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Paul Harris Clinic London UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Paul Harris Clinic London UK

Mr Harris has been a Consultant Plastic Surgeon for over ten years. He aspires to…

Gary Ross  Manchester UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Gary Ross Manchester UK

Mr Gary Ross is a Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeon in the North West of…

Hershe Clinic Seoul Koreano-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Hershe Clinic Seoul Korea

With 29 years’ profound experience & expertise, HERSHE focuses on Anti-aging & Art of beauty…

Forme Clinic Prague Czech Republicno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Forme Clinic Prague Czech Republic

Forme Clinic is a classic Prague cosmetic surgery clinic very much geared towards medical tourism.…

Jacqueline Lewis London UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Jacqueline Lewis London UK

Dr Jacqueline Lewis is one of the top names in Cosmetic surgery for women. Regularly…

Patrick Mallucci. London UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Patrick Mallucci. London UK

If you want the 'perfect breast' then Dr Patrick Mallucci is probably the man to…

Mr Kelvin Ramsey. London UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Mr Kelvin Ramsey. London UK

Mr Ramsey is a top specialist in breast surgery usually working out from the Royal…

Glamour Plastic Surgery. Houston Texas USAno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Glamour Plastic Surgery. Houston Texas USA

Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa was developed with our clients in mind. Our practice…

Comfort Zone Clinic Istanbul Turkeyno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Comfort Zone Clinic Istanbul Turkey

This is a real celebrity hangout for TV reality stars and other people looking for…

Evan Woo Clinic Singaporeno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Evan Woo Clinic Singapore

Dr Evan Woo is a Plastic Surgeon accredited by the Ministry of Health who specialises…

Azataka Plastic Surgery Clinic Singaporeno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Azataka Plastic Surgery Clinic Singapore

Founded in 2017 by three accredited and highly trained Singapore plastic surgeons originally from Singapore…

Dr Marco Clinic Singaporeno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Dr Marco Clinic Singapore

Dr Marco is an internationally trained Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon with over 30 years of…

Breast Surgery  Clinic Edinburgh Scotlandno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Breast Surgery Clinic Edinburgh Scotland

Leading clinic for breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast uplift in Scotland. Clinics in Stirling…

Caroline Payne London UKno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Caroline Payne London UK

By women for women is the slogan at the Caroline Payne clinic in London. Ms…

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    • Paul Harris Clinic London UK (approved)
    How well this clinic med your expectations?
      • Gary Ross Manchester UK (approved)
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        • Hershe Clinic Seoul Korea (approved)
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          • Forme Clinic Prague Czech Republic (approved)
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            • Jacqueline Lewis London UK (approved)
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              • Patrick Mallucci. London UK (approved)
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                • Mr Kelvin Ramsey. London UK (approved)
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                  • Glamour Plastic Surgery. Houston Texas USA (approved)
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                    • Comfort Zone Clinic Istanbul Turkey (approved)
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                      • Evan Woo Clinic Singapore (approved)
                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                        • Azataka Plastic Surgery Clinic Singapore (approved)
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                          • Dr Marco Clinic Singapore (approved)
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                            • Breast Surgery Clinic Edinburgh Scotland (approved)
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                              • Caroline Payne London UK (approved)

                              10 Top Cosmetic Surgeries in Malaysia (Video) Covid Update News..

                              cosmetic surgeries malaysia
                              Cc Top Cosmetic Surgeries In Malaysia Covid Update News

                              When 2020 started, Malaysia was confidently expecting to continue its amazing growth trajectory in cosmetic surgery tourism. In fact is was projected to draw RM2bil in medical tourism revenue during Visit Malaysia 2020. The head of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council Sherene Azli   said “From being a hidden jewel in the medical tourism sector, Malaysia is now recognised as the world's healthcare marvel,” Unfortunately things did not turn out as expected – we have had 4 months of Covid-19 closing down travel routes  and effectively shutting down cosmetic surgeries in Malaysia.

