Social Influencer Joanna Chimonides Says No to Cosmetic Surgery Offers.

influencer says no
Social Influencer Joanna Chimonides Says No To Cosmetic Surgery Offers

Two thumbs up for Joanna Chimonides the lovely young Cypriot beauty from last seasons' Love island show.   Setting a good example to her thousands of followers she stated that she had been inundated with free offers of cosmetic treatments when she left the Love Island villa.  Even though Joanna is a little bit insecure about her lips she didn't accept offers of lip filler and other free cosmetic treatments.

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Talking to the Daily Mirror, Joanna says she hopes to be a role model for natural beauty – and says she wants to prove to younger fans that they do not need to follow in the cosmetic footsteps of some other TV stars.

Jo’s story about being offered surgery echoes that of other Love Island contestants.

In June, 29-year-old Maura Higgins explained that she also turned down offers of injections, lifts, and augmentations.

She said at the time: “When you come out of Love Island you are offered everything from make-up and hair extensions to plastic surgery and operations. I just stick to what I know and love.

love island show

The whole ‘influencer' industry is full of these kinds of offers.  Many social media stars take full advantage, but the whole point of being an ‘influencer' is that your behaviour and the products you use may well influence impressionable young girls who think that some of your stardust will sprinkle their way.

Obviously Joanna did not wish to go the way of other Love Island stars such as Megan Barton Hanson who has talked openly about her regrets on having cosmetic surgery at 19 and even went through cognitive behaviour therapy when she realised after the surgery that she had to work on herself mentally and emotionally in order to find happiness.

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Talking to the Sun newspaper Megan said:

“I thought at 19 getting bigger boobs and a smaller nose that I would be a new woman and be super confident but really that is just the tip of the iceberg,” she said.

“You can decorate the outside shell, but really to feel good on the inside you need to work on it. For me, it was therapy and with age that you become more confident in how you look.

Laura Anderson was another Love Island star who went under the scalpel and regretted it later.

Laura shared graphic photos of her surgery scars on Instagram and wrote a heartfelt caption in which she opened up about the effects plastic surgery had had on her body and urged fans to think twice before going under the knife. Laura sums it up very well when she says:

“Here’s what they don’t tell you, every surgery has repercussions years down the line so this quick fix mentality which we all suffer from time to time will most definitely come back to bite you in the ass.

“It's not like buying a pair of jeans that don’t fit so you just take them back. There is no refunds when it comes to interfering with our bodies.”


Dr. 90210 Returns With an All-Women Cast of Cosmetic Surgeons.

Dr. 90210 promo
Dr 90210 Returns With An All Women Cast Of Cosmetic Surgeons

Check out the teaser video for the new season of the long-running reality plastic surgery show Dr. 90210.   This TV favourite is seeking to reflect the importance of women as surgeons in the cosmetic surgery mecca of Beverly Hills.  Whilst the majority of patients are women it is not reflected in the spread of top surgeons, only 15% are women.   So E1 has put together a cast of 4 top female surgeons to give the show a 2020 makeover.

This season's team of surgeons includes Dr. Cat BegovicDr. Kelly KilleenDr. Michelle Lee, and Dr. Suzanne Quardt.   I love this idea and I am sure it will be a worthy competitor to the Netflix ‘Skin Decisions ‘ show which has been getting great reports. The UK viewers will have to wait for this series but can watch the BBC show “The truth about cosmetic surgery‘ in the meantime..   Personally I can't get enough of plastic surgery reality shows and I am sure that our thousands of site visitors feel the same. So, make sure you tune in on September 28th for the season premiere of Dr. 90210



‘Mini Lipo’ and ‘Baby Botox’: Meet This Years’ Trending ‘Tweakments’

baby botox
Mini Lipo And Baby Botox Meet This Years Trending Tweakments

When I see ‘Mini Lipo' or ‘Baby Botox' it makes me think of a spa nail bar where you go for a lunchtime ‘Mani & Pedi'.   Indeed that is the way cosmetic surgery is heading with its trending ‘tweakments'.

mini lipo

The mini-liposuction procedure was first introduced to the public by Dr Amron. As a shorter version of his Beverly Hills liposuction procedure, mini-liposuction is perfect for individuals who are close to their ideal body weight but are looking for spot reductions in one or two stomach areas. The procedure can provide better proportion to those individuals who are slightly out of proportion and have one or two stubborn areas.

Under local anaesthesia, they remove fat that you have been unable to lose with diet and exercise. This micro-level contouring can be used to improve the appearance of one or several problem areas.  For a woman who has been working ruthlessly on her diet, mini lipo can give her results ‘La touche finale'.

