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Cost Of Breast Implants In Mexico, Safety In Mexicali Clinics

cost of breast implants in Mexico
Cost Of Breast Implants In Mexico Safety In Mexicali Clinics

Cost Of Breast Implants In Mexico, Safety In Mexico Clinics

In point of fact, Mexico has some of the best specialists in the world, especially when it comes to breast surgery. Mexico is a great place to get breast implants but many people have certain inhibitions about going there. This article debunks the myths about the cost and security of travelling south of the border to benefit from the cost of breast implants in Mexico

If you decide to go to Mexico to get a breast implant, make sure you choose the right hospital that is certified. Don't focus on finding the cheapest job, but look for the best breast implants in Mexican clinics with the highest quality of care. Make sure you get your best options from doctors who can demonstrate extensive professional experience. 

cost of breast implants in Mexico

Use our directory to answer your questions about breast enlargement in Mexico and to get information about the clinic, doctors and photos of the patients. Many clinics can arrange a free virtual consultation with a surgeon so that you can discuss the best breast implants for you and your medical needs, as well as the cost of breast implants in Mexico 

The cost of having your breast implant done in the US and should be compared with the cost of Mexico before you make your decision. In some cases, the cost of treatment might be more expensive than what you originally discussed with your cosmetic surgeon. 

The average cost of breast implants in Mexico is between $3,500 and $4,500, and the cost of breast implants in US clinics could average between $6,000 and $8,200  Some clinics offer flat rates for boob jobs in Mexico, which include their stay for $1 a night as well as the cost of the surgery itself. 

Mexico might be able to offer cheaper boob jobs and maintain world-class safety standards and service, but what about patient safety? 

One of the main reasons clinics and hospitals in developing countries can lower their prices is directly related to a nation's economic status. Mexico is home to the second largest population of plastic surgeons in the world and the fourth largest breast augmentation population. Dr Omar Lazos is one of Mexico's leading plastic surgeons, offering a variety of cosmetic and cosmetic procedures at affordable prices. The final top plastic surgeon in Mexico will be rounded out by surgeons from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Austin and the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM).

This is not only a great place to get quality cosmetic surgery and relax before purchasing a breast implant, but also offers boob jobs and other procedures at affordable prices. 

If you stick to the clinics recommended by our website you will be fine. You can also learn more about the best breast implant clinics in Mexico and the cost of breast augmentation in Mexican clinics. 

In Mexico, a tummy tuck for example, costs an average of $3,500 and prices range from $2,400 to $10,000 (£2,500 to £2,500) for breast implants. 

There are tons of great surgeons in Mexico and we will always try give you an rough idea  of the cost of the procedure, but you have to do your research because sometimes it can actually work out cheaper to get the work done in the United States.

Here is selection of Mexican clinics that do breast implants at a really good price.

Clinic ImageRatingClinic Name & Feature
Oneline Clinic Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Oneline Clinic Mexico

Oneline Beauty Clinic is a private beauty and health care center in Cancun, Mexico that…

Hospital Hispano Americano. Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Hospital Hispano Americano. Mexico

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist services, including Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Urology,…

Advanced Health Medical Center Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Advanced Health Medical Center Mexico

Advanced Health Medical Center is a first-rate surgery centre in Tijuana providing good-quality surgical and…

Molding Clinic  Tijuana Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Molding Clinic Tijuana Mexico

The Molding Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Center was founded in 1996, with an original goal of…

Dr Jorge Barbachano. Cancun Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Dr Jorge Barbachano. Cancun Mexico

Dr. Jorge Barbachano works in Cancun, Mexico and is an otolaryngologist and head & neck…

Hospital de la familia. Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Hospital de la familia. Mexico

We have the highest trained professionals on our staff, committed to delivering specialist medical care…

Dr. Sergio del Hoyo. Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Dr. Sergio del Hoyo. Mexico

Dr Sergio Arturo del Hoyo Galvan is located at The Advanced Gastro Surgery clinic in…

Smile 4 Ever Mexico  Tijuanano-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Smile 4 Ever Mexico Tijuana

The mission of Smile 4 Ever Mexico is to provide exemplary dental care with innovation…

Dr Arturo Munoz   Tijuana Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Dr Arturo Munoz Tijuana Mexico

Dr Arturo Munoz Meza is a plastic surgeon located in Tijuana, Mexico. He offers aesthetic,…

Oasis Of hope Hospital. Tijuana Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Oasis Of hope Hospital. Tijuana Mexico

The Oasis of Hope Hospital offers a range of treatment options, including cancer-focused care and…

Cammel Plastic Surgery  Tijuana Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Cammel Plastic Surgery Tijuana Mexico

Cammel Plastic Surgery is based in Tijuana, Mexico. They are experts in the field of…

Elite Plastic Surgeonno-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Elite Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stephania has extensive experience in the latest surgical procedures, especially in body contouring surgery…

Juan Gordillo. Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Juan Gordillo. Mexico

Dr Juan Gordillo Hernandez is based in Guadalajara, providing plastic and cosmetic surgery services at…

Marroquin and Sandoval – Los Cabos. Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Marroquin and Sandoval – Los Cabos. Mexico

Patients  at Marroquin and Sandoval - Los Cabos. Mexican choose from a wide range of…

Elaen Clinic Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Elaen Clinic Mexico

