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Double Chin Treatment in 2020, Kybella v CoolSculpt the Race is On.

double chin treatment
Double Chin Treatment In 2020 Kybella V Coolsculpt The Race Is On

We generally think of the signs of ageing being most noticeable on the face. That is why people have facelifts and botox shots.  Traditionally we focus on that area between the forehead and the chin – the ‘Selfie Zone'.  But the area from the chin to the chest has a lot to do with our overall appearance and double chin and neck treatments have been getter much more attention of late.

Chin sculpting is an increasingly popular invasive operation that has gained a lot of clients in Asia where women are keen to ‘westernize ‘ their features. This can be a surgical procedure fraught with potential risks and should not be undertaken lightly.  Double chin reduction is another procedure which has traditionally been done by liposuction or a neck lift to help create a crisp jawline that is a sign of youth and beauty.

double chin treatment

Since 2015 the race to remove a double chin has a new contender – Kybella. Kybella is a non-surgical injectable technique used to target the fat beneath the chin. The process uses a series of deoxycholic acid injections to target the fat cells in this area. No incisions are required, and the downtime is minimal in most cases.

Is it the best solution for you?

The best candidate would be an adult 18 years or older with moderate to severe fat under the chin. You might not be a good candidate if you have had or are planning to have facial surgery if you have trouble swallowing, are pregnant or nursing, or have an infection or medical condition in or near the planned injection site.

double chin treatment

It usually takes two to three treatments separated four weeks apart. While this treatment permanently kills fat cells in the area and requires very little downtime, the results take rather long to become apparent (around six to 12 weeks). It is not cheap, a session costs around $1500 – you will probably need 2 or 3 but the vast majority of patients reported good results.

But is Kybella better than CoolSculpting?

While one usually associates  CoolSculpting with removing fat from the stomach, it can also be used under the chin to permanently get rid of submental fat for a slimmer neckline.   This is, of course, a very smart marketing move.  You expand your target market by moving the target range from the abdomen to double chin treatment

“CoolSculpting is the least invasive and uses a machine to freeze [and destroy] the fat that your body will then absorb,” says  Dr. Baldenhofer.  a prominent New York Cosmetic Surgeon,, talking to New Beauty Magazine “It is usually a series of two to three treatments separated four or more weeks apart, with the results becoming apparent in about three months.”

CoolSculpting’s most reported side effects are bruising, swelling, and sensitivity. As with Kybella, this treatment is best for patients with mild-to-moderate fat under the chin.

Some cosmetic surgeons also value Ultherapy in double chin treatment. This uses the power of ultrasound energy, Ultherapy tightens and lifts the skin naturally by heating the tissue and stimulating the production of collagen.  this makes it totally non-invasive but we have less market feedback to know whether it is a real contender for the double chin removal prize.  We will check back on this in a later post.

For more serious cases it is probably best to consider the more invasive surgical approach.


The Future of Rhinoplasty – Profits ‘Nosing Ahead’ After Covid.

nose job
The Future Of Rhinoplasty Profits Nosing Ahead After Covid

One of the daily tediums of running a cosmetic surgery site is wading through the statistical spam that medical research companies blast out day after day.  Usually, we just zap them but today, to brighten my Sunday, we spotted a particularly optimistic report on the future of rhinoplasty

Without going into enormous technical detail on the future of rhinoplasty (the report does that!) it seems like Rhinoplasty surgeons are in for a great future.   The global rhinoplasty market size was valued at USD 3.2 billion in 2018 and is expected to expand by 6.4% over the forecast period. 

Only yesterday we blogged that Charli D'Amelio had undergone rhinoplasty for her breathing issues.  Charli, according to this report is part of a trend. According to the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report 2018, nose reshaping or rhinoplasty was among the top five cosmetic surgical procedures globally in 2017 and 2018, of which 75.0% procedures were performed on women.  Further, many of these procedures were for breathing issues, not just aesthetics.

nose job

Technological advances, such as our old friend 3D imaging, is projected to fuel demand even more.  One could, of course, be more precise and talk of 3D osteotomies integrated piezo tone and intraoperative navigation but then I would just drag you down with me into the mire of statistical gobbledegook which we all wish to avoid. 

The report then highlights something quite interesting.  ‘Social media is also anticipated to play a vital role in fuelling the demand in the market. Increasing influence of social media has fuelled trend of selfies and desire for picture perfect face. Various photo-editing options offered by the social media applications have enable users to identify the required facial alterations to achieve an appealing image, thereby further fuelling a desire for flawless appearance.'

