Cosmetic Surgery Tourists Get a Glimmer of Hope Post-COVID.

The last 9 months have been a disaster for many businesses around the world but few have been as hard hit as the medical tourism sector.   By definition, its raison d'etre is to encourage people to travel abroad for their cosmetic surgery treatments and combine a holiday along with a reduced price operation in some exotic destination.   For 9 months the very idea to travel freely, let alone have a vacation have become a fantasy for cosmetic surgery tourists.

cosmetic surgery tourism resumes

But the coronavirus pandemic has hit medical tourism hard. In June, the number of weekly scheduled flights in the U.S. was down by as much as 65% when compared to the same time last year. The recent Covid-19 surges will not help.

As cases begin to rise again in Europe and the U.S., governments are mandating curfews and lockdowns in order to curb infection rates. These lockdowns limit both international and domestic travel. According to AAA, 7 in 10 Americans aren’t sure they’ll be able to take a planned trip by year-end.

Pfizer’s announcement on Monday morning that its Covid-19 vaccine is effective at a rate of more than 90% sent the stock market soaring, and while just an initial step in bringing a vaccine to the public, an effective vaccine could help to restart the stalled medical tourism market. Airlines stocks were among those surging on the news.

We pray that Pfizer's little bottle of dreams can perk up the travel sector for cosmetic surgery tourists as their Viagra brand perked up other important things. Then we could be looking at a vastly changed medical tourism landscape in 2021.

medical tourist

The American Journal of Medicine found that more than 1.4 million Americans sought health care in a different country in 2017. Globally, it estimated that 16 million people traveled to a different country to get care, spending an estimated $45 billion to $72 billion.

These sums are huge for the well-being of developing economies such as Indonesia, Costa Rica, Turkey and India many of whom have invested much in their medical tourism facilities.

The pent up demand for hair transplants in Istanbul and face contouring in Korea is going to be spectacular and will certainly skyrocket our already impressive site traffic.  after all, medical tourism is what our site was created for and it has been so frustrating to be hobbled by COVID for our debut year.  I sense happy days are coming fairly soon.


Augmented Reality Filters and Dysmorphia – being ‘Snatched’ on Instagram..

A great deal has been blogged about the trend of ‘Instagram face‘ and, especially, how it influences women. Last year, Instagram said that it would get rid of all augmented reality filters which portrayed or promoted cosmetic surgery amid worries that they were damaging people's mental health. Studies from around the world have confirmed that there is a correlation between these filters, body dysmorphia and a desire to get plastic surgery or ‘tweakments' like Botox and fillers.

Be that as it may, there are still augmented reality filters which guarantee to make you look ‘snatched' which, essentially, means it will help you conform to the current Instagram beauty standard of pale, smooth skin, high cheekbones, a tiny nose, larger lips and doe eyes.

augmented reality filters
Credit Instagram Daniel Mooney

Social media and body image are a complex relationship. Unobtainable beauty standards are on a high due to the use of facetune, and face augmented reality where waists are ‘snatched', jawlines sharper, and lips bigger. The question is, have you ever desired a complete surgical makeover? Well, Instagram has done a sound job at attaining that look for you. With plenty of varieties to choose from whether it's a harmless skin smoothing enhancement or the full deal, these innocent yet ‘hazardous' filters are promoting the need for improvement to the suggestible users of Instagram

There are lots of filters available, get Kyle Jenner lips, get ‘Baby Doll' look.  you can follow jypsyfix  and really amaze your friends.

Indeed, the pandemic and lockdown has provided a perfect backdrop for augmented reality filters Teen Vogue recently explored the rise of virtual makeup, and luxury brands have been dabbling in augmented-reality fashion and interior design for some time—trends that will likely only accelerate now that many Americans and  Brits  have less disposable income.

