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Celebrity Arms are Trending, Liposuction Goes Niche .

celebrity arms
Celebrity Arms Are Trending Liposuction Goes Niche


The body part of the autumn is officially the arms.   Toned, lipo-suctioned arms are trending.  Marketed by Dr Thomas Su from Tampa Florida  – fly in and out the same day with perfectly toned celebrity arms.  Sound great but what is Dr Su offering to his enthusiastic celeb clients?

celebrity arms

The PR information we received is quite exciting.   This is an advanced version of liposuction combined with ‘boot camp' workout of the arm muscles.  You remain awake whilst the fat is removed and the muscles are put through their paces.   Who says Celebs don't put in the effort to look good?  Forget the old, passive sleep while the arms are reduced,  this is a new technique.  I couldn't hope to compete with Dr Su's copywriter who  describes the process thus;

“This advanced control and feel elevate the procedure from suctioning and slimming to the realm of artistic “sculpting.” There is a big difference between making the arms a little smaller, compared to intricately sculpting the arms to show the beautiful shape and contours of the muscles. Dr Su will show patients their new “Celebrity Arms” in front of a mirror immediately after the procedure.”

I just love the immediacy of it all.  You see your new celebrity arms in front of a mirror before you hop in the limo for your journey back to the airport.   So what does this latest celebrity arms deal cost?  Well, it costs plenty.  Depending on whether you have small arms or big arms it can range between $7k to $10k.

There are additional charges for doing more extensive areas such as the upper back and bra bulges which also include the armpit fat. These additional areas also vary in cost depending on the size and average between $2000 to $3000 extra. Doing all areas combined often results in a cost of $10000 to $12000.  This is a healthy wedge of cash but if you are photographed holding a microphone or an Oscar it is a price well worth paying.

As with so many trends, this exclusive celebrity arms sculpting from Thomas Su will trickle down slowly into the wider cosmetic surgery market as influencers and marketeers promote the niche around social media. But for the moment it looks like Dr Su has the whole celebrity world in his arms.


Justin Jedlica Updates Fans on “Botched” See Video.

Justin jedica the Ken Doll
Justin Jedlica Updates Fans On Botched See Video

ken doll justin

There is absolutely no stopping ‘Human Ken Doll’ Justin Jedlica who has had a massive 950+ cosmetic treatments in his path to Ken Doll glory.  

Justin Jedlica, 40, also known as the “Human Ken Doll,” is a fan-favourite from the very first season of Botched. At the time, he’d already had a number of cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, tricep implants, forehead implants, and more.Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow catch up with Justin in this preview of the Sept. 28 special episode of Botched.   Here is the Youtube clip from Botched which is great viewing.

What is it I wonder, that sets these people on the road to resemble a Mattel plastic toy?   Maybe they see Ken as an iconic masculine figure that one can aspire to.  Is it the burning desire for reality TV fame?  Is filling your system with reckless amounts of chemical fillers really worth it?   Sure the money and the fanbase is great to have but the long-term effects must be really scary.

Justin Jedlica gleefully reveals that he’s had buttock liposuction and had the fat transferred to his temples, and he’s also had buttock injections on the top. On top of that, Justin’s undergone full torso recontouring with injectables.  Listening to Justin recount his adventures is compelling TV, especially when we learn that he even shared a facelift experience with his mother.

Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow are as stunned as I am by what Justin’s had done over the years. But Justin’s not finished. In addition to micro-needling on his face, he’s had micro-needling on his penis.  Dr. Dubrow asks Justin what micro-needling of the penis does.   Apparently, it adds extra vitality to the area and might even add some girth. Justin Jedica  admits that he had “tons of like little abrasions all through the penis and the gland.”   This is really disturbing on so many levels.  Micro-needling home kits are readily available on Amazon and I worry that impressionable young fans will try out this procedure on their own sensitive regions with catastrophic results.

Cosmetic Surgery Influencers – A Young Person’s Perspective.