                              After a miserable 4 months for the medical tourism industry countries are beginning to adjust to the ‘new normal' of post -Covid medical markets.

                              Cosmetic surgery tourism has been an increasingly important part of Malaysia's economy bringing millions of dollars into the treasury.

                              Foreign medical tourists are to be welcomed back to Malaysia, but only if following their strict Standard Operating Procedures, one of which is registering with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council.  Subject to country by country agreement, it is possible that inbound medical travellers from South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei and Australia will be allowed to visit first.  Plans are still  only at an early stage, so turning theory into practice may take some months.

                              Foreign medical tourists must go through the Health Ministry and register with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). They are also allowed to enter without registering with the Immigration Department, and do not have to go into quarantine but they must go direct to the hospital. They must also take a screening test at home or on arrival.

                              The first provisional list, subject to country agreement, of six green zone counties cover:

                              • Australia
                              • Brunei
                              • Japan
                              • New Zealand
                              • Singapore
                              • South Korea

                              We have always considered Malaysia to be a gem of a destination for cosmetic surgery and tourism  with a winning combination of top class surgeries supported by the Government agencies and a great tradition in hospitality with easy communication in English language.  We will keep you advised as the situation develops.

                              Here are some top clinics you might want to contact when the situation has normalised.

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                                • Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre – Johor Bahru. Malaysia (approved)
                                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                  • Pinnacle Figure Aesthetic Center. Johor Bahru. Malaysia (approved)
                                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                    • ARC Clinic Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (approved)
                                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                      • Da Vinci Clinic Malaysia (approved)
                                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                        • Nicanor Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Malaysia (approved)
                                        How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                          • Cosmetic Artistry Clinic Malaysia (approved)
                                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                            • Kalo Cosmetic Surgery Malaysia (approved)
                                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                              • Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (approved)
                                              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                • Revival Cosmetic Clinic Malaysia (approved)
                                                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                  • Soma Plastic Surgery Malaysia (approved)

                                                  What Is ‘Instagram Face’ and Should You Copy this Look?

                                                  What Is Instagram Face And Which Celebrities Have It 2


                                                  kkwbeauty the Top look on Insta


                                                  So we have recently been introduced to ‘Resting Bitch Face’, ‘Rich Girl Face’ and now we have ‘Instagram Face’.   In a recent post on Showbiz Cheat Sheet we learn that journalist Jia Tolentino has provided us with a working definition ‘ It’s a young face, of course, with poreless skin and plump, high cheekbones … It looks at you coyly but blankly, as if its owner has taken half a Klonopin and is considering asking you for a private-jet ride to Coachella’


                                                  Tolentino then poses an aesthetic paradox for us –‘ that while the Instagram face is “distinctly white,” it’s also “ambiguously ethnic.”   So what are we to make of this?   We try to keep abreast of the latest looks in cosmetic surgery but here we seem to be going around in face-tunes Instagram circles.   Face tune and other apps blur the line between reality and wishful thinking on Instagram feeds.  .   Dr. Demetri Arnaoutakis also talking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet notes that with the Instagram look “We’re now seeing uplifted eyes that appear ‘catlike,’ the lips are pouty, and the eyelashes are overly long,” he said. “Plus, the person’s foreheads are typically wrinkle-free.”

                                                  instagram face app

                                                  So with the vast percentage of top followed Instagram models using face tune apps and the easy availability of injectables and cut price surgery it is easy to see where the ‘Instagram’ face is coming from.   After all, art directors on fashion magazines/sites have been using Photoshop for years to perfect the skin and hide blemishes now an Android app and a quick trip to Istanbul can achieve the same for selfie fanatics and wannabe models.


                                                  So which celebs are leading the pack when it comes to touting this new look?  When you look at Kim, Megan Fox, Lucy Liu, Halle Berry, you’ll find elements in common,” a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon told Tolentino in the New Yorker. “the high contoured cheekbones, the strong projected chin, the flat platform underneath the chin that makes a ninety-degree angle.”  Tolentino look at a dystopian future for the American aesthetic  by suggesting that the desired ‘Instagram look’ is a National Geographic composite illustrating what Americans will look like in 2050.” Well, that is: “if every American of the future were to be a direct descendant of Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kendall Jenner (who looks exactly like Emily Ratajkowski).”