Elaen Clinic is famous for plastic surgery and also for its hair transplant expertise. Dr.…

COSMED  Clinic Tijuana Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star COSMED Clinic Tijuana Mexico

COSMED gives you a wide variety of options to increase your self confidence and begin…

Clinic of Carlos Woge Mexicono-star no-star no-star no-star no-star Clinic of Carlos Woge Mexico

Dr. Carlos Woge Jáuregui has extensive clinical experience and has accumulated an enriching practice in…

How well this clinic med your expectations?
    • Oneline Clinic Mexico (approved)
    How well this clinic med your expectations?
      • Hospital Hispano Americano. Mexico (approved)
      How well this clinic med your expectations?
        • Advanced Health Medical Center Mexico (approved)
        How well this clinic med your expectations?
          • Molding Clinic Tijuana Mexico (approved)
          How well this clinic med your expectations?
            • Dr Jorge Barbachano. Cancun Mexico (approved)
            How well this clinic med your expectations?
              • Hospital de la familia. Mexico (approved)
              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                • Dr. Sergio del Hoyo. Mexico (approved)
                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                  • Smile 4 Ever Mexico Tijuana (approved)
                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                    • Dr Arturo Munoz Tijuana Mexico (approved)
                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                      • Oasis Of hope Hospital. Tijuana Mexico (approved)
                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                        • Cammel Plastic Surgery Tijuana Mexico (approved)
                        How well this clinic med your expectations?
                          • Elite Plastic Surgeon (approved)
                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                            • Juan Gordillo. Mexico (approved)
                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                              • Marroquin and Sandoval – Los Cabos. Mexico (approved)
                              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                • Elaen Clinic Mexico (approved)
                                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                  • COSMED Clinic Tijuana Mexico (approved)
                                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                    • Clinic of Carlos Woge Mexico (approved)

                                    Breast Implant Removal Surgery is Trending – Do You Suffer From BII?

                                    I was reading an interesting discussion column the other day on a Florida news site and because it is topical I will mention it to you.  the topic was breast implant removal surgery( explants) and it concerned a woman who sent a query on this topic to the ‘Dear Dr Kally' page.    Her question was the following:

                                    Dr Kelly Breast implant removal surgeon
                                    Dr Michael Kelly

                                    ‘I have had breast implants for seven years and recently I have been noticing fatigue and stiffness in my joints. I have been reading about Breast Implant Illness on the internet and wondering if that is the cause of my symptoms. Do you think removing my implants will make my joints feel better?'

                                    This and similar questions have been raised quite a lot of late and have led to a trend for ‘explants' both amongst the Glitterati Celebs and regular women like this.   Dr Kelly's answer is probably worth quoting from since it does allow for the possibility of bad long term side effects from breast implants – a suggestion that is often put to one side by an industry fuelled by social media enthusiasts.

                                    Dr Kelly says:

                                    ‘Breast Implant Illness (BII) is a term that has been trending on the internet for a few years. BII is thought to cause a variety of symptoms, including joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, memory and concentration problems, breathing problems, sleep disturbances, rash and skin problems, dry mouth and dry eyes, anxiety, depression, headaches, hair loss and gastrointestinal problems.  ‘

                                    breast implant removal surgery

                                    He does, however, qualify this by saying:

                                    ‘BII is not currently recognized as a medical diagnosis and there is no medical diagnosis code for it.'

                                    This is against a backdrop of an industry that is poised to grow by USD 1.01 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 9% during the forecast period. The average cost of breast implant removal surgery is $2,641, according to 2019 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

                                    Indeed, the marketing for implant removal surgery is just as slick as the marketing for putting them in in the first place.  A typical benefit touted on clinic websites is

                                    Breast implants can and will age over time. It’s recommended for you to every 10 years.

                                    However, that’s an expensive cost that isn’t covered by your insurance either. Having breast implant removal surgery means you don’t have to worry about replacing your implants every time they get old….'



                                    Removal of implants is obviously, a surgical procedure so there is always the risk of scarring at the points of the incision.   Also, there is a risk, albeit quite small, of post-operation infection which can increase the time for healing.  Many women will also need to think about the loss of sensitivity in the area.  If the original implant did not affect the sensitivity in the nipples then it is possible that the breast implant removal surgery might do that very thing, which could be an important cautionary point.   Naturally, these are things you will need to discuss at depth, with your surgeon should you choose to get breast implant removal surgery.

                                    Dr Kelly's final thoughts are intelligent and compassionate.  He says:

                                    ‘I always tell these patients that I can’t promise them their symptoms will disappear if we take out their implants. But at the end of the day, they put implants in to feel better about themselves and enjoy the look. If they now feel that the implants are causing symptoms and making them unhappy, the right decision is to remove them.'




                                    Cosmetic Surgery Trending News – Squirrel Gets Boob Job.

                                    A delightful news item passed by our editorial desk today and it is too cute not to mention.  A Scottish wildlife photographer Martin Brown was out and about with his camera in the National Nature Reserve in Fife on Friday.  Whilst there his lens caught a req squirrel who looks like she has been for breast enhancement surgery!    The photo has gone viral on social media so I am just adding cosmetic surgery trending news to the noise.  Here is the photo – a squirrel with boobs!