One of the major effect ts of the pandemic has been to change our use of social media.  Pre-COVID Instagram and Snapchat could document our lives hanging out with friends.  Now our social spaces have been ruthlessly taken from us and these hese platforms are now providing tools for people to illustrate their feelings “of fear, shock, loneliness, wanting something even if it is only Kyle Jenner's lips.

augmented reality filter

Yes, Instagram can be a lot of fun for many young women but we know that filters are very damaging to young impressionable minds and whilst using augmented reality filters to lift your eyebrows or pumping up your lips on your feed can be fun and give you a bunch of endorphin-loaded likes it might also let you start dreaming about filtering your real body features which could be less fun in the longterm.

Collagen Boost Tips, Look Younger Without Travelling.

no flights
Collagen Boost Tips Look Younger Without Travelling

How you can Regain your Youthful Appearance without Expensive Treatments or Surgery with No Need to Travel!


It is now 8 months since our lives have been completely disrupted by the coronavirus and we share your sorrow and anxiety.  Our site was conceived to help people travel for cosmetic surgery and that now seems to be more fantasy than everyday reality.  So what can we do if we feel we really, really need some professional help with our anti-ageing efforts.  We can, for the time being, offers alternatives to cosmetic surgery such as getting a collagen boost.

We can sit around and feel sorry for ourselves or we can try other ways to improve our look at least as an interim measure until travel opens up again and we can travel freely to cosmetic surgery clinics around the world.

It is rare that we actually recommend beauty regimes or specific products but we have been particularly impressed with the feedback we have had on a collagen-boosting cream that does seem to offer great benefits to tide you over whilst you are waiting for your facelift.  Indeed, you might be so happy with the results of this collagen boost. as an alternative to cosmetic surgery that you won't bother to get cosmetic surgery and just travel to a spa when the world opens up.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein [essential for building muscle] in the body. It's a long, fibrous, structural protein [rope-like in appearance] that gives the skin strength and elasticity,” says Alexis Granite, a dermatologist at Mallucci London.

Often described as scaffolding for the skin, it acts like a trampoline providing a supportive base structure and giving us the ‘boost' we need for bouncy, healthy-looking skin. Think plump, juicy skin.

Collagen production diminishes with age, as well as with exposure to UV radiation and environmental stressors such as smoking and pollution. Typically the decline in collagen production begins in your twenties and drops by about one per cent each year.  The appearance of early wrinkles and crepey skin that doesn't snap back as quickly as it may once have been are early signs of collagen deficiency.  That is why you probably need a collagen boost.

We have discovered an excellent alternative to surgery or collagen injections or a multitude of day creams, night creams, sun creams, dark circle creams. If you use a good product you can throw out a lot of junk filling up your bathroom cabinet and actually get genuine results.

collagen boost products

I believe there is one cream that can help take care of all your skincare concerns. It's easy, it's proven to work, it's all in just one bottle, and it's ready and waiting for you to give it a try. The researchers and scientists who have developed the Kollagen Intensiv anti-ageing cream had women just like you in mind when they formulated this amazing cream that is not only easy to use, but that will give you the results that you are looking for.

This anti-ageing cream is applied twice a day, after your morning and evening cleansing routine. It's easy and effective. Within weeks you will start to see a remarkable reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dark under-eye circles, blotchiness, and more. Your skin will be moisturized and you will start to look and feel younger. It helps to renew the collagen that is produced naturally by your body and it will combat signs of ageing from sun damage to saggy skin.

collagen boost tesring

Clinical trials have proven that Kollagen Intensiv is much more effective than over the counter creams and lotions. Those ineffective products do little more than just temporarily moisturize your skin. As soon as your skin looks rehydrated, it does appear to be more subtle and youthful. But as soon as it dries out, the effects are mitigated immediately. Kollagen Intensiv works more intensely than that. It has been scientifically proven to penetrate deeply into every layer of your skin to ensure that you will see results that are long-lasting in my opinion this collagen boost gives a genuine alternative to cosmetic surgery.


I recommend that you order your sample of this great product today? This amazing, non-surgical and easy to use anti-ageing product is fully guaranteed or your money back. So you have nothing to lose except a few wrinkles and age spots. Your face and your mirror will thank you. And, most importantly, you won't have to travel!