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive data,  (who should know about this stuff) around 30% of ‘nose job' clients seek surgery to ‘fulfil their social media needs'‘.  I, personally find this a scary statistic.  It confirms what mass media has been saying for quite a while.  Young people want to look like their filtered selfie pictures and then ask a surgeon to try and match that.  The easy availability of procedure information, patient experiences, and surgery reviews on social media websites is also anticipated to positively influence the demand and secure the future of rhinoplasty

iran nose job
Iran is the ‘nose job' capital of the world.

Whilst, regionally, the USA has the most plastic surgeons other areas are not far behind.  Asia Pacific is projected to witness the fastest growth over the next few years, attributed to rising disposable income coupled with medical tourism due to the availability of low cost of procedures and improvements in healthcare infrastructure.  China has lots of procedures going on with 6.4% of the total number of cosmetic surgeons in the world.   We were however really surprised to learn that Tehran, the capital of Iran is also called as the rhinoplasty capital of the world, with seven times more rhinoplasty procedures than that of the U.S.   See, even a pile of boring data can yield statistical diamonds.

The rest of this report, lovingly compiled by the nerds at Trusted Business Insights tells which companies will do well and provides guidance for investors and other market watchers on where to place their pension fund dollars.  But, for us, and our blog, that is all the insights you are going to get.  But if you are passing through Tehran (as one does) it might be a great place to get a prompt nose job.


Charli D’Amelio Shocks Tik Tok Fans With Her ‘Nose Job’ Journey


When a top influencer gets surgery then it is the very lifeblood of social media and if the surgery is for a genuine medical reason rather than to grab some extra attention then for me, it is a genuine news story.

First shock!   Back in July, Charli D'Amelio revealed images on TIK Tok that showed her with gauze on her face where blood could clearly be seen seeping through the fabric.

“Surgery is done, and I am so beyond excited that I was finally able to fix my breathing!” D’Amelio captioned the video. “And soon I will be able to be in dance classes again!”   Several million young followers sat riveted to their screens.  Such was the effect of this frank intimacy with her fans.

Shock 2! Now for the ‘biggy' a youtube video showing Charli's journey under the knife. Dr. Raj Kanodia  is a top Beverly hills surgeon specializing in Closed Rhinoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation,  Dr. Raj Kanodia’s Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty, is sought out by clients around the world for plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic rejuvenation (quick shout out from his website!).  Having an influencer like Charli as a client will raise Kasnodia's profile even higher.

Charli D'amelio nose job reactions

At only 16, Charli is young to be going through serious rhinoplasty but apparently she needed the operation to fix a breathing issue from breaking her nose the other year. I guess you need clear breathing when you are doing amazing Tik Tok dance sessions.   The star tweeted earlier this year

“I broke my nose in august and ever since then I have had breathing problems in my right nostril I was supposed to have surgery in November and to fix it but then I started having problems in my left nostril and now I can barely breathe out of my nose at all”

So let us hope that Charli is fine and will continue to delight the millions of young women who are backing her.



BBC Show “The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery” Leaves Viewers Shocked & Amazed”

The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments Viewers Grossed Out By Bone Scratching Procedure

The documentary, ‘The Truth about Cosmetic Surgery hosted by doctor Michael Mosley and journalist Mehreen Baig, takes a look at cosmetic surgery and investigates an apparent lack of regulation in the industry. Teaming up with blogger Mehreen Baig, Mosley explored the freaky world of lip and nose fillers, micro-needling and Botox.

Dr Mosley who made a big name for himself with his 5:2 diet plans and his regular articles and book serialisations has turned himself into a medical investigative reporter for this BBC ‘Shock Horror' fest. Mehreen Baig a Muslim journalist/blogger and activist joins him on this documentary.  She previously presented a BBC documentary series on religious pilgrimages.  This has a certain irony to it since the road to cosmetic perfection (i.e look more like Kylie Jenner) is looked upon as a pilgrimage by people interviewed in The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery

Indeed, according to a young Mancunian woman festooned with eyeliner, tattoos and pumped-up lips, a major motivation for having cosmetic treatments is to make yourself look more like Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians. “Big lips, square jaw, tiny waist, big bum, big boobs – now it’s become commercial enough that we can get it,” she explained..

During one scene in The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments, a woman had her bones literally scratched.

Presenter Mehreen explained: “Stem cells [are] a medical advancement that could help with things like bone and tissue regeneration. They’re now being adopted by cosmetic surgeons who claim they can help rejuvenate the face.”

Twitter was understandably ablaze with condemnation, shock and pithy opinions about The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery.

bbc documentary

Strangely another viewer said that watching this episode made her even keener to try the procedures.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be watching,” they tweeted. “Essentially I now want all these treatments! Fascinating stuff even for the needle-phobic like me #squeamish.”