                                    cosmetic surgery trending news
                                    Martin Brown's wonderful pic

                                    Isn't that splendid!  I guess she will go back for a tail trim for maybe some otoplasty on her ears.

                                    Not all of God's creatures were remaining so low key on their cosmetic surgery, however.  A 62-year-old woman, known on Facebook as Hoa Cương Thu Sao (where she has 28k page likes,) recently celebrated her second wedding anniversary with her husband, who is in his twenties. They have been married for 2 years  Hoa Cương Thu Sao hit the headlines when they married.

                                    cosmetic surgery trending news

                                    After they got married, Vietnamese media reported she has gone through multiple cosmetic surgeries, involving procedures for her nose and brow area spending an estimated $5,776) on these surgeries.  Some unkind souls have mocked them on social media for the big age gap but In 2020, the marriage appears to be going strong, with the woman recently writing an affectionate Facebook post dedicated to her husband, China Press reported.  The post said

                                    “These three years, people have questioned our relationship and even attacked us, but we have stayed together and proven that our love is real. In a blink of an eye, three years have passed, and our time together has been so blissful. The future will be just as blissful.”

                                    It must be said that she looks very good for her age and, unsurprisingly, she owns a beauty salon so looking good is part of her DNA.  Indeed, when replying to critics who said she had cosmetic surgery to look young for her husband, she insists she did it just to look beautiful.  We will have more fun, cosmetic trending news stories for you shortly.



                                    Cosmetic Surgery in Nollywood Latest News and Gossip.

                                    In my opinion, not nearly enough coverage is given to the Nollywood stars and their cosmetic surgery journeys.  Here, we aim to give our visitors a global view of cosmetic surgery and its key role in social media and reality TV.  So. today we bring you the latest snippets from Nigeria and its Nollywood stars.
                                    nollywood cosmetic surgery
                                    Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo 

                                    The first big reveal!!   Nollywood actress, Lyabo Ojo has confessed to the Nation Newspaper that she did cosmetic surgery to remove fat from her belly.

                                    The mother of two said that she did the surgery so as to feel confident in herself and because of her status in the limelight.  That seems reasonable to me.  When you are a star you have certain standards of pulchritude to uphold.

                                    Lyabo Ojo, is quick to remind us that she had always had a great body even before she did the surgery.  Lyabo is one of the great icons of Nollywood.  The Nigerian film actress, director, and producer. has been featured in over 150 films, and has produced more than 14 of her own.

                                    She said, “I have always been this way. However, I underwent surgery. I took off some fat in my tummy. When one has children, one has some extra skin and I hated it. But, I did it for my self-confidence. Whenever I am walking around, naked, in my house, I want to feel sexy. Even if I did not do surgery, I have always had a great shape. I watch what I eat, drink a lot of water and do adequate exercise. When one is in the limelight, one needs to take good care of oneself because a lot of people look up to one.”

                                    Coincidentally, it was only a few days ago we talked about tummy tucks and the important effect that can have on self-confidence.  It is good to read that this holds true for one of Nollywood's greats.

                                    nollywood star
                                    Nollywood actress, Jennifer Obodo,

                                    So, as more Nollywood celebrities undergo plastic surgery to achieve a perfect body, Nollywood actress, Jennifer Obodo, has called on her female colleagues to hold back from going under the knife until they are done with childbirth.

                                    Speaking in an interview with The Sun, she said: “I love my body and I am confident about it. Whoever doesn’t like the boobs or ass like this should avoid me.

                                    I have all it takes; my height, beautiful smile, legs and complexion give me edge over others in the industry. For now, I can’t do any liposuction.

                                    Going under the knife when I haven’t given birth is just a waste of risk. I can’t go under the knife without birthing to all my kids first. I would also like to advise my colleagues;  if at all you want to do it, wait until after childbirth then you can do all that.”

                                    Well, Lyabo has 2 kids so she has indeed followed the advice of Jennifer Obodo.   So we have the wisdom of two great Nollywood ladies who seem to share much in common when we look at cosmetic surgery in Nollywood.


                                    Abdominoplasty and Excess Skin Removal With Helpful Video.

                                    In today's post about abdominoplasty, I have put together a helpful video to accompany the subject.  I hope it clarifies the topic for you. sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

                                    Well done!  You have shed 50lbs of weight in just 3 short m months, you must be feeling really proud.  You were a ‘fatty' for years and felt really uncomfortable showing your body on the beach, In a gym or in a bedroom.  You couldn't find nice clothes to wear, life was sad.

                                    Now that weight is gone, but you are still unhappy, that unsightly flab has been replaced with unsightly loose skin and, it looks just as bad, even worse.  How nasty the paradox, how cruel the irony.  all the effort and you just have a new version of an old problem.  What can you do??  You go to a plastic surgeon to discuss having that excess skin removed, you see, there is a solution.  we discussed Erica Lugo and her excessive skin removal journey a while ago.


                                    So why do we get loose skin anyway? Well, it's all down to physics really.  When you gained your weight you stretched your skin to fit all that lard inside you and, when you lost the weight you found out that your skin didn't have the elasticity you expected and it didn't snap back in place.

                                    Loose skin can be a real problem, firstly it is unsightly.  Secondly, it is uncomfortable and thirdly it is downright unhygienic since you can't clean properly between the folds of drooping flesh.  Also, clothes don't look good on you which seem unfair since you went to all that trouble on your diet.