                                                  But is it healthy for so many teenagers to want to look like Kim Kardashian?  Are we not in danger of negating and dismissing what our own beauty is about?   Here at bestcosmeticsurgeons whilst we encourage everyone to strive for the best version of themselves it does not mean that the goal should always be someone like Kim Kardashian.   We believe that very young women should experiment with non-invasive surgery options and clever use of makeup until they are sure what they want their permanent look to be.  Surgery has a permanence to it that is often lightly dismissed by hopeful models and social influencers  and can lead to emoting your regrets to the tabloids 8 years down the road.   But if you want and ‘Instagram face’ have a browse through our site and check out our carefully curated list of clinics around the world.



                                                  Cosmetic Surgery Costs, the “Wealth Factor’ Examined.

                                                  wealthy cosmetic surgery area
                                                  Cosmetic Surgery Costs The Wealth Factor Examined

                                                  If you are one of the 134k followers of ‘Injector Bunny’ on Instagram you will probably be near the front of the queue when cosmetic surgery clinics swing back into action.   Whether you just need a modest Botox top up or a ‘re-plumping’ of the lips or a long overdue ‘mommy makeover’ the lockdown has been a long and arduous period for you.  So let us look at cosmetic surgery costs and how they affect the market.

                                                  Our increasingly curated digital existences have fuelled demand for plastic surgery. But while procedures themselves may be becoming more commonplace and even affordable, there is an exclusive, high-end market segment emerging in parallel and it teaches us what luxury really means – extreme value creation.

                                                  rich girl face
                                                  Rich Girl Face.

                                                  This is the market that has given us the  Rich Girl Face’ with the perfect skin and impossibly luscious lips , a look that is at home in Mayfair and the Hamptons’ and sees its reflection in the shop windows of  Via Condotti in Rome and Rodeo Drive in LA.  This is the beautiful sister of the ‘Resting bitch Face’ that we were all talking about last season.  It is a demographic where cosmetic surgery costs are paradoxically, a chance to flaunt wealth in a discreet way.

                                                  Plastic surgeon, Dr Dirk Kremer, has coined the term “rich girl face” after noticing a massive increase in female patients seeking certain procedures.

                                                  Apparently  Women aged 20-29 have been requesting face-shaping cosmetic procedures such as fillers, chemical peels and Botox.

                                                  “The puffed and plumped ‘rich face’ aesthetic is practically the new Louis Vuitton handbag in certain circles – an instant, recognisable marker of wealth and status,” Dr Kremer explained in a recent interview with Glamour.

                                                  wealthy cosmetic surgeon
                                                  Celebrity Cosmetic clinics with glamorous websites.

                                                  In this aspect plastic surgery follows the exact same pattern as other categories. There is a large mainstream segment where everything is about efficiency and low prices – the ‘Shopping Mall Spa’ This is contrasted by an exclusive luxury segment. Typical aspects that also determine cosmetic surgery costs are the location of the clinic (think: Beverly Hills), the architecture, or the interior design of the practice.  The web pages of celebrity cosmetic surgeons are nowadays an extension of websites like Vogue and Tatler where we are invited to view the inner sanctums of impossible wealth and confected beauty.  The average consumer is not being invited to join the doctor’s client list they are just being given a glimpse into a world of privilege that they can only hope to mimic at a clinic in Istanbul or Mexico.   The ‘rock star’ cosmetic surgeons  are there to service a ‘rock star ‘ community and sometimes give their opinions and judgements  on reality TV shows.