Cosmetic Surgery Influencers A Young Persons Perspective

If you read my regular posts on our site you will know that I harbour deep concerns on how cosmetic surgery influencers have a detrimental effect on impressionable young people.  Since I am not in the first flush of youth myself I worry that my opinions are ‘generational'.  That I raise the alarm because I am not a 19-year-old student or an impressionable 16-year-old Instagram addict.

When I read comments regarding cosmetic surgery abuse they tend to come from an old and perhaps wiser section of the community.  People who work with young people and see how lives can be damaged by seeking to emulate their reality heroes/heroines the cosmetic surgery influencers

So I was interested to read a recent article by Rowan Cothiff on a university website that put a similar case to mine but from the perspective of a student rather than a mature working adult.  she puts the case very clearly:

“As a generation, we are surrounded by an online presence of ‘influencers’ and an ever-evolving beauty standard; more and more young people are turning to plastic surgery to ‘fix’ their ‘flaws’. “

She goes on to talk about the ‘rise of an unattainable body image that has spread across the internet,'  The image is presented as an achievable goal by cosmetic surgery influencers but this is absolutely not the case. Her generation is being offered an illusion that cannot be reached.

She continues:

“Camera angles and Photoshop are stopping this generation from accepting our bodies in their natural state. Influencers project their supposedly non-enhanced images, leaving us to turn to the likes of plastic surgery to try and emulate the impossible appearances that we see. ”

She asks a question I have asked many times in my columns,: “does a 20 year really need a dermal cheek filler that needs refilling on a regular basis?' The question more or less answers itself.  Of course, they don't, at least not at that age.

Ms Cothliff points to the many Youtube videos that talk about ‘Botched Lip Filler Disasters'. I have watched many myself and felt so sad for young people who really thought they could look like professionally groomed and photoshopped cosmetic surgery influencers


cosmetic surgery influencers
The Brazilian ‘Ideal'

As seductive as the phrase ‘Brazilian Butt Lift' sounds  (you can almost hear the carnival melody in the background) this is not a procedure to take lightly. The gluteal area contains some major blood vessels that could be damaged in inexperienced hands.  The BBL is a 2 stage operation with fat being Lipoed from maybe your abdomen and then injected in your buttocks. It is not an easy or straightforward procedure.  But if your information comes from a cosmetic surgery influencer on social media that ‘Rio beach look' is a big temptation. Fortunately, the UK authorities are now trying to limit the promotion of easy ‘tweakments' to young viewers

Miss Cothliff sums it up rather well when she says ‘The younger generation are using surgery and treatments to change their appearance to be more ‘beautiful’, as a consequence of the unhealthy ideals the media is portraying.'

It is reassuring that young commentators are aware that the reality is that we will never be able to keep up with the moving trends when it comes to appearance, meaning there will always be a desire to change. Plastic surgery is seemingly the way in which young people are now facilitating the manipulation of their bodies, rather than less permanent methods.






Michael Rosewood – Leading Harley Street Facelift Surgeon .

Mr Michael Rosewood with a new patient.

For more than 20 years Mr Michael Rosewood has been a celebrated member of the British cosmetic surgery scene.   His charming manner which puts even the most nervous client at ease is back by skills that have led to great admiration amongst his peers in London and worldwide.

He has recently become a recognised face on British Television as an expert opinion on the ‘Botched Bodies'  programme and is often gives his expert views on the BBC.

‘We’ve seen a revolution in facelifting in recent years,’ says the surgeon, who continues to champion a stitching technique that ‘quilts’ the tissues, thus reducing bleeding and swelling.

nose job
Woman wants to keep her plastic surgery in secret

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brow lift surgery

Michael Rosewood Professional Qualifications

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Important New Study On Breast Asymmetry Has Positive Conclusions.

breast assymetry
Important New Study On Breast Asymmetry Has Positive Conclusions

It's all about self-confidence for many young women.  The self-confidence to be relaxed in a gym changing room or in a romantic situation.  Many young women typically have security issues.  It doesn’t help if a woman perceives herself to have breasts that are not the same size (breast asymmetry) and therefore look less than perfect.