                                    But, a quick nip and tuck by a surgeon (plastic or cosmetic) and the excess skin can be cut away and the remaining skin stitched back together.  Does it hurt? anecdotally excessive skin removal is less painful than a C-Section and heals quicker. You will also feel way happier in yourself which is a big bonus.

                                    On the downside, you may find it hard to get it paid on the NHS or any other insurance scheme.  Funnily enough, when it comes to getting back some of tax or insurance dollars, abdominoplasty is quickly classified as ‘cosmetic' rather than essential ‘plastic.'  Most of the clinics listed on our directory will carry out abdominoplasty procedures.

                                    Big warning though – don't gain weight afterwards or you may well get into a mess.  Skin can stretch out of shape again and it will all be much harder the second time around.

                                    Tracheal Shaving, Adam Loses His Apple.

                                    The tracheal shave, commonly known as Adam's apple reduction surgery, is one of the most frequent procedures included in facial feminization surgery treatment plans.  Medically, a tracheal shave is also one of the simplest operations many people will undergo as part of their transition since it can be done as an outpatient surgery using only local anaesthesia. 

                                    tracheal surgery

                                    If the trachea shave is the only surgery that will be performed, it can be done under local anaesthesia as an outpatient procedure, or in an operating room under general anaesthesia, depending on your doctors' recommendations.

                                    However, many times Adam's apple reduction is done at the same time as other facial feminization surgical procedures (e.g. jaw reduction, forehead reduction, rhinoplasty, etc.). In this case, you will be put under general anaesthesia for the tracheal shaving operation.

                                    In practice, trachea shaving is an effective, safe and permanent procedure to reduce the importance of the Adam apple. Voice surgery is the last step in the feminisation sequence to protect the delicate work that can be compromised if the operation is performed too early in the same anatomical area. In case of a trachea shave or chondrolaryngoplasty, you must modify your vocal cord or other parts of the body to protect your trachea,.

                                    Techniques vary quite a lot between surgeons, which is why it is very important to find a cosmetic surgeon who has specialization in tracheal shaves and FFS in general. The finest trachea shave method is to make a tiny, horizontal incision hidden in a skin crease under the chin or jaw. There are ways to get around having an unsightly incision just above the bump. The surgeon will fold back the muscles in front of the thyroid cartilage so that they can reduce the size of the most prominent parts. Finally, the whole thing is stitched back up over the now smaller Adam's apple.  A leader in this field is Dr Bart de Ven who is based in Belgium – we have curated his video on this topic.

                                    Dr Bart de Ven explains how tracheal surgery works.

                                    Tracheal Shaving


                                    The Israeli Medical Center says it has developed a new procedure that can remove or shrink the size of an apple without leaving a scar – a major step forward for transgender patients considering such surgery. This would certainly be quite an important step forward.  Scars can be unsightly and spoil an otherwise flawless transformation.

                                    Plastic surgery to reduce the male appearance of Adam's apple has a high patient satisfaction. Dr. Dean Davis, for example,  is a dual certified facial, plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in Israel and the surrounding area, as well as in the United States. As a member of the Israeli Medical Center Board of Surgeons, he has surgical privileges and can perform a wide range of cosmetic surgery including hair removal, liposuction and facial reconstruction.

                                    The surgeon knows which thyroid cartilage points are safe for shaving and which are not. An incision directly on the cartilage is easy, but always leaves a sign that the operation was performed there. Whether or not a prominent scar remains after depends on whether scar tissue forms and how the scars are cared for after the removal of the stitches. 


                                    If you carefully select a specialist and follow the instructions of the post-op programme, the risk of a tracheal shave can be significantly reduced. The likelihood of vocal cords being damaged during surgery is very low if one receives treatment.

                                    It is crucial that a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon performs the trachea shaving to ensure that the structural support of the vocal cords is not damaged and that the results look natural.

                                    Since a trachea shave is an outpatient operation that uses only local anaesthesia, it is a simple operation that many people will perform as part of their transition. Most surgeons who specialise in transsexual surgery will perform them, as will general plastic surgeons, but the procedure is performed by a throat surgeon, not a plastic surgeon. Since the shaving of the trachea is the only operation that is performed, they can be performed in different ways, depending on the recommendation of the doctor. 

                                    You should avoid shaving for at least four weeks to allow the skin around the incision to heal. Also, avoid electrolysis (hair removal) near the area for 2 weeks. 

                                     Tracheal shaving can be a simple, safe, long-lasting, non-invasive solution to the problem of hair loss in both men and women. 1

                                    Although it ought to not be the key consideration used to choose a doctor for your tracheal shaving procedure, we recognize that cost is relevant for many patients. Regrettably, it is hard to give an exact cost for a tracheal shave due to the fact that a lot of elements affect the rate. As an approximation, we might state that the expense can vary from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand.

                                     Some  of the most crucial factors influencing the expense of the surgical treatment are:

                                    The specialist's degree of qualifications and also their experience

                                    Highly specialized doctors with credibility for quality work are in greater demand, and also as a result their costs are normally higher than less knowledgeable specialists. It is essential, nevertheless, to think about the possible expenses that can occur from any kind of post-op complication that might occur with a less qualified surgeon.  Check our listings carefully and research before you decide.