                                                  For many celebrities, plastic surgery is still something not to talk about openly – despite it being quasi-ubiquitous in A-list circles. As a result, discretion becomes a driver of extreme value and a means of differentiation – it’s this that turns the mainstream into luxury, creating a network of luxury services around the procedures.  There is indeed, a boom in exclusive hotels where ‘Celebs’ can recover in total privacy from their cosmetic procedures.

                                                  Here at ‘Best Cosmetic Surgeons, we cast our net far and wide to list and review the ‘top scalpels’ of the beauty world.  


                                                  Many of our readers browse our listings of top clinics in Paris, London and Beverly Hills to see what is new, trending and possible.   They can then check out clinics in less fashionable destinations that can match their budgets.  It is like so many areas of consumption.  People read ‘Wallpaper’ magazine but shop at department stores or order less expensive versions online.  The ‘Rich Girl Face’ is aspirational.    Less expensive procedures can provide a version of the look but to get the full heady experience that lets you stroll casually into an exclusive night club or look the part on a red carpet, cash will always  be a key factor.

                                                  “Cost is always a consideration when considering an elective surgery,” said Dr. Matarasso. president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons “However, the least expensive procedure is the one done correctly the first time.”

                                                  Post Covid. We Look at the Trends in Cosmetic Surgery Markets.

                                                  As the world moves out from lockdown is the cosmetic surgery sector likely to catch up after weeks with closed surgeries and health disclaimers on websites?  Actually the business never really closed down entirely with Miami surgeons even offering ‘drive-in' Botox for diehard fans. We look at the trends in cosmetic surgery markets.

                                                  The global cosmetic surgery market seems likely to gain traction from the ever-increasing number of patients undergoing procedures, such as chin augmentation, breast reduction, and breast augmentation. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) declared that in 2018, breast reduction (18%) and chin augmentation (20%) were two of the most popular surgical procedures in the U.S.

                                                  cosmetic surgeon and patient

                                                  Our guess is that there will be some fairly stringent rules imposed before surgeons actually allow clients back in to their operating suites.  Probably there will be a period of self-quarantine and testing to make sure the client is Covid free.   This will be as much to protect the clinical staff as to avoid any post-operative problems that might develop from Covid 19.   Certainly, there will  be less cosmetic surgery tourism until flights are functioning normally and borders are open.  So major centres such as Istanbul and India  will be on hold for the time being.   We expect that the cosmetic surgery boom will continue in China with eyelid surgery and chin contouring  surgeons leading the pack.

                                                  Gender reassignment surgery is certain to grow as the LGBT community strengthens across the world.  Centres in New York and London are likely to be up and running again in the next few weeks and, depending on border controls the major trans-gender clinics in S.E.Asia will be welcoming back their clientele.  We predict that Israel too will become a more important player in this market over the next 12 months. It has been opening up previously hostile public opinion with a  powerful TV documentary by Hilla Medalia and the work of the Ma'Avarim transgender organisation..  Israel will also benefit from its thriving technology sector, pushing the trends of cosmetic surgery  into 3D printing and artificial intelligence.

                                                  The next few months will be difficult to predict since nobody knows for certain about second-spike outbreaks of Covid-19 but we, at least, are looking on the bright side.



                                                  Yay, Has Tamar Braxton Had Some Cosmetic Surgery Recently?

                                                  Tamar Braxton shared a video on her social media account and her face has some fans talking. Some say that she definitely had some work done, but others believe that she just looks different due to makeup.

                                                  tamar braxton cosmetic surgery

                                                  ‘Ummmm what have you done to your face? :(‘ a follower asked and started a massive debate in the comments.

                                                  Reading the latest comment in Celebrity Insider it seems there is quite a bit of discussion going on as to whether the gorgeous Tamar has been getting some ‘scalpel work'.

                                                  Someone said: ‘That ain’t makeup her cheeks aren’t moving 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ just makes me sad I love Tamar,’ and a follower posted this message: ‘She’s definitely had some more work done, I hardly recognized her.’