Other Important Tips

1. Facial massage 

Massage can stimulate collagen production and strengthen muscle memory (hello contours!). Inge Theron who launched Spa Junkie's Face Gym says, “Facial muscles are crucial to the way we look and with regular stimulation can lift, tone and tighten the skin, boost blood circulation and providing a collagen boost giving a fresh youthful appearance to the skin.”

2. Stop Smoking

If ever there was a good reason to stop smoking, this is it!  Smoking ages your body and disrupts collagen production.  If you get rid of cigarettes you will give yourself a natural collagen boost.

3. Diet Tip

Anyone for bone broth? Made from collagen-rich bones, the broth is broken down into amino acids in the gut. These are then used as building blocks to produce more collagen. Still not keen? “The best sources of these amino acids include egg whites, meat and cheese, while cabbage is a vegetarian option,” says GLAMOUR's resident nutritionist, Grace Barnes. “Other supporting nutrients for a collagen boost include vitamin C (strawberries broccoli, oranges, peppers); copper (shellfish, nuts and red meat); vitamin A (liver, egg yolks, carrots and sweet potatoes).”

For more information, and details of availability of the collagen cream we mention you can visit the Kollagen Intensiv Homepage.


Real-Life Barbie Range is Extended Down Under

Yet another Barbie that Mattel forgot to produce has been stirring up a social media storm in Melbourne Australia.  Tara Jayne – a local personality – has already spent $200.000 on her quest to transform into a real-life Barbie doll.

real-life barbie
Tara Jayne Credit Instagram

She has openly admitted to the media she's ‘addicted' to cosmetic surgery after getting five separate breast enhancement procedures, buttocks implants, a nose tip rhinoplasty, veneers, Botox and fillers.  That is just the ‘capital' outlay so to speak, there are ongoing maintenance jobs to be paid for.  Fillers need refilling and Botox needs re-injecting but I guess that Tara Jayne has factored these costs into her business plan.

Tara Jayne is an icon to cosmetic surgery tourism having had most of her procedures in Europe rather than Australia.  Now she is back in Melbourne – locked down like her compatriots.   Yet like so many of our visitors she will be delighted when she can travel again for surgery.  She says   As soon as travel is permitted, I have plans to go back overseas to visit my surgeon and get my breast size increased to 1500cc [from their current 1050ccc].

Tara is proud to say she'll stop at nothing to maintain and even enhance her ‘knockout' 37-inch [bust], 17-inch [waist] – 29-inch [hips] figure. Such is her dedication to morph into a Real-life Barbie.

‘There is no limit for me when it comes to plastic surgery. It is incredibly addictive and I already want bigger breasts,' she said.

Credit to Jam Media

 I am not sure which surgeon(s) achieved her special look – possibly in Turkey, I am phoning around to see who to credit.   She describes herself as ‘an upgraded limited-edition Barbie doll' and sees herself definitely as a work in progress.   Like many other wannabe reality entrepreneurs, Tara has set up a Fans Only page to show off her more sexy and revealing side.  The venture seems profitable and she admits to having made $10.000 in the first few days of activating her account.  Which, fo a former nurse, is a very tidy sum of money.

For her followers, there are more tweaks to come and she is planning to enhance her eyes so they are an even more vibrant green than her natural shade.  Also like Jessica Barbie who we mentioned the other day, she is looking at having some ribs removed to reduce her waistline.  We will keep you all posted on other additions to this family of living Barbie and Ken dolls.



Why the ‘Einstein of Aesthetics’ Has Become an Incel Hero.