                                    The type of anaesthetic used.

                                    When performed on its own, a throat cut can be done utilizing only local anaesthesia. Many cosmetic surgeons still strongly advise basic anaesthesia for this procedure, nevertheless, which needs the involvement of an anesthesiologist. This can increase the cost of the tracheal cut rather dramatically, but if there is no medical contraindication for it, basic anesthetic is generally comfier for the individual.” Bundling” with other face feminization surgical treatments.

                                    Some medical professionals will certainly reduce the cost of an Adam's apple reduction when it is done at the same time as various other procedures, such as a jaw decrease or forehead reconstruction.

                                    Location, Location, Location

                                     Medical care costs as a whole differ commonly from country to country, and this will certainly additionally influence tracheal shave expense. Surgeons in the US, UK and Australia normally charge the most, while rates in Spain, Turkey and Thailand are commonly cheaper. It is important to evaluate these lowered costs against the standard of care in that country.; although it may be feasible to get an extremely inexpensive surgery in Thailand, a lot of clients really feel more secure paying extra to have the quality control that includes medical care in a European city.  Here is a selection of clinics specialising in gender assignment surgery.

                                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                      • Cosmetic Surgery Partners (approved)
                                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                        • Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center, Bangkok Thailand (approved)
                                        How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                          • Sava Perovic Foundation Surgery Belgrade Serbia (approved)
                                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                            • Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (PIAC) Thailand (approved)
                                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                              • Rumer Cosmetic Surgery. Ardmore USA (approved)
                                              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                • Center for Transgender Medicine & Surgery New York USA (approved)
                                                How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI Clinic) Bangkok Thailand (approved)
                                                  How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                    • Kamol Hospital (approved)
                                                    How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                      • Elysian Plastic Surgery Texas USA (approved)
                                                      How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                        • 2Pass Clinic Antwerp Belgium (approved)

                                                        Cosmetic Surgery and Sexual Rejuvenation is Trending in 2020.


                                                        Cosmetic Surgery and Sexual Rejuvenation

                                                        By popular request, I am going to talk about ‘sex'.   Nothing naughty here, romance and sex are a big part of life.   If you ask senior women why they are getting cosmetic surgery many will reply that they are ‘silver splitters' who want to look their very best for the dating market. For them, cosmetic surgery and sexual rejuvenation is a hot topic.

                                                        sexy senior
                                                        Women are calling sexual shots.

                                                        It's no secret that sex-related renewal treatments have rapidly grown in popularity worldwide over the past couple of years. But last year saw a considerable rise in genital renewal, indicating that more and more people understand the importance of the visual aspect of the erotic.

                                                        A freshly released research study by the International Culture of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), which checked more than 1,300 cosmetic surgeon worldwide on the number of specific medical and non-surgical treatments in 2017, had some fascinating results.

                                                        Welcome to the Designer Vagina.

                                                        In 2015, vaginal renewal, consisting of labiaplasty, showed the largest rise in the variety of treatments worldwide from 2016, with a 23% boost. Both treatments with the next largest rises were ‘lower body lift' (22%) as well as ‘buttock lift' (17%)– therapies that can potentially be complementary to sex-related restoration treatments. Worldwide, more than 132,600 labiaplasties were performed by plastic surgeons in 2018, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

                                                        designer vagina

                                                        Vaginal restoration treatments mainly concentrate on the renovation of the aesthetic look, in addition to firming up the vaginal canal to boost sexual pleasure.  According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, cosmetic surgery and sexual rejuvenation is the latest aesthetic trend in the cosmetic and charm market, and will it continue into 2021.?

                                                        What are the risks of labiaplasty?

                                                        Same as any other medical procedure, labiaplasty doesn’t come 100 per cent risk-free. Possible complications include wound separation and scarring. Some specialists have also raised concerns about the possible loss of sexual sensation as a result of labiaplasty but this is in not believed to be a common side effect.

                                                        There are also non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments, which fall into the “designer vagina” trend but are totally different than labiaplasty. “These include lasers to stimulate the mucosa, or inner lining, of the vagina, and LED light treatments that supposedly stimulate the vagina to produce more tissue,” Dr Hansen says. However, she warns that most of these treatments are not FDA-approved or scientifically proven to increase vaginal tightness or reduce dryness.

                                                        Tricks to Boost the Libido

                                                        Rid yourself any type of preconceptions you have about seniors and their desires.  According to a new study, seniors think it is still ‘Woodstock'.

                                                        cosmetic surgery and sexual rejuvenation
                                                        The ‘Woodstock generation'

                                                        Admittedly, it's not a ground-breaking conclusion that individuals want more sex. And also as the researchers anticipated, health and wellness took a bite out of the sex drive.

                                                        Higher BMI, cardiovascular disease, clinical depression as well as joint inflammation were amongst the conditions that contributed to a reduction in sexual activity.

                                                        Whilst designer vaginas and laser hair removal make the packaging more attractive to a world accustomed to high erotic standards age can, unfortunately, cause other problems in the intimate areas, such as dry skin.


