplasty isn’t available on the NHS except under exceptional circumstances, and you may have to prove to a psychologist that you’re suffering “significant distress”.

Most requests for NHS ear reshaping surgery are turned down by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), which replaced Primary Care Trusts in 2013, assuming responsibility for the planning and commissioning of local healthcare services.

Private otoplasty treatment is, however, expected to be widely available again once coronavirus restrictions have been eased – both in the UK and abroad for medical tourists.

In the meantime you can look through our UK listings and other destinations such as Turkey and Prague.  If you fancy combining a trip to Israel with your Otoplasty then the Herzliya Medical Center might also be a good solution.

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeons Sharpen their Scalpels.

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Beverly Hills Council Votes To Resume Cosmetic Surgeries



Who would have guessed  it – the cosmetic surgery lockdown is being lifted in Beverly Hills!  This is almost a local garden industry here in sunny California and obviously wallets were beginning to hurt and face were beginning to age a little too quickly.  So when the news came through to us that The Beverly Hills Council voted to allow Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons to reopen  we were not totally surprised.

The decision by the wise and learned Council set aside the stoppage on these surgeries — after the shutdown  was made March 16 to help slow the spread of the virus.

Councilman John Mirisch, who voted against the repeal, said maybe people could wait for their Botox treatment. 

cosmetic surgery decision
John A. Mirisch

Whether this was said in a spirit of sarcasm or sage judgement we really don't know but the vote went against him so local addicts can return to the Botox needle next week.

Mirisch was apparently all in favour of re-starting serious stuff like angioplasties and liver transplants but did not think a smooth forehead was a good enough reason to allow the cosmetic surgery industry to resume. As MJohn Mirisch  so elegantly put it :

“What I do have a problem with is allowing purely elective cosmetic surgery so rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, Botox, that sort of thing.”

“I don’t think people need face jobs especially when you’re supposed to be covering your face,” remarked Mirisch.  Beverly Hills is not doing that well with controlling the virus so maybe there was a lot of pressure form Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeons who were beginning to feel the pinch. There was some reservation from Dr. Arash Moradzadeh who said ‘Dr. Arash Moradzadeh 

However, Dr. Arash Moradzadeh told Fox 11, “Essential life-saving surgeries are the key and most important factors and we are going to focus a lot of our attention on that.”

All our beautifully curated eyelids are now turning to other beauty centres like London and Paris to see when they will be dusting down their scalpels and opening for business.  For our cosmetic surgery tourists though, the prospect of flying to Beverly Hills will have to wait until some airlines are ready to fly them there!