Dr Barry Eppley a plastic surgeon who operates out of Indiana has become an iconic figure within the Incel (involuntary celibate) movement.   Incels typically believe that women find them undatable and unlovable because their looks do not correspond to a male aesthetic ideal of a chiselled jawline and honed bodily proportions.  These male archetypes are referred to as ‘Chads‘ who apparently are endlessly successful with women to the detriment of their less attractive incel peers. Dr Eppley is often referred to as the “Einstein of Aesthetics”

[videopress i8xF0TBR]

Dr Eppley Evaluating new implants- this time, bicep

Dr Eppley has built a pioneering plastic surgery clinic performing radical remodelling work on the male face.  Through his work, he can give his clients the ‘male model look' typified by celebrities such as David Gandy.  He believes that the male standard of chiselled features and an angular, sculpted face, is now an achievable dream for the aesthetically disadvantaged male.

Eppley’s range of services includes shoulder widening and narrowing (the clavicle bones are broken, then reconstructed), deltoid and quadriceps implants, and rib removal.  The 64-year-old surgeon also offers waist-reduction procedures, as well as implants to enlarge the size of male patients’ testicles.  He uses silicone testicle implants rather tan the saline implants used by surgeons on testicular cancer patients since silicone allows him to create larger testicles that retain a more natural look and feel.  Remember, this is elective reconstructive surgery for the sake of aesthetics, to make his clients more attractive in the dating market.

He uses a computer-aided design (CAD), the software used by architects and engineers, to 3D print facial implants to change the underlying structure of a patient’s face and head in a far more dramatic fashion than conventional cosmetic operations, such as nose jobs or facelifts.

Often his rib-removal patients are transgender and will get hip implants in the same trip. Transgender female patients make up 10 to 15 % of his practice. He performs facial-feminization surgery on around 25 patients a year.   Most of his facial reconstruction is on facial-masculinization for cis-gender men.

pixee aesthetics
Pixee Fox – The Living Cartoon

His most celebrated challenge was to turn young Swedish model Pixee Fox into Jessica Rabbit with a 14″ waist achieved by removing some ribs. His technique borrows from the bone harvesting used in rhinoplasty and jaw reconstruction but with tinier, more cleverly placed incisions.

Very helpfully Dr Eppley runs a very informative blog on his site where people can pose questions about his innovative surgeries.   In this visually dominated world where a first glance can make or break a potential romantic encounter, it is not surprising that Incels and those with dysmorphia find comfort in the range of surgeries that Eppley offers find an enthusiastic audience.







Jessica the Barbie Doll Celebrates Her First Birthday

jessica the barbie doll

Jessica, the Barbie Doll that Mattel forgot to make, is celebrating her first anniversary with a fabulous, blingy photo shoot.  Yes, the Human Ken Doll, Rodrigo Alves, continues his lifelong plastic surgery obsession by transforming into Jessica, the Human Barbie Doll.  Alves who has had more cosmetic procedures than most of us have had the literal hot dinner is hitting the headlines yet again.

Confirming his joy in transitioning from Ken to Barbie,  Alves puts it very sweetly.

“As a man I had a great life, I achieved and did lots of very fun, cool things — but I was never truly happy because I kept having surgeries to modify myself when what I actually really wanted was to transition,” Alves says.

“When I look at myself in the mirror I feel really happy, I see the woman that was inside me all along.”

Well, that woman is now there for us all to witness and admire.

jessica barbie

Whilst it tempting to suggest that Alves and the search for Barbie glory is simply the attention-seeking act of someone with endless funds and inventive surgeons I think there is more than that.   We are watching the unfolding of a dream made flesh.

Firstly he believed he had truly found himself in his Ken persona but then slowly realised that whilst the ‘ball game' was right the team he was playing for was wrong.  It was not Ken that Alves wanted to morph into it was Barbie herself !- An easy mistake to make I suppose – so once the base work was done and the nose was on the point of collapse,  Alves yearned for the hips, the glorious breasts and, of course, the fabulous wardrobe.  I mean, what has Ken got?  Some commando camouflage gear, a boring dinner jacket, some country casuals and so on.  As Jessica, te whole Barbie wardrobe is available – oscar-winning robes, boho wedding gowns, the very best Rodeo Drive has to offer.

Happy birthday, Jessica, I do hope that you will find everything as you dreamt it would be.  As Will Shakespeare once said ‘ we are such stuff as dreams are made of…'