                                                        Concerning the Study

                                                        The research study, carried out as part of the Female's Health Initiative, included 27, 357 women between 50 and 79. And also as the researchers anticipated, sexual activity lowered with age.  They noted that cosmetic surgery and sexual rejuvenation was a question that was frequently broached.

                                                        Approximately fifty per cent of the ladies in the study reported having sex in the past year at the beginning of the research study. That number was greater, at 70%, for ladies who were married or with a regular partner.

                                                        What the scientists really did not anticipate was that, of the females who reported dissatisfaction with their sex lives, 57% wanted more sex, not much less.

                                                        The research is cutting edge with the very first concrete evidence that women are not happy with the lack of sex that usually goes along with menopause.  It was clear from the survey that if vaginal dryness was a concern, desire would certainly falter.

                                                        Gels: A Woman's Friend?

                                                        The researchers also considered genital atrophy – loss of genital cells and also muscle mass tone – was an issue for numerous women with dryness.

                                                        Luckily, while hormone pills have declined in popularity, there have been some interesting developments in genital lotions that have been are developed to treat dry skin and make sex pleasurable.

                                                        Market leader Durex is available over the counter at any high st pharmacy,  and your friendly local sex shop will have some erotically branded alternatives. Other more advanced intimate products such as Vigorelle with all-natural components,  which has a big following,  is only available to order online,




                                                        Leg Lengthening Surgery. How Money Can Take You to New Heights..

                                                        leg lenthening
                                                        Leg Lengthening Surgery How Money Can Take You To New Heights

                                                        Back in August, we had a look at leg lengthening surgery and the pioneering work done by Dr Kevin Debiparshad in Las Vegas.  This article attracted an enormous amount of interest and our site help-bot was rushed off his feet.  This is obviously a topic that fascinates people and also seems to have a huge demand even though you are looking £50k + to add a few inches to your height.

                                                        leg lengthening surgeon
                                                        Matija Krkovic

                                                        We are pleased to tell you that if you are based in Europe there is no need to make a complicated flight to Vegas with all the travel restrictions today.  The UK has its very own leg lengthening specialist by the name of Mr Matija Krkovic

                                                        Mr Krkovic Matija Krkovic is a senior Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeon working at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  And as part of his work in trauma and orthopaedics, he has built a niche in the limb lengthening sector.  He has very helpfully written a FAQ which may or may not put your mind at rest as you aspire to greater heights.    Being taller can certainly help in life.  Time was when you needed to be 6′ tall to be a London policeman, but that requirement has long since vanished.  But in areas like the wine and spirits trade, height has inbuilt advantages in being visible in a crowded bar when you are trying to attract the attention of the bar manager.  Maybe anecdotal but it makes sense to me.

                                                        leg lengthening

                                                        I can well imagine that being taller could help enormously in the dating stakes. You might be dark and handsome but at 5'5″ you could be overlooked.  I am sure that there are radical Incels who will hook onto height like a dog to a rabbit, and insist that their lack of height is the only reason women won't sleep with them. Arguing that height privilege is only given to the detested Chads.

                                                        So let us look at Dr Krkovic's FAQ and see if it covers crucial issues.

                                                        Is leg lengthening surgery safe?

                                                        Dr Krkovic says: In my experience, limb lengthening surgery is a safe procedure with a very low risk of complications. The main risk we find in limb lengthening surgery is that there is no growth of new bone at the site where the bone was broken. This then means we have to return the bones to their original positions and retry the lengthening procedure.

                                                        This would worry me a bit if I went through the painful process of having my bones broken and reset and then discovered that the new bone had not grown as intended and it would have to be done again.  I can only imagine the frustration of an unfortunate patient.   I suffered similar annoyance when a larger and complex tooth implant did not bind with my jaw and it all needed removing and redoing.   These things happen rarely but I guess they do happen or  Dr Krkovic wouldn't have pointed it out.

                                                        How painful is leg lengthening surgery?

                                                        Dr Krkovic says: Insertion of the nails and surgical breaks of the bones is painful but not as much as when the leg is broken in an accident. You will require painkillers post-surgery and during the lengthening certainly. Our experience is that the requirement for pain relief in limb lengthening surgery is moderate compared to other procedures in limb reconstruction surgery.

                                                        Fair enough, breaking bones is always going to hurt and I am sure that when it is broken in a controlled manner the pain will be less.  Also having painkillers instantly on hand and in good quantities would make the broken bone aspect less traumatic.

                                                        How much does leg lengthening surgery cost?

                                                        Dr Krkovic says: Limb lengthening surgery can be done either as a lengthening of one bone on both legs (thigh or shin bone) or both bones on both legs. The cost for lengthening of both thigh bones is in the region of £50,000 and for both shin bones £55,000. Price may vary from the type of implants used (magnetic nails versus fine wireframes) and your medical history (i.e. pre-existing medical conditions which could make the procedure more difficult).

                                                        Ok, so that is the key question answered.  How much will it cost?  £50k is no small amount.  You can have a wardrobe full of build-up shoes handmade in Mexico for £5k.   But seriously, if you feel challenged by your height and it causes you stress and disappointment then it has to be worth it.  It is good to know that you don't have to travel to Las Vegas to get this leg lengthening done and do give us feedback if you have the operation.