Mosley had assembled a panel of punters on The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery to look at “before” and “after” photos and assess whether the treatments had made the contestants look more attractive. “They lost their personality,” one man said. As dermatologist Tamara Griffiths warned, then, it’s a case of “buyer beware”.

Our regular readers will know that we think cosmetic surgery s sometimes badly marketed to impressionable young people through social media and programmes like this and Skin Decisions in the USA show the ‘skull beneath the skin' by peeling away the glitz, glamour and Instagram filters.




Joe Baroud, Plastic Surgeon, Heals Victims of the Beirut Explosion

Joe Baroud Plastic Surgeon Heals Victims Of The Beirut Explosion

I know Beirut very well, I have lived and worked there for a Lebanese TV station.  This gives me an insight into the Lebanese character and their warmth and generosity. I was not surprised when the community began to pull together to help the victims of the latest disaster to hit this tiny and remarkable country. Joe Baroud, a local plastic surgeon, is a shining example of the Beirut spirit.

More than 200 people were killed and thousands more injured in the explosion at the port of Beirut on 4 August.

Dr Joe Baroud was keen to offer his skills to anyone who left injured or disfigured, to help remove the physical reminders of their trauma.

Joe Baroud helping Beirut
Credit Reuters

He started offering free surgery just days after the explosion and was initially seeing 20-25 patients a day.  Dr Baroud said: ‘I saw patients with major injuries on the first few days and quite a few glass injuries.

‘I don’t call this work reconstructive, but there is a reconstructive element within its essence, as it gives back function and can help integrate people back into their life and society, the 33-year-old told Harper’s Bazaar.

“It has been a very sad and difficult time. I wish we could unsee it. Frankly, I thought the new generation would not have to deal with scenes like this, that looks like war,” said Dr Fred Bteich, a neurosurgeon at the Hotel Dieu hospital, which functioned as one of the major crisis centres after three facilities nearer the blast site were ruined.

For those who remember the dark days of the 1980s and Lebanon's civil war injuries and scarring are not a new experience.  But for a new generation who have had a fairly peaceable experience the destruction, devastation and senseless injuries is something new to deal with.  Another trauma to put on top of financial collapse and international humiliation.

It is wonderful that surgeons like Baroud are on hand to help heal some of the scars of his fellow citizens.

“Psychologically, scars can have a huge effect on people. Lebanon already has so many problems I am happy to help fix this small thing and make people feel better about themselves and stop being reminded of the trauma,” Baroud said.


Why Breast ‘Explants’ Are Becoming The Celebrity Statement.

breast explants
Why Breast Explants Are Becoming The Celebrity Statement

When Yolade Hadid from  “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” had her breasts ‘explanted' back in 2019 she joined an increasingly growing group of celebrities who decided to put health and comfort ahead of her enhanced curves.  Like Victoria Beckham before her, she got rid of her “torpedo bazookas.

Embed from Getty Images

In 2017, the Spice Girls singer told Vogue UK that she had chest advice for her younger self. “Don't mess with your boobs … just celebrate what you've got,”

Embed from Getty Images

The latest star to be emoting all over Instagram about her ‘explant journey' is Ashley Tisdale the High School Musical star and telling her 12.7 million followers why her bra is no longer brimming over with joyful flesh.   She started by explaining her reasons for having breast implants in the first instance

‘”Prior to the surgery, I constantly felt my body was less than, and thought this change would make me feel more whole and more secure about myself,” she explains. “And for a short period of time…it did.”   This ties in, of course, with Ashley's long periods of depression.  Like many celebs before her, she found solaEmbed from Getty Imagesce under the knife.

Later, however, she found that she had irksome discomforts and food complications which she sensed might have been coming from her implants. If she had chatted with Crystal Heffner or Sharon Osbourne they would have agreed with her having suffered unexplained back pain, constant neck and shoulder pain, cognitive dysfunction … low immunity, recurring infections and problems and various other symptoms that could not be fixed by a shopping trip on the Gloop website.

She justifies her decision to join the ‘explant' club by posting about her voyage of self-discovery and self-love.  She then tells her ardent followers about the importance of living a “non-toxic life” and then goes on to promote her newly launched health and wellness platform, Frenshe without even a hint of irony.



Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Ahead of Vacations Says New Survey.

spa cosmetic
Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Ahead Of Vacations Says New Survey

A new survey of more than 2000 respondents conducted by Glowday indicates that consumers are opting to spend money on cosmetic surgery treatment rather than on foreign holidays.