Breast asymmetry concerns
Breast asymmetry can cause distress to young women.

Minor differences between breasts are common, especially during the early stages of breast development. All too often, breast asymmetry in adolescents and young women is dismissed as “simply a cosmetic concern.” some women are reassured by hearing that breast asymmetry is common. In others, breast prostheses can help to camouflage the asymmetry and improve social functioning.

Brian I. Labow, MD, FACS, has recently conducted some research into this topic along with colleagues at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Their excellent study Their study – one of the first to analyze the benefits of surgery for benign breast asymmetry – appears in the October issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 

in the following video, Brian Labow talks in detail on this study and it well worth watching to understand the full scope of the study.

They report on their experience with surgery to correct breast asymmetry in 45 young women, average age 18 years, between 2008 and 2018. All of the women had severe asymmetry, averaging two cup sizes difference between breasts. In all cases, the breast asymmetry was “benign” – not due to cancer.

For 28 patients, surgery consisted of breast augmentation on one or both sides. Fourteen patients underwent breast reduction on one side, sometimes with other procedures on the opposite breast. The remaining three patients underwent a combination or these or other procedures.  This was therefor quite a large study and the results could certainly be useful to other surgical teams.

So what were their conclusions/

Before surgery, the women had significant reductions in self-esteem and in various aspects of quality of life compared to their peers – particularly social functioning (limitations in social activities due to physical or emotional problems) and emotional roles (limitations in usual activities due to emotional problems).

At follow-up 3.5 years later after surgery, the women had significant improvements in self-esteem, social functioning, and emotional roles, as well as in overall mental health. “Postoperatively, patients returned to a level of functioning commensurate with their peers,” Dr. Labow and coauthors write.

This is a very reassuring result from the study and would suggest that surgical intervention can play a vital role in dealing with breast asymmetry in young women.

Did Biden Get Cosmetic Surgery? Is This a Reality show?

did biden get cosmetic surgery/
Did Biden Get Cosmetic Surgery Is This A Reality Show

So here we are, well into the presidential election 2020 campaign. So much to discuss and debate and the big question at Trump's rally yesterday was why did Biden cover all that expensive facial surgery with a COVID mask???

The duo will square off in their first debate on 29 September in Cleveland, where they will take questions from Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. The president did one of his vocal polls, asking the Moon Township crowd if they think Mr Biden will wear a mask when he comes onstage next week. They cheered in the affirmative.

This is straight out of the 90 Day Fiancee playbook.  It's like the lovely  Larissa Dos Santos Lima who spent a total of $72K on her various plastic surgeries. And when she flaunted her full body transformation on CamSoda, the company collected a whopping $100,000 for a one-hour show. Mind-blowing, right?

Embed from Getty Images

If American politics has moved into ‘cosmetic surgery shaming' then is it any surprise?  Politics is a reflection of the wider society and if millions of people debate on Instagram who has had which cosmetic procedure then maybe Trump just has a very clear idea of his own demographic.

Experts told the New York Post that Biden has probably had procedures including a full facelift, eye lift and hair transplant, as well as Botox injections to rejuvenate his appearance. They point to his full head of hair, smooth forehead, and Cheshire Cat grin which they put down to medical intervention.

Spokespeople for Biden, 77, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump, himself has had the finger pointed at him for cosmetic surgery for surgery on his scalp back in the '80s but he got the jab in first at Biden in good time for the TV debate and to ridicule his mask-wearing.  I have never been a political commentator but I must admit that I was delighted that Trump brought cosmetic surgery into the election arena so I could talk about it today.




Breast Implant Surgery Is Not Just For Instagram

breast implant
Breast Implant Surgery Is Not Just For Instagram

Sometimes one can fall into the trap of only thinking of breast implant surgery as a vanity indulgence of Instagram models and reality stars.   It is, of course, so much more than that.  Breast reconstruction is a vitally important option for women undergoing mastectomy, and a two-stage approach using implants is by far the most common reconstruction technique. Thousands of women undergo this procedure every year – despite the conventional wisdom among many surgeons that the results of implant-based breast reconstruction don't hold up over the long term.

breast implant surgery

A new study by Akhil K. Seth, MD, and Peter G. Cordeiro, MD seems to contradict this and suggests that breast implants – post-mastectomy and aesthetic do not necessarily detirorate over time.  their study shows that implant-based breast reconstruction remains stable at up to 12 years'.