                                                        4 Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Indonesia 2023

                                                        Cc Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinics In Indonesia Cy

                                                        Indonesia has been a favourite cosmetic surgery tourist destination for quite some time now.  It is convenient for Australia and exotic enough for Europeans.  The prices are very good and the doctors and nursing staff all speak English.   Indonesians are friendly and welcoming with a long tradition in the medical sector.  once the world has moved on from the Covid-19 pandemic and Australians can travel freely, Indonesia will continue to boom in the cosmetic surgery market.

                                                        cosmetic surgery indonesia

                                                        Indonesia's stunning beaches, mountain landscapes, and jungles are by no means a well-kept secret, but the country faced a series of challenges to kick-start its tourism industry after the 2002 Bali bombings. Tourism is largely confined to established holiday islands, and algae farming in the Penida Archipelago has gone out of fashion since the Coronavirus pandemic crippled the global tourism industry.

                                                        The Indonesian region of Borneo, which lies in the centre of maritime Southeast Asia, is also attractive. Sumatra offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, breathtaking mountain scenery and jungle walks where groups of wild orangutans live.

                                                        This chain of three islands off the coast is often referred to as the “Maldives of Bali” Bali is the emerging tropical paradise that many would argue for on the famous mainland. Lombok Island is located near Bili, and the other two islands of Sumatra and Sulawesi are located to the east and west.

                                                        Indonesia's capital is Java, Jakarta, which is about the size of Singapore but has more than 1.5 million inhabitants.

                                                        Jakarta is also the economic centre of Indonesia, and although it is not allowed by law, there are many foreigners who use tourist visas with a 30-day validity for business meetings and events in Jakarta. The corridor would make Bali a tourist hub and provide an alternative to Jakarta and other tourist destinations in the Southeast Asia region. The Australian visa requirement for Indonesian tourists, which is more aligned with that of other Southeast Asian countries, could help to foster the growth of the tourism industry in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. However, the number of arrivals could be hampered by expensive bureaucratic visas and requirements, taking into account the relatively small population and the relatively low population density.

                                                        cosmetic surgery indonesia

                                                        The challenge for the health of the tourism industry is to attract more Indonesians to Australia in the first place. Once there, they are convinced that they will appreciate Australia as much as they do other parts of Southeast Asia. Travel facilitation is crucial as Indonesia seeks to develop the tourism industry in Bali. Chinese tourists, who make it one of Indonesia's most popular tourist destinations, should also focus on promoting halal tourism.

                                                        Given Bali's popularity with Australian holidaymakers, Australia is likely to see a significant increase in tourist numbers from Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. Indonesian tourists coming to Australia raise questions, given that Australia enjoys significantly more tourism than its neighbours, despite having a much smaller population.

                                                        Chinese visitor numbers have just overtaken the three source markets that traditionally dominate Indonesia's tourism industry. While Indonesia attracts a similar number of tourists, at least in terms of numbers and conditions, Australia has attracted a much higher proportion of tourists from other parts of Southeast Asia than Indonesia.  Many Chinese are attracted by Indonesian cosmetic surgery clinics which offer great value.

                                                        The current target markets for Indonesian tourism are the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan.
                                                        Indonesian tourists who come to Australia are able to go on holiday abroad due to the generally low number of Indonesians. While Jakarta generates significant revenue from Australian tourists, Australia misses out on potential revenue from Indonesian tourists. Very few other Indonesian destinations are popular with international tourists, while Jakarta attracts mainly business travellers. The best areas in Indonesia are those that are most suitable for a stay, to visit the main attractions and enjoy a holiday in exotic places.

                                                        Bali and Jakarta are the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, such as Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Java and the Sulawesi Islands.

                                                        Many tourists start their holidays with a stay in Jakarta lasting several days before travelling to other parts of Indonesia. The government has lifted visa requirements for dozens of countries and allows tourists to spend up to 30 days without a visa when they arrive at any of the 29 international airports, including Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, the Sulawesi Islands, Indonesia's capital Jakarta. Foreign cruise ships are now allowed to board and disembark passengers in Indonesia without a visa as long as they travel within the country. According to the Foreign Ministry, tourists from third countries may also stay in Indonesia for 30 days for the first time.

                                                        Indonesia's busiest ports, including Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, the Sulawesi Islands and Jakarta, are home to some of the world's biggest and most popular tourist destinations.

                                                        Although Bali is usually the most familiar destination for foreign visitors, there are many other top tourist attractions to discover in this vast and diverse country. The months from the end of April to September remain the best time for bili and Indonesia tourism, because the place is located south of the equator. Book your trip to Indonesia and experience an amazing experience that you will enjoy in your life.

                                                        Without concrete plans to get positive feedback from the international tourism community, this wonderful Indonesia will be limited to advertising slogans and to a destination that is only on tourists' wish lists. It is highly unlikely that Indonesia can accommodate twenty million tourists without diverting tourists to places other than Bali. Only 200,000 people in this region choose to holiday in Indonesia every year, and tourists from the Middle East, for example, spend more than twice as much time in the country as those from South Asia.  We recommend Indonesian cosmetic surgery clinics to readers of our directory.


                                                        How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                          • Rejuvie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging. Bali. Indonesia (approved)
                                                          How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                            • BIMC Hospital (Nusa Dua). Bali Indonesia (approved)
                                                            How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                              • Braia Clinic Bali Indonesia (approved)
                                                              How well this clinic med your expectations?
                                                                • Bali Sudirman Medical Centre Indonesia (approved)



                                                                Plastic Surgery v Cosmetic Surgery. Learn the Facts.