This makes sense, many people have had to postpone or cancel their travel plans because of Covid restrictions so it has proved to be an ideal time to invest in the ‘tweakment‘ they have been thinking about.

Dr Katie Barron, talking to the Daily Telegraph said that overall bookings at Koha Clinic where she works, have doubled with clients spending an average of £500 instead of the £300 before the crisis.

Apparently, the goal of achieving better skin is the big post-lockdown trend. It seems that Profhilo treatment is the big hit which clients are combining with Botox which ramps up the. ost of sessions to a hefty  £1100. So what is Profhilo?

best cosmetic surgery treatment

Profhilo is essentially a moisturiser that is administered subcutaneously in two different sessions a month apart, Profhilo is 100 per cent synthetic hyaluronic acid or HA (the stuff that is in any expensive skincare product), injected by a tiny needle into the face. It rehydrates and re-textures crepey skin in a way that no topical lotion could ever do. You need two sessions, of this cosmetic surgery treatment with a four-week gap so you don’t overload (2mls at a time is the most you can do) or irritate the skin but you get more of the effect with two. Some patients even opt for three sessions (as a loading dose) and then top twice or three times a year.

One of the beauty lessons from lockdown is that beauty starts with healthy glowy skin and patients are prepared to switch to more expensive medical-grade skincare to really boost the results.

Eyelift surgery is also soaking up a lot of the staycation budget with popular eye surgeries costing around £5000 which is no more than a family holiday abroad.  Dr Mayan Zamani was quoted as saying “cosmetic surgery treatment' became available again eyelifts became a good option as they can be done with discreetly'.   Fixing droopy eyelids whilst working from home or on furlough can be a great confidence booster to help forget the Sangrias you would normally be enjoying.

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Did LA’s Favourite Real Estate Broker Have a Facelift?

million dollar cosmetic surgery
Million Dollar Listing Did Las Favourite Real Estate Broker Have A Facelift

Embed from Getty Images

The new season of the Bravo's reality show ‘Million Dollar Listing' features residential property brokers Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, David Pames, and Tracy Tutor. Additionally, the program includes an unofficial cast member– Josh Altman's wife, Heather Altman. She joined the real estate sector in 2003 and has been making million-dollar commissions since then. The mother of two is an expert in the property market in LA, and after her debut on Million Dollar Listing, she became a subject of conversation for many followers.

real estate twitter

Progressively, she has obtained TV star status with an enormous social media following. So, it would be not a surprise if Heather would go with an artificial face and body transformation.   Since she is living in the world's hub for cosmetic surgery it would be odd if she hadn't explored this option.  Certainly, the competitors in ‘Selling Sunset' have all admitted to improving on nature.

Amanza Smith went on record to reveal that she had breast implants. Although Chrishell Stause has never admitted to having a cosmetic procedure on her lips, it looks like she has lip fillers and Botox.

This isn't the first time Heather has been spotlighted for changes to her appearance.   Back in 2014, there were reports of Heather going under the knife to improve her look. After making a few public appearances some of the public believed that she got thinner. From this people began to assume that she had plastic surgery. However, Heather never confirmed or denied getting plastic surgery.

But I guess, selling expensive LA property is all about the glamour, the glitz and the gossip. Why would any LA Housewive buy property from a realtor who hadn't been surgically improved?

property cosmetics

Here in Europe, we are impressed when a realtor turns up with clean shoes and a bit of makeup.  Our property reality shows are usually about hopeful idiots who try to renovate an old building with encouragement from property “experts”.   Indeed, one of the UK's favourite shows is George Clarke's ‘Amazing Spaces' which really rams home the incredible gulf that separates our 2 great nations.     I guess that Heather Altman's disputed makeover arrived on my desk on a ‘slow news day' hopefully South Korea's KPop scene will have some fresh cosmetic surgery news tomorrow.



Limb-Lengthening Cosmetic Surgery Helps People Add on Height.

tall men
Limb Lengthening Cosmetic Surgery Helps People Add On Height

Who doesn't want to be just a bit taller, get your face seen above the crowd as you fight for your place in the barroom?    The description ‘tall, dark and handsome has a certain cachet to it.  It what we would all prefer to be.   But genetics are not always kind and some of us missed the queue for getting those vital few extra inches.

Taller men, for example, tend to have higher self-esteem and are happier. One study found that shorter people had a more negative view of themselves and perceived the world around them with more mistrust. Shorter men and women tend to be more dissatisfied with their height. And in Western countries, a four- or five-inch difference in height means a salary difference of 9 to 15 per cent, according to at least one study.

cosmetic surgery to be taller
Dr. Kevin Debiparshad (right) and Irving Rodríguez (left) after he recovered from the surgery.  Credit am Press

One surgeon who is tapping into this market is Dr Kevin Debiparshad, an orthopaedic surgeon who works in Las Vegas, and runs a private clinic that specializes in limb-lengthening cosmetic surgery.