                                                  Another follower posted: ‘Right…. I thought she was fine with the previous work,’ and someone else also seemed to be on the same page: ‘exactly…. I hate when celebrities don’t know when to stop, still a fan but I hope did realize she’s enough.’

                                                  A lot of diehard fans jumped in the comments to defend Tamar.

                                                  One follower said: ‘y’all realize that she’s wearing makeup on her cheeks right … she contoured her cheeks more than usual … and even if…that’s her body…her business.’

                                                  Someone else also brought up her son and said: ‘Logan has the same cheeks, I guess he’s had surgery too huh,’  – well Logan is only 7 years old but I guess a kid who had his first birthday at Disney and whose mom says she shares a lot of characteristics with him  why shouldn't he look his best ????

                                                  A commenter said: ‘yes, that indeed is makeup!! Contouring and her cheeks are moving? Yall love tearing another black woman down. Where she finds time to get her face done when there was a whole pandemic. Black women are the worst against another.’  Let's chill this – Black Cosmetic surgery matters…. especially when the lovely Tamar is in the spotlight.

                                                  Check out her latest video and see for yourself..


                                                  If any of our followers have any thoughts especially the cosmetic surgeons who read our site please leave comments below.  Or you can sweet me at @topscalpel.

                                                  Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Are You a Good Candidate For the Procedure?

                                                  Brazilian Butt Lift Bbl Are You A Good Candidate For The Procedure


                                                  With stars such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian showing off their sizeable bottoms, surgeons all around the globe have been inundated with enquiries about Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.

                                                  The Plastic Surgery Group in London reports that, during the second half of 2019, they saw a staggering 700 PER CENT increase in consultations for the procedure.

                                                  So what is the BBL and should you add it to your ’to do list’ for beauty improvements?

                                                  So what is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) A Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves the transfer of fat, rather than an implant to help create more fullness in your backside.

                                                  Here is yet another misconception about the procedure. It is easy to assume the Brazilian butt lift is all about the butt — it is in the name, after all. In truth, there is a lot more to the procedure than just plumping up the glutes.

                                                  This is because that plumping action comes from fat transfer, and that fat has to come from elsewhere in the body. Ideal spots to take from include the abdomen, waist and back. This gives the client the option for targeted removal, creating the BBL hourglass shape.  In this sense it is really 2 procedures in one.  Firstly you can remove some unsightly fat from your abdomen or thighs and secondly give your butt a fashionable fullness.  So for many women it is a ‘win-win’ cosmetic procedure.

                                                  But do you really desire the ‘hourglass’ shape that comes from a BBL?  It might be a trending look on instagram that doesn’t mean this is the look that is right for you. If you are confident this is the type of figure you desire, the next step is to determine if you are a good candidate.

                                                  brazilian butt lift

                                                  Ideal candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift have enough fat of the abdomen, love handles, back and inner thighs for liposuction.  A general guide is that you need 2-3 times as much fat to liposuction as you need for injection.  If you don’t have extra fat, there is nothing to inject and shape the buttock. How much extra fat you need will depend on how much you want to boost your bottom. On average, a client getting a Brazilian butt lift will want to transfer somewhere between 500cc and 1000cc per buttock cheek. This translates into about 3 to 4 liters of fat that need to be taken from elsewhere in the body and transferred to the butt. Many clients wanting a better bottom don’t have that much excess fat on the body to give.

                                                  Notwithstanding these limitations, BBL is a very effective procedure for contouring unfavourable buttock features.

                                                  Many surgeries provide BBL procedures but here are a few highly specialised clinics for your short list.

                                                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                    • Ghavami Clinic California USA (approved)
                                                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                      • Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa San Diego USA (approved)
                                                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                        • Nordesthetics – Top Lithuanian Cosmetic Surgery Clinic (approved)
                                                        How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                          • Dr Constantino Mendieta (approved)
                                                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                            • Hughes Plastic Surgery. Los Angeles USA (approved)
                                                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                              • LBPS London UK (approved)
                                                              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                • Centre For Surgery. London. UK (approved)
                                                                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                  • Innovations Medical Dallas USA (approved)

                                                                  Lip Augmentation in Your 20s – Is it a Good Idea?

