Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Booms in Mask Era.

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Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Booms In Mask Era

For almost a year now, we have been wearing face masks as we go about our daily tasks.   For those of us in the West, we look in bewilderment at the mask phenomena.  Suddenly we all resemble those Asian tourists we use to watch with curiosity.  Now ‘they' are ‘us'.

Seoul  Cosmetic Surgery

So what has our use of masks to do with cosmetic surgery?  Quite a lot in fact.  If you always wanted to get a nose job this would be a great time to do it before the Covid-19 vaccines kick in and the masks start coming off.  Bear in mind there will be bruises and swelling from the surgery but since we’ll all be wearing masks  that should help,

This attitude is fuelling the already booming cosmetic surgery markets around the world, especially in South Korea – the epicentre of aesthetic surgery.

The Seoul cosmetic surgery industry is estimated to be worth about $10.7 billion in 2020, up 9.2 per cent year-on-year, and is expected to hover around $11.8 billion this year, according to Gangnam Unni, the country’s largest online cosmetic surgery platform.

Cosmetic surgeons say patients are interested in all parts of the face: Those that can be easily hidden under masks, such as the nose and lips, as well as those that face coverings don’t conceal, which some consider the criteria of beauty in the coronavirus era.

“Both surgical and non-surgical inquiries about eyes, eyebrows, nose bridge and foreheads – the only visible parts – certainly increased,” said Park Cheol-woo, a surgeon at WooAhIn Plastic Surgery Clinic and a well-known figure in the Seoul cosmetic surgery sector.

Apparently, lots of people spent their Government stimulus payments on cosmetic surgery procedures which have helped boost revenue for  Surgeon Shin Sang-ho, who operates Krismas Plastic Surgery Clinic in the centre of Gangnam district.  He has a great take on the subject. “I felt like it’s sort of revenge spending. I’ve sensed that customers were expressing their pent-up emotions (from the coronavirus) by getting cosmetic procedures,”

Government data showed that of 14.2 trillion won government cash handouts, 10.6 per cent was used in hospitals and pharmacies, the third-largest segment by classification behind supermarkets and restaurants The details of hospital types were not disclosed but with Seoul's love of plastic surgery, I am sure we can guess the answer.

Gangnam Unni data showed its users surged 63 per cent from a year earlier to about 2.6 million last year. They requested 1 million counselling sessions, double the amount from a year earlier.

As we know, cosmetic surgery tourism really dried up in 2020 so the Seoul clinic sector embraced a more local and regional focus.

But the third wave of coronavirus at home remains a concern as the country reports record-breaking daily cases.   As one local clinician put it “We’ve seen growing numbers of cancellations in consultation appointments recently as people refrain more from going outside… especially customers from the suburbs mostly postponed their surgeries to 2021,”



Plastic Surgery v Cosmetic Surgery. Learn the Facts.

8 riskiest cosmetic surgery procedures
Plastic Surgery V Cosmetic Surgery Learn The Facts

Although the terms ‘plastic surgery' and ‘cosmetic surgery' are often used interchangeably there is, in fact, a big difference between the 2 terms.  When you read about a well-known person having ‘plastic surgery' it might only be referring to a small elective procedure like a brow lift or a vanity nose job.  The real meaning of plastic surgery is that it usually refers to a procedure that is essential or reconstructive.

plastic v cosmetic surgery

A 2017 report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, found that people were confused between the terms “plastic” and “cosmetic” surgeons. I suppose that the major reason that cosmetic and also plastic surgery get confused is that both include a surgical procedure to transform the appearance of specific areas of the body. However, this is where the resemblances ends. This overview will assist clear up the distinctions in between the two procedures, and highlight when each surgical technique would be appropriate.

In a survey of 5,135 people, 87 per cent believed that surgeons had to have special credentials and training to perform cosmetic procedures or to advertise themselves as aesthetic, cosmetic, or plastic surgeons. More than half were unsure what the requirements were to be “board certified.”

Plastic surgery is a vital treatment, embarked on by extremely qualified doctors to repair problems to the skin as well as tissue that might have resulted from congenital diseases or injuries for example.  The victim of a car crash with ‘life-changing' injuries would be treated by a plastic surgeon. As would a child with a cleft palate.  Whereas a reality TV star might just embark on a life-changing breast enhancement or hair transplant.

plastic surgery breat replacement
Plastic surgeon and patient discuss breast reconstruction.

Having a breast reconstructed after a mastectomy is a reconstructive procedure that only a plastic surgeon should perform. Having a breast lift (augmentation) is a cosmetic procedure that could be performed by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Examples of plastic surgery include:

  • Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.
  • Repairing damage from an accident, such as skin grafts to treat burns.
  • Correcting cleft palates.