After a mini-liposuction, when patients gain or lose weight the body will remain in better proportion thanks to the fat removed from specific areas. A mini-liposuction can be performed to address excess fat on the knees, chest, underarms, neck and upper arms – areas that are more resistant to diet, exercise and weight loss attempts. Other areas commonly addressed by mini-liposuction include the inner and outer thighs, the hips, love handles, buttocks, knees, calves and ankles.

The primary benefits of mini liposuction are the ability to have the procedure using only local anaesthesia, the targeting of a small area of fat, quick recovery time on average, and lower price than larger liposuction procedures.  The price differential depends on where you have the procedure.  In San Diego, for example, a typical clinic quote is around $6k for a min lipo compared to $12k for the full traditional lipo.  Things are much cheaper in the UK with a typical mini lipo at around $2k.   Prices drop considerably more once you start looking at countries like Lithuania or Poland where you get small area lipo done for $700.   nowadays, however, you have to look at what is possible in terms of travel restrictions and available flights.  Check out traditional low price countries like Turkey and Mexico where the standard of care is good.

baby botox

I had to giggle when I Googled ‘Baby Botox' and in the dropdown menu had things like “should babies get Botox?”   and “How much Botox should I give my baby?Relax – Baby Botox” is just a marketing term for a lower dose of Botox. a traditional injection to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. “Instead of using 25 units in an area, you may use 10 units,” Melissa Doft, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, tells Allure. “I have many patients who ask for half the normal dose, as they do not want to look frozen but are tired of wrinkles in photos. First-time Botox patients are perfect for this.”

As compared to standard-size injections, Baby Botox lowers the risk of your features appearing to be frozen. Take the forehead, for example: “The risk is that you weaken your frontalis muscle, which causes your eyebrows to drop,” Darren Smith, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, tells Allure. “If you're getting microdoses of Botox, that's a lot less likely to happen.”

So are these mini versions of Liposuction and Botox injections some sort of ‘Gateway drugs' for future cosmetic surgery addicts?  Is it like a quick and painless taster to help normalise your desire for physical improvement? It sounds all too easy to say to yourself “its just a ‘Baby Botox' my facial expressions won't be swept away.  And if you go for  ‘mini lipo ‘ is it just a way of cheating on your diet or avoiding the painful; workouts at the gym.  Are we all being so easily seduced by these clever marketing ploys that help us, at least mentally, to equate cosmetic surgery treatments costing hundreds of dollars with just having a ‘Mani and Pedi?'  when friends and lovers are impressed with these minor changes to our bodies can we dismiss our artifices with a smile without admitting to professional assistance?  Why not?  In England, we say ‘Mum's the word' and mums are getting yummier by the day!




Gender Reassignment Surgery is Booming in 2020

MTF thans gender
Gender Reassignment Surgery Is Booming In 2020

MTF or FTM whichever way you switch you are part of a global trend of gender reassignment.   Time was when we were all pretty relaxed about our birth gender.  We were dressed in pink or blue and got named as Susan or Sam or Luke or Linda, it was all fairly straightforward.

We were, of course, unenlightened back then, culturally asleep and now we are ‘woke'.  The discomfort of being put into a gender category that one feels doesn’t belong to them is called Gender Dysphoria. The medical industry has, fortunately,  been helping us face the new age of gender choice to correct the problems of binary gender.

transgender trend

Gender reassignment surgery has become a trending niche.  Sex reassignment surgery market size is forecast to surpass USD 1.5 billion in value by 2026 globally.  That is a lot of money.

Over the past few years, the number of such patients has increased nearly four times. For instance, as per the recent data by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 3,000 trans masculine and trans feminine surgeries were conducted in 2016.  we can put a lot of this down to growing awareness about transgender problems, along with favourable government policies associated with gender transition.

So which way is the gender wind blowing? Male to female gender confirmation surgeries are nearly three times as common compared to the female to male surgeries.  I am talking here about actual surgeries, and gender transformation is much more than that.  Years of socialisation and ingrained values need to be adjusted, psychological support and counselling and cultural retraining.  It is not that easy to change sex you have to, quite literally, learn to walk the walk.

Based on body parts, the M to F transition surgeries are classified into genital, facial, and breast surgeries. The genital surgery segment is further categorized into vaginoplasty, orchiectomy, and phallectomy. The surgical procedures are done for transitioning the male genital parts into those of a female by changing the appearance and functions, respectively.

For a more detailed account of what is actually involved in GRS have a look at our in-depth report on the topi.

Meanwhile, the female to male reassignment procedures are split into facial, genital, chest. The genital surgery in this segment involves techniques like hysterectomy and phalloplasty, which help in changing female genitals into male genitals.

We have curated for you a list of the top 10 gender reassignment clinics which you can use to start exploring what is available.  The sector is certainly trending and the latest figures show the United States sex reassignment surgery market share is likely to grow at nearly 24.5% CAGR through 2026.





Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year Awards 2020

tatler awards
Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon Of The Year Awards 2020
Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon
Francesca White Tatler Magazine.

Every Autumn the venerable magazine ‘Tatler'  announces its top cosmetic surgeons of the year.  This is absolutely the highest accolade in the UK for the aesthetic surgery sector.  As they say ‘The ultimate edit from the Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2020 – meet the very best in the business' in the Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year award list.

So the envelopes are opened and the champagne is spurting on to the red carpet.  Who wields the sharpest scalpel in 2020 category for Best facial Surgeons?  Making the announcement was FRANCESCA WHITE the beauty editor.  To the sound of the drum rolls and the blasts of the trumpets she announces that the best facial surgeons for 2020 are:

Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Rajiv Grover:  He is the ‘Facemeister’  of cosmetic surgery in the UK, a stalwart professional on the London stage who we also rate as a top pick.  His CV is impeccable and he performs more facelifts than anyone else in the UK and they are in a class of their own, blending art and science.  Indeed, he is the only surgeon to have been invited to lecture at the Louvre. (His specialist subject? The interaction of art and surgery.) And his facelifts are similarly masterful, blending innate artistry with technical excellence and unrivalled experience.

He has a reputation for taking a close personal interest in his clients' surgery and is apparently quite a control freak in being involved in every step of his client's cosmetic journey.  A worthy Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year winner!

Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Norman Waterhouse:  Another familiar name on the awards list, Mr Waterhouse has been a consultant for more than 30 years.  He has seen how the techniques have evolved and has been at the forefront of surgical development. ‘We’ve seen a revolution in facelifting in recent years,’ says the surgeon, who continues to champion a stitching technique that ‘quilts’ the tissues, thus reducing bleeding and swelling.    Again we also rate Mr Waterhouse very highly and you can find him prominently in our listings.

Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Tunç Tiryaki:  The final name on Francesca White's 2020 list is Mr Tiyaki who moves effortlessly between his home country of Turkey and his base in London.  He has a simple and clear facelift policy  ‘Put the bones back into the correct place, and then simply elevate the skin.’   Tiryaki is recognised as an innovator  – Tiryaki helped to invent the innovative Lipocube tool, which resizes fat to a super-fine consistency while preserving the all-important stem cells) before being injected on to areas of bone loss – such as the temples, cheekbones and tip of the nose.  If you wish to join his list of happy clients we list him in our directory.

Tatler also gives its ratings to other groups of cosmetic surgeons in different categories but for facelifts, this batch stands majestically astride the stage in the Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year listings.


Skin Tightening Surgery May Boom With UK Govt Diet Plan.

skin tightening
Skin Tightening Surgery May Boom With Uk Govt Diet Plan

When it became apparent that many COVID patients were seriously overweight and often had type 2 diabetes it was a dead cert that we were in for a Govt sponsored diet program.  It has arrived; it follows the hugely successful programme developed at Nottingham University and popularized by the work of Dr Mosely in his fasting diet plans.

As part of the year-long plan, patients who have been diagnosed with the condition in the last six years and meet other eligibility criteria will be given so-called “c” such as shakes and soups for three months.

Alongside this, they will be supported to increase their exercise levels and helped to reintroduce ordinary, nutritious food to their diets, with ongoing advice from clinicians and coaches.

NHS England said that as well as helping people live happier, healthier lives, more action to tackle obesity and diabetes will save the health service money and free up staff time.

weight lossskin tightening surgery

Well, three cheers for that, what could possibly go wrong?  Obviously not everyone will complete the diet but, of those that do, many will experience fast and profound weight loss.   The Govt diet plan is based on a calorie intake of around 1000 calories per day and many of the patients would normally be consuming at least that amount with their morning coffee.  So the fat and the lean muscle will melt away and, many will be left with ugly loose skin.   Some of this excess skin will tighten over time – the skin is a living organ, but many patients in their middle years with a passive lifestyle will find it harder to tighten up. Welcome to a skin tightening surgery bonanza.

What causes loose skin?

When you lose weight, and especially when you lose weight very quickly, these elastic components of your skin not only lose the layers of fat that keep them stretched out over your body, but they also don’t have much time for their elasticity to adapt to your new body shape.

In extreme cases this can cause mental distress:

skin tightening surgery

Lexi Reed, known as Fat Girl Fed Up on Instagram, lost 312 pounds and also coped with loose skin. It made exercising tough, but she had no idea how much pain it caused her until her husband, Danny, lifted it, and she felt immediate relief. She booked in for some skin tightening surgery.

She had a 360-bottom lift. Her doctor removed seven pounds of skin from her stomach and back while lifting her butt and reconstructing her abs. She also had the sides of her legs lifted.

“I would be in tears. I would be in so much pain that I thought something was happening to me or I was dying,” the 28-year-old from Indiana told TODAY.