Drs. Seth and Cordeiro believe that women making decisions about breast cancer treatment should be reassured that implant-based breast reconstruction can provide long-lasting results in terms of appearance and quality of life.

breast implant patients

This news is very reassuring as many women who are having reconstructive surgery are worried by incomplete information often gleaned from unreliable sources.  Post-operative stability is very important to women who have had breast implant surgery after a mastectomy.  Physical well-being and overall patient satisfaction scores actually increased with long-term follow-up, suggesting that women feel better about their overall health after completing and recovering from their breast cancer treatment.

This was a large study so it has statistical weight to it.  Cordeiro and Dr. Seth performed an objective critical analysis of the long-term outcomes of two-stage implant-based breast reconstruction in 2,284 women. These procedures – including reconstruction of both breasts in 1,205 patients related to surgeries performed between 1994 and 2016.

This information should also filter through surgeons working in the aesthetic side of breast implant surgery and let them give better long-term prognoses for their clients.

The Cosmetic Surgery Secrets of the Tech Titans Revealed.

cosmetic surgery secrets
The Cosmetic Surgery Secrets Of The Tech Titans Revealed

Access to bio-hacking tools such as stem cells and hormones along with other cosmetic surgery secrets is allowing men to look, perform, and think better.  When you combine this with all sorts of injectables and body sculpting treatments, such as Emsculpt and Trusculpt Flex perhaps you can end up looking like Jeff Bezos or Peter Thiel.

Embed from Getty Images

Following on from the ‘Rich Girl Look' of last season we come onto what the Daily Telegraph has termed the ‘Billionaire Look'.   This is apparently the must-have look for CEOs in or out of Silicon Valley.  It is that look that delivers authority to your team and confidence to your investors.  It is certainly a look we have been seeing a lot of recently.  It is part of this search for eternal youth that has encouraged Jeff Bezos and Peter Theil to invest in biotech pioneers like Unity Biotechnology who are riding high on the stock market.

Elon Musk is busily promoting his ever-evolving Neuralink AI chip, designed to interface with different areas of the human brain, once implanted, to help those with severe neurological conditions. It is part of a trend driven by the ‘Peter Pans' of the high tech industries.   So what are the cosmetic surgery secret that budding titans of industry are going for?

By and large, they are less invasive than that of their predecessors. men of means are turning to non-invasive procedures, most notably Ultherapy, a relatively painless FDA-cleared ultrasound treatment that requires no downtime.  In an interview with Town and Country Magazine Jessie Cheung, a Chicago-based cosmetic dermatologist suggested that the impression of alpha power is associated with sexual power and are opting for the augmented Priapus Shot or P-shot,

cosmetic secrets

Cheung says a treatment that’s the male equivalent of the O-shot. She is also increasingly recommending a machine called Emsella, better known as the Orgasm Throne, which generates approximately 11,000 Kegel contractions in 30 minutes (it was originally developed for female incontinence). “It really gives you an invigorating kick in the pants,” Cheung says.

Tech giants like Bezos are rumoured to have made use of stem-cell treatments  These are then injected into the face where required. Cheekbones, brows, chins and jawlines benefit from the stem cells, which continue to grow and to boost collagen production around the injection site, leading to long-term volume and glowing skin.  Bezos is certainly a poster boy for 50 + age group so his cosmetic surgery secrets are well worth looking at..

microneedling cosmetic surgery secret

Infini is the marketing name for a new radio-frequency microneedling treatment, particularly good for ageing male skin. Essentially, hot needles similar to those used in acupuncture are inserted into the skin, with radio-frequency waves then stimulating all kinds of cell activity around them. Results are immediate and on­going, which is the gold standard for high rollers.  Expect to see these being promoted at your local clinic over the coming 12 months.  You can, of course, buy a micro-needling kit for use at home from Mr Bezos himself at the Amazon store but whether this will give you similar results to the cosmetic surgery secrets of the rich and famous is debatable.