Dr Kevin Debiparshad has been trained at some of the best schools and institutes, ranking within the top 25 worldwide. He received his medical degree from the prestigious McGill University where he found his passion for the field of surgery, which led him to obtain a Master’s degree in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at McGill University.

The number of patients coming into the clinic to pursue limb-lengthening cosmetic surgery has doubled every year, Debiparshad said, with roughly 90 per cent of the inquiries coming from men. Last month alone, the clinic conducted roughly 20 to 30 consultations and seven surgical procedures, he said.

So what is involved in this surgery and is it worth pursuing?  Men have been wearing build-up shoes for generations and they don't require specialised and hugely costly elective surgery.


To get those extra inches, the doctors make four to six incisions in the thigh.

They separate the bone through the small incisions and place an implant into the bone’s hollow centre, and lock it into place.

At home, the patient controls the implant with an external remote control device. With the click of a button, the implant slowly stretches the bones. Once the desired length and height is achieved, the lengthening phase is stopped and the bone begins to regenerate.  If this sounds to you like a medieval rack then you are not alone, it certainly makes me shiver.

But  Dr. Debiparshad says it is, in fact, a minimally invasive surgery.  Well, if that is ‘minimally invasive' I would not want to do something higher up the scale!

Amazingly, patients can be up and about within 24 hours on a walking stick after limb-lengthening cosmetic surgery but there are a few weeks of soreness and inflammation whilst the area heals.

“It also requires work on the patient's behalf to go through the rehabilitation and the physical therapy,” he said.

Apparently, a Canadian woman recently flew to Las Vegas to undergo the procedure to add three inches to her natural height. She wished to remain anonymous but described the pain as mostly muscle soreness.

“Originally, of course, it's acute surgical pain where you have a fracture, and it's kind of like a bony pain. But now it's more so like, just some muscle pain,” she said.



cosmetic limb lengthening

Becoming taller with surgery is not cheap, however. It costs about US$75,000 (C$99,000) to get it done south of the border. There is one doctor who offers the procedure in Canada, where it costs C$85,000.

“It's fairly controversial in the orthopaedic community,” says  Dr. Marie Gdalevitch, a limb-lengthening cosmetic surgery and deformity correction specialist based in Montreal.

“But then I started doing both and the patients are so happy and they do well, and so it kind of encouraged me to keep going with it.”

Gdalevitch said newer technology has resulted in fewer complications and less pain, and she hopes to raise awareness and educate other doctors.

dr marie

Her one concerns is that she has fixed botched surgeries on patients who went abroad to get it done at a cheaper price.

“It is dangerous in the wrong hands,” she said.

Many of her professional colleagues agree and worry that it will become just another “cosmetic” procedure that will be ‘tweeted ‘out or ‘Instagrammed'.

Of course, there are risks as well, including fractures, deformity, chronic pain, nerve injury, blood vessel injury, and bone infection.  this is not something to be taken lightly like a dermal filler or a botox shot.

None of us is immune to complications. You can be the most compliant patient and the most gifted surgeon in the world, and you may still get a complication.

But for those who have undergone the process, they say the risks, the cost and the pain are a small price to pay for what they gained.

“I'm much happier and I no longer have those insecurities that I had before,” said the Canadian woman.

Well, so be it. I am giving this surgery a skip with my 5'10” frame but if you feel that your self-esteem, your career or your love life would benefit then check out the surgeons we mention and discuss with your trusted medical practitioner.


Cosmetic Surgery Denial Among the Celebrities.

Did they?, Didn't they?  Will they? Won't they?   The questions are falling out of my inbox this week like raindrops in a summer storm.  There are some people out there who don't really care if a KPop babe adjusted his chin contour or a reality TV star had botox but we like to feature some news and gossip.

cosmetic surgery denial

This week the gossips are pointing a knowing finger at Soyu the super cool Kpop star who just released her new single ‘Gotta Go'.  she has changed her hair colour and looks even more radiant than ever.  So fans are saying she has had cosmetic surgery to revitalise her career.  Soyu hotly denies the suggestion and puts it all down to her makeup box.

She stated, “It's been five years since I did such a strong makeup. If I erase my makeup, I look the same.”  Yet these denials just add to the mystery and a bit of fan mag controversy never hurt record sales.

Denial #2 today comes from

cosmetic denial