                                                                8 riskiest cosmetic surgery procedures
                                                                Plastic Surgery V Cosmetic Surgery Learn The Facts

                                                                Although the terms ‘plastic surgery' and ‘cosmetic surgery' are often used interchangeably there is, in fact, a big difference between the 2 terms.  When you read about a well-known person having ‘plastic surgery' it might only be referring to a small elective procedure like a brow lift or a vanity nose job.  The real meaning of plastic surgery is that it usually refers to a procedure that is essential or reconstructive.

                                                                plastic v cosmetic surgery

                                                                A 2017 report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, found that people were confused between the terms “plastic” and “cosmetic” surgeons. I suppose that the major reason that cosmetic and also plastic surgery get confused is that both include a surgical procedure to transform the appearance of specific areas of the body. However, this is where the resemblances ends. This overview will assist clear up the distinctions in between the two procedures, and highlight when each surgical technique would be appropriate.

                                                                In a survey of 5,135 people, 87 per cent believed that surgeons had to have special credentials and training to perform cosmetic procedures or to advertise themselves as aesthetic, cosmetic, or plastic surgeons. More than half were unsure what the requirements were to be “board certified.”

                                                                Plastic surgery is a vital treatment, embarked on by extremely qualified doctors to repair problems to the skin as well as tissue that might have resulted from congenital diseases or injuries for example.  The victim of a car crash with ‘life-changing' injuries would be treated by a plastic surgeon. As would a child with a cleft palate.  Whereas a reality TV star might just embark on a life-changing breast enhancement or hair transplant.

                                                                plastic surgery breat replacement
                                                                Plastic surgeon and patient discuss breast reconstruction.

                                                                Having a breast reconstructed after a mastectomy is a reconstructive procedure that only a plastic surgeon should perform. Having a breast lift (augmentation) is a cosmetic procedure that could be performed by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

                                                                Examples of plastic surgery include:

                                                                • Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.
                                                                • Repairing damage from an accident, such as skin grafts to treat burns.
                                                                • Correcting cleft palates.

                                                                Whilst typical examples of cosmetic surgery include:

                                                                Less common examples of cosmetic surgery include:

                                                                There are times, however, when the two disciplines work in combination with each other.  I am thinking here of trans-gender surgery where the major surgery of genital modification,  breast surgery and voice box adjustments would be classified as ‘plastic surgery' whilst some of the ‘feminisation ‘ surgery might fall into the ‘cosmetic' surgery camp.

                                                                Procedures such as leg lengthening surgery for increased height would be a plastic surgery operation although it is often elective and for vanity reasons. We recently discussed this type of surgery and although the recovery time is quite short it is still not the sort of job your typical cosmetic surgeon would be involved with.

                                                                excess skin client
                                                                Medically necessary tummy tuck

                                                                Also let us consider patients who want an abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck.  There are some extremely overweight patients who have had bariatric surgery to shed weight and are left with excess skin which could impair hygiene and prevent exercise.  In this case, plastic surgery would be totally different from a ‘yummy mummy' doing her makeover after childbirth.

                                                                Any individual can have cosmetic surgery, presuming that their wellness (both physical and also psychological) satisfies the requirements specified by the doctor. Sometimes it is helpful for a patient to have a psychological assessment if the surgeon suspects the patient suffers from dysmorphia.

                                                                Often people who choose to undergo cosmetic surgery have been dissatisfied with a certain area of their body for a long time and also ultimately make a decision to take action to get it enhanced. It is also commonly used to tackle the tell-tale indications of ageing, bust lift surgical treatment, for instance, is used to rearrange drooping busts and many face treatments such as facelifts as well as fillers are made to decrease creases and also drooping skin.

                                                                scalpel or products?
                                                                Consider alternatives to surgery first.

                                                                There are, of course, some excellent creams and serums that can help fight the ageing process and be really effective in improving skin tone and lessening wrinkles.  These should also be considered before choosing the surgical path.

                                                                Aesthetic surgery is very popular amongst females, nevertheless, it is by no means solely women who decide to ‘go under the scalpel'. Lipo, breast reduction, eyelid surgical procedure and also nose surgery are similarly popular among both males and females, whereas bust enlargements and also tummy tucks tend to be predominantly female.

                                                                Men, also choose cosmetic surgery for many reasons, but often it is to help them look younger for longer in their business life or to be more successful in the dating market.   Many in the Incel sub-culture try cosmetic surgery to be more attractive to women and gain self-confidence.  they are often tempted to undertake risky plastic surgery to have larger genitals which can be a dangerous path to follow when there are safer products and methods on the marketplace.  Whist choosing surgery is often touted as an easy and fashionable option, especially on social media, I feel it it is always worth considering less invasive options, even as an interim step.  The boom is ‘tweakments‘  where less invasive procedures are performed can often help patients avoid more expensive and difficult surgeries.

                                                                I do hope that this brief article has helped clarify the main differences between ‘plastic and cosmetic' surgery.  It is a question that is often asked by people visiting our website so we wanted to spend a moment discussing it in some detail.