So, if you want to impress your team and the venture capitalists that fund you, there are some excellent trending treatments and products out there on the market and many more in the pipeline.


Trending Tweakments Above the ‘Mask Line’

cosmetic surgery for men
Trending Tweakments Above The Mask Line


Covid-19 is throwing up many strange social things in its wake.  But one thing I wasn't reckoning on was Otoplasty.  Yes, our world pandemic has brought ears sharply into focus.

tweakments above mask line


Just why is that?  Well, it does make sense. Masks are making certain facial features more prominent. From sunken eyes to wrinkled foreheads, all of the small things we didn’t notice before Corona are now coming to the foreground. . Plastic surgeons are saying those ear adjustments are all the rage. “Anything ear-related in the post-quarantine period is hot,” says New York plastic surgeon Elie Levine, MD “Because so many people are wearing masks and hiding their mid-and lower face, one sees their ears more noticeably.”

A similar line of reasoning comes from Dr Terry Dubrow of E!'s “Botched” and Oxygen's “License to Kill.”     Dr Dubrow says the trending procedure at the Mayo clinic is a blepharoplasty.   This  is “a type of surgery that repairs droopy eyelids and may involve removing excess skin, muscle and fat.”

Dubrow added, “I’m still seeing a lot of people who have pent-up demand. A lot of people are wanting procedures to tighten up skin because they were just on lockdown for three months and sort of eating more carbs and stretching their skin out.”

What is certain is that cosmetic surgery tweaks above the ‘mask line' are trending.  It makes logical sense that what is seen is given attention.  A makeup artist friend of mine says that eyebrows are also getting attention for the same reason.    Certainly, if you are flirting or dating safely you would be wearing a mask and you would want the visible parts to be presenting the best version of you that they can.   The derma-filled lips and the perfect veneers can wait until things have moved on a bit.  COVID has given us so many trends to spot from ‘Zoom panic' to mask line tweaks it will be a very hard act to follow.




Jack Shepherd’s Hair Transplant Journey Stage Two.

hair transplant
Jack Shepherds Hair Transplant Journey Stage Two

If you are a regular watcher of the UK's long-running soap opera Coronation Street,  you might have noticed that Jack Shepherd (David Platt to Corrie fans) has been struggling with his hair.   For the 32-year-old this has been a period of great stress which is why he has had 2 hair transplant surgery during the last 12 months.  Apparently he suffers from the same aggressive hair loss condition as Wayne Rooney which has led him to return to for more treatment.

As he explained to The Sun newspaper “I really hope that this will fix the problem for good because, as an actor, it is vital that I keep hold of my hair.”

His surgeon was Asim Shamalak who is recognised as a celebrity hair transplant surgeons and numbers many other well-known faces amongst his clientele including model Calum Best. The surgeon implanted 3000 hairs into the front of his scalp.  It can take up to a year for the new hair to fully bed in but then it should be like your original barnet.

jacjk shepherd hair transplant

Jack said: “I know some people will say that I am being incredibly vain having a second hair transplant so quickly after the first one.

“All I can say to that was that I needed to do it for my long-term mental well-being. I have been in Corrie for 20 years now – ever since I was 12.

“I know I have been incredibly lucky and love working with such a fantastic group of actors but the relentless schedules take their toll on your mental health, particularly when you have been through as much trauma as David Platt.

Jack also gives a shoutout for UK surgeries for hair transplant saying they are safer than clinics in Istanbul and elsewhere.  “It is far safer to go to a clinic in the UK where the regulations are much stricter and the surgeons are far more skilled.”

For those of us who cannot afford the luxury of a celebrity hair transplant expert, there are a number of excellent clinics in other countries such as Turkey that we would be pleased to recommend.

I must admit that Jack's transplant looks great and he wears it well.