                                                                  Cosmetic lip augmentation consists of the enlargement and reshaping of otherwise normal lips to improve their dimensional relation with the patient's nose, teeth, and surrounding facial structures. The appearance of the lips is determined by the spatial relation of the lip structures with the teeth in a 3-dimensional space and by their function during animation and speech.

                                                                  Lip enhancement is a well-known plastic surgery operation for men and women in their 20s. That's largely because there are so many ways to plump up your lips, ranging from surgical to non-surgical options. Lip filler, for example, is a sought-after injectable because it's simple, fast, and risk-free. Nevertheless, there are other methods that can enhance your pout and give you lavish lips. The question is, should you do this? It's up to you to decide.

                                                                  Your decision to ‘plump' or not is a spin-off from the Instagram generation. where large, super-kissable lips are part of the insta wallpaper.  If you can get a few more likes or followers to your latest selfie then a hour at the cosmetic surgeon is a small price to pay.

                                                                  DIFFERENT KINDS OF LIP AUGMENTATION
                                                                  Let's start with a discussion of the various methods available to give your lips some juicy, kissable appeal. By far, injectable techniques are the most popular. They are likely to cost a bit less than surgical options and you can usually have the treatment done swiftly. Visit the office, have the treatment, and then go on about your day.

                                                                  On planet-celebrity,  you have different options as well, although the technique used is mostly the same. Your plastic surgeon or aesthetician will inject a filler after examining your lips, their shape and current fullness, and the planes and proportion of your face. A qualified, skilled doctor will ensure that the fillers will add to your appearance and work with your facial form.

                                                                  As for the filler used, that will hinge on the surgeon. Fillers such as Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, and Voluma are the most typical options. You can discuss the pros and cons of each with your plastic surgeon.

                                                                  restylane lip augmentation

                                                                  You can opt for surgical lip augmentation, as well. Lip implants offer a more permanent solution than lip fillers, which need to be repeated every six to eight months. Implants also allow you to choose more volume and fullness. Your lips are first sterilised, then anesthetized. This is usually a procedure that occurs in the office, so it's fairly fast, too. Recuperation time shouldn't last long at all.

                                                                  Fat grafting is yet another alternative. As the name suggests, the process entails taking fat tissue from a different spot on your body and infusing it into your lips. The cosmetic surgeon will harvest fat from around your belly button, purify it, and then inject it to your lips. This procedure is good for five years or more and doesn't tend to take longer than half an hour.

                                                                  ADVANTAGES OF PLUMPING YOUR POUT IN YOUR 20'S.

                                                                  lip augmentation - yes or no?

                                                                  Once you know your options, we should discuss why you might want to look into lip augmentation in your 20s. Lips are big right now. Look at all the cosmetic lip kits available. They're fantastic, but you may get tired of over-drawing your lip liner to make your lips look fuller. Lush lips are gorgeous, but filling them in with makeup takes a lot of time, and not everyone has that skill. Lip fillers and other types of augmentation can save time and even money, at least in the long run.

                                                                  When performed by a reputable surgeon, lip augmentation also looks natural. That can't always be said for over-lined lips. You must consult with your doctor beforehand, though. He or she will help you decide on the most flattering size and shape.

                                                                  The main reason to consider plumping your pout in your 20s is that it can stave off the signs of ageing. As you age, your body simply produces less collagen. That not only causes fine lines and wrinkles to embed themselves more deeply in your skin, but it can also cause your lips to thin out and droop.

                                                                  Before the Operation.

                                                                  Refraini from aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, fish oil, multivitamins, and vitamin E for about a week before your appointment, as each can act as a blood-thinner and contribute to postinjection bruising.

                                                                  After the Operation

                                                                  After-care is minimal.