Whilst typical examples of cosmetic surgery include:

Less common examples of cosmetic surgery include:

  • Hair transplants
  • Butt lifts
  • Arm lifts

There are times, however, when the two disciplines work in combination with each other.  I am thinking here of trans-gender surgery where the major surgery of genital modification,  breast surgery and voice box adjustments would be classified as ‘plastic surgery' whilst some of the ‘feminisation ‘ surgery might fall into the ‘cosmetic' surgery camp.

Procedures such as leg lengthening surgery for increased height would be a plastic surgery operation although it is often elective and for vanity reasons. We recently discussed this type of surgery and although the recovery time is quite short it is still not the sort of job your typical cosmetic surgeon would be involved with.

excess skin client
Medically necessary tummy tuck

Also let us consider patients who want an abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck.  There are some extremely overweight patients who have had bariatric surgery to shed weight and are left with excess skin which could impair hygiene and prevent exercise.  In this case, plastic surgery would be totally different from a ‘yummy mummy' doing her makeover after childbirth.

Any individual can have cosmetic surgery, presuming that their wellness (both physical and also psychological) satisfies the requirements specified by the doctor. Sometimes it is helpful for a patient to have a psychological assessment if the surgeon suspects the patient suffers from dysmorphia.

Often people who choose to undergo cosmetic surgery have been dissatisfied with a certain area of their body for a long time and also ultimately make a decision to take action to get it enhanced. It is also commonly used to tackle the tell-tale indications of ageing, bust lift surgical treatment, for instance, is used to rearrange drooping busts and many face treatments such as facelifts as well as fillers are made to decrease creases and also drooping skin.

scalpel or products?
Consider alternatives to surgery first.

There are, of course, some excellent creams and serums that can help fight the ageing process and be really effective in improving skin tone and lessening wrinkles.  These should also be considered before choosing the surgical path.

Aesthetic surgery is very popular amongst females, nevertheless, it is by no means solely women who decide to ‘go under the scalpel'. Lipo, breast reduction, eyelid surgical procedure and also nose surgery are similarly popular among both males and females, whereas bust enlargements and also tummy tucks tend to be predominantly female.

Men, also choose cosmetic surgery for many reasons, but often it is to help them look younger for longer in their business life or to be more successful in the dating market.   Many in the Incel sub-culture try cosmetic surgery to be more attractive to women and gain self-confidence.  they are often tempted to undertake risky plastic surgery to have larger genitals which can be a dangerous path to follow when there are safer products and methods on the marketplace.  Whist choosing surgery is often touted as an easy and fashionable option, especially on social media, I feel it it is always worth considering less invasive options, even as an interim step.  The boom is ‘tweakments‘  where less invasive procedures are performed can often help patients avoid more expensive and difficult surgeries.

I do hope that this brief article has helped clarify the main differences between ‘plastic and cosmetic' surgery.  It is a question that is often asked by people visiting our website so we wanted to spend a moment discussing it in some detail.





The ‘Right to Beauty’, Cosmetic Surgery and Modern Culture.

beauty culture
The Right To Beauty Cosmetic Surgery And Modern Culture

Have you ever wondered how does culture affect cosmetic surgery? The cosmetic surgery industry is huge, that's just a simple fact. Sought-after for more years than people realise, in the 90s it began to come to the front of consumers's minds, before entering a massive explosion in the 00s when celebrity magazines were flying off the racks and into the 10s where the popularity of social networks has been linked to the rise in people aiming for perfection. My question today is “Do we have a right to beauty?”

While you may have thought lockdown would reduce the amount of people undergoing cosmetic surgery, it has seen a rise, as individuals saying they can recover at home from tummy tucks, lip fillers, facelifts and nose jobs or conceal their treatment behind a mask. But when it comes to surgery, whilst we once lived in a culture where it was hidden, are we becoming more open about it? And has this led to the surge?

beauty in brazil
Portrait of a young Brazilian woman.

While many people may sneer at some who go through cosmetic surgery, in Brazil, there's a little something known as ‘a right to beauty'. This has seen cosmetic surgery cost much less to enable everybody to access these treatments and has even seen the Govt fund nearly 50 percent a million surgeries annually.

The idea of beauty being a human right can be traced right back to the 1950s when a surgeon named Ivo Pitanguy convinced then-president Juscelino Kubitschek that the right to beauty was as vital as any other health need, arguing that ugliness caused so much psychological suffering that it should be considered a humanitarian issue.

right to beauty brazil

Initially, the main beneficiaries of the Right to Beauty were individuals with congenital deformities or burn victims. However, these days the majority of procedures are believed to be purely for aesthetic reasons with surgeons and residents purposely blurring the lines between reconstructive and aesthetic procedures in order to get them approved by the government.

However, these hospitals have largely become a testing ground for innovative procedures and plastic surgeons in training, essentially exposing these patients to more risks.