Many cosmetic surgery clinics offer body contouring treatments which are often referred to be referred to as tuck or lift surgeries. They involve an incision and the removal of extra fat and skin. These surgeries usually require a hospital stay followed by recovery time at home.

Will the government be budgeting for these treatments to reward successful dieters on their ‘beat the bulge' initiative which ironically follows on from their ‘Eat out to help out' solution for empty restaurants.?

In less extreme situations, many nonsurgical procedures can also help with loose skin.

The removal of the outer layer of old skin can lessen the appearance of loose, sagging, or wrinkled skin on the face and neck. Once the old skin peels off, the skin underneath is usually less wrinkled and smoother.

This procedure is also known as laser peeling. It's similar to a chemical peel because it removes the outermost layer of old skin. The laser also warms the layers underneath the top layer. This heat promotes collagen production.

This procedure uses heat to stimulate collagen production. Focused ultrasound energy is transmitted through the skin's surface to heat deeper layers. This is another form of safe energy transfer that heats the skin to induce collagen production. This method focuses on the skin's outer layer.

My own guess is that many of the Govt sponsored dieters will fall into the extremely obese range., way beyond the scope of a light peel.   If they lose the weight required to bring their body mass back to normal they will probably need to have skin tightening surgery so they can show off their newly slimmed frame down at the gym or on the beach.

So, my point is, will this initiative lead to a Govt funded boom in body contouring surgery?




Sarah Fraisou Reveals Her Latest Cosmetic Treatment.

Sarah Fraisou Reveals Her Latest Cosmetic Treatment

sarah fraisou

I must admit to not knowing much about Sarah Fraisou the French reality star of ‘Les Anges' and ‘The Island of Broken Hearts' but a headline on the Explica site caused me to choke on my morning croissant.   The poor girl has been ‘nailed to her bed' by her latest cosmetic surgery treatment!  This is not the first time that her fans have worried about her cosmetic surgery and her plus-size model frame.

Being used to the cosseting handling of influencers and ‘Z' list stars by cosmetic clinics I was shocked to know that Sarah had been handled so brutally.  Reading on a bit it became apparent that it was Google auto-translate that had ‘nailed' her not her recent surgery in Tunisia.   But it seems that Sarah has been having a difficult time of it.  I have looked through all her media reports but I can't find a reference to the surgeon who has transformed her shape – he deserves a shout out.

Embed from Getty Images
She has apparently had gastric band operation to reduce her weight down from 120 kgs to 95 kgs and has had some breast reduction surgery to go along with it.    This has got her body into really great shape which has got her social media fans in a bit of a frenzy.

Sarah very kindly reassured her fans that all was fine “I see that my Snapchat has panicked and that the views have increased (…) There is no scalpel. I have no bruises elsewhere. I left the hospital very quickly. “

Although Sarah is young, only 26, she already shows great potential for a lifetime in the media along with a crop of other media-savvy' reality stars. I have subscribed to her channels and will bring you more news on her ‘surgical journey as it progresses.'  She is already the richest French reality star with a net worth in the millions of dollars.



Children’s Plastic Surgery Returns to Capetown After Lockdown.

child plastic surgery
Childrens Plastic Surgery Returns To Capetown After Lockdown
Tygerberg Hospital
Doctor Liezl du Toit performed several reconstructive surgeries throughout the course of the day. Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency(ANA)

Many of us here in the developed and prosperous West have been delighting in the return of elective surgery so that we can get our ‘Zoom Tweaks' done whilst we are still working from home.  From our position of privilege it is good to give a moment's thought to those for whom cosmetic and plastic surgery is not just a vanity issue or a social media embellishment.  Children' plastic surgery has been put ‘on hold' in many parts of the world during the pandemic.

This week the children's plastic surgery reopened at Tygerberg Hospital in Capetown letting it address the major backlog of child reconstructive surgeries such as cleft lip and palate procedures. Every Thursday, four children will undergo life-changing surgery.  Speaking to the local press Tannia Wenn said her 6-month-old daughter, Tiane Gia, was scheduled to have her surgery done earlier but because of the setbacks, she was unsure when the surgery would take place.

“With Covid-19, I thought it was not going to happen. But when I got the call, I felt as if I was high in the sky. I just wanted it finished because I think of her and that she's getting bigger,” said Wenn. With Cleft lip operations it is essential that the surgery is carried out sooner rather than later so a 6-month delay from lockdown can have a dramatic impact on the success of the operation.

Smile Foundation chief executive Hedley Lewis said the backlog in children's plastic surgery could not be addressed without funding and urged the public and corporates to donate.

I am really pleased to start a new week on such a positive note as our own children go back to school.  Over the coming years, the children in Capetown receiving their life-changing surgery will also be better equipped to enjoy their school years thanks to the work of a group of dedicated plastic surgeons.