                                                                  Postinjection, your life can resume—despite some fear-mongering articles you might find online. According to Green, the only thing you should stay away from is aspirin. You can even toast your new look with a glass or two of wine. “Some people say you shouldn't drink alcohol before filler because you can bruise, but I haven't seen a huge difference after,” she said. As for ice, the doctor will put a cold pack on your lips after your filler's been applied and will encourage you to use more if you're feeling sore, but there's no need sit with it for hours on end. The real swelling goes down in a day or two.

                                                                  Doctors are unanimous that it makes sense: not to drinkfrom a straw right after your injections, and not sipping hot liquids— you'll still be numb and might burn yourself. Ouch.

                                                                  Sample Enhanced Profile Listing

                                                                  How to Prepare Mentally for Cosmetic Surgery

                                                                  prepare for cosmetic surgery
                                                                  How To Prepare Mentally For Cosmetic Surgery


                                                                  prepare for cosmetic surgery

                                                                  Entering into the right headspace sets you up for greater success with your procedure and genuine joy when you view those end results. To help, here are 5 ways we suggest you mentally prep prior to your liposuction, rhinoplasty or mummy makeover.

                                                                  1. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND
                                                                  They say knowledge is power. While this may well look like a trite expression, it is likewise true. The deeper you understand about your treatment, the better prepared you will be mentally.  Trust the boy scouts when they say ‘be prepared'.   Remember you might well need to prepare different sleeping arrangements in advance of your procedure. This is part of prepare mentally for cosmetic surgery

                                                                  Start by talking honestly with your cosmetic surgeon. Ask for all the vital details relating to preparation, the surgery itself and recuperation. Find out about the possible side effects and problems. A few of these details might sound scary and daunting, but it's sort of like strolling into a dark room; it's scary when you don't know what lies inside, but once you illuminated it, it isn't so daunting after all.

                                                                  2. FORM REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS

                                                                  cosmetic surgery magic
                                                                  There is no ‘lose fat now' spell.

                                                                  Cosmetic surgery can make amazing changes in your physique, and those can have a considerable impact on your self-confidence. But surgery isn't magic; it has its limits.  Your surgeon isn't Harry Potter and cannot cast a ‘be beautiful' spell.

                                                                  Plastic surgery won't work wonders, though it can still be life-changing.

                                                                  Part of mentally preparing for your procedure is forming sensible expectations. But if you aren't a surgeon yourself, it might be hard to understand what those are. One way you can start developing a sensible image in your head is to look at before and after photos from your surgeon and online. This will let you find those starting from a place comparable to your own and see where they turned out. This helps by both removing an element of the unknown and getting you into a good headspace for seeing your new look after you recover.

                                                                  3. BE SINCERE ABOUT YOUR MOTIVATIONS, ESPECIALLY TO YOURSELF.
                                                                  Not simply with your surgeon and others, but with yourself. The vast majority of clients want surgery for themselves– to look better, to feel better, to have greater confidence. But sometimes, their motivations are more external. This could be pressure from a spouse, social pressure or even peer pressure. Satisfaction after plastic surgery relies on internal motivation. Don't decide on any procedure built upon what others will think about you.

                                                                  4. PREPARE FOR A WAITING PERIOD
                                                                  Not the waiting period for the treatment in itself, but the waiting period between when the procedure is finished, and when the results are visible. After most plastic surgery procedures, there will be some degree of swelling and bruising, plus stitches that need to heal. Expect to wait at least six weeks to get an idea of how well your surgery went and a full six months before final results are apparent.

                                                                  talk to your cosmetic surgeon
                                                                  Doctor Wearing White Coat Meeting With Female Patient

                                                                  5. VOICE YOUR CONCERNS
                                                                  Being concerned about aspects of surgery and recovery is normal. Don't keep these to yourself; it won't insult your surgeon to find out that you have doubts or fears. Ask your surgeon any questions you have and make clear what worries you. Chances are a short discussion will have you feeling better and ready for the big day. Now you can appreciate why it was worthwhile to prepare mentally for cosmetic surgery.