What is of concern is that, few regulations are in place to protect these patients from malpractice and, given they tend to be lower-income earners, it can be difficult for them to get justice if the procedure goes wrong.

In effect, patients agree to the risk of becoming experimental subjects for the exchange of potential beauty – arguably, a price too high to pay.

There have even been countless stories of Brits taking a trip to Brazil to undergo surgical treatment due to them being less expensive. But, has this culture in Brazil and the rise in people traveling there seen a move in European cultures as more and more people get surgery?

A Cultural Reset

It was documented that the greater part of those going through cosmetic surgery were of European descent. This number stands at around 69% when compared to those of Hispanic (12%), African American (8%) and Asian American (6%).

But what might have caused the rise? Well, it's not difficult to see that social media has played a big part with many influencers choosing surgery alongside celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. And, in a world where influencers and celebrities need to be more authentic to win over audiences, it seems that even if their appearance isn't fully their own, by being open about it makes them more relatable to those that follow them en-masse.

Therefore, it would appear that while we once lived in a culture that hid such details of a secret nose job or lip enhancement, due to our new love of social media we are much more inclined to share our experiences, or believe that we are all have a Right to Beauty, just like those in Brazil have always felt.

Is The Liposuction Solution Best For You? See Our Video.


For some people, even a committed program of diet and exercise won't get their body where they want it to become. Reaching an ideal body weight doesn't consistently lead to the envisioned body shape, either. Persistent pockets of fat can be challenging to address when a person is currently doing “everything right” otherwise.

liposuction when gym doesnt work

That's where alternative fat loss solutions enter into play. The liposuction solution is one of the most frequently executed fat elimination treatments. This procedure helps to eliminate persistent fat deposits and lead to a slimmer and more proportionate figure.

Below, we're detailing 6 of the biggest benefits to removing body fat with liposuction and discussing more about the procedure so you can make your most educated decision.

1. Increase Your Confidence

When you're undertaking all you can to get into the finest shape of your life, it's frustrating to continue to be dealing with persistent pockets of excess fat.

Whilst you can't pinpoint distinct areas of fat in the health club, you can pinpoint them on the surgeon's table with the liposuction solution.

The best bit is that the liposuction procedure will reveal all the dedication you've been investing all along, instead of hide it.

2. Focus On The Difficult Areas

Liposuction isn't intended to be a cure-all weight loss remedy. It was developed not to decrease body fat from all over, but rather to eliminate body fat in particular, targeted areas.

There is no other method available that can treat specific areas of body fat the way liposuction does. The doctor can use this procedure to zero in on common body fat pockets in the tummy, upper arms, butt, upper legs, and also in small locations like beneath the chin.

3. Re-model Your Silhouette

Even at your goal body weight, your body may not look the way you pictured it would. A liposuction solution can take that vision and make it an actuality by offering you the proportionate figure you deserve. To add to this, liposuction can even be combined with liposculpture, which moves fatty tissue to other places that might need to have more of it.

4. Stop Body Fat Coming back.

Because liposuction completely removes the body fat cells, there's a much lesser possibility that fat cells will come back to those particular locations. Continued diet and physical exercise will assist maintain these results.

5. Boost your Collagen Levels

If you opt for a newer, laser-assisted liposuction treatment, you can also stimulate your body's production of collagen. Collagen is a protein that keeps skin plump, firm, and devoid of wrinkles. As collagen reduces with age, laser liposuction can give the body a much-needed collagen boost.

6. Get general Health Benefits

Whether or not you're searching for liposuction in London, Istanbul or Dubai , you'll find an improvement in your general health after the liposuction solution.. One study even found that clients with elevated levels of fat cells in their body can experience approximately 43 percent reduction after undergoing liposuction treatment.

So How Does it Work?

It is essential to have a complete understanding of what happens during the liposuction treatment prior to deciding if it's right for you.

First, you'll be sedated through an IV or offered general anesthesia. This can depend upon your individual preference and the preference of your clinical provider.

Then, the doctor will make little cuts in the areas that are to be treated.

Through these openings, the doctor will insert a cannula to suction out the body fat cells in the area.

In traditional liposuction, the fatty tissue cells will be manually loosened by the surgeon. Other varieties of liposuction, like ultrasonic or laser-assisted liposuction, may include liquefaction of fat cells via laser or sound waves.

The openings will then be closed up and the procedure is over. The swelling will slowly decrease over a few weeks. Patients should prepare to miss at least one full week of their job, though some may need more.

Liposuction: Your Solution?

I hope, the above points have really helped you determine whether liposuction is the right solution for your obstinate fat deposits. With just a short operation and a couple of weeks of recovery, you could look in the mirror and discover the slimmer, more proportional shape you've always wanted.

If you are hesitating check out this list of celebrities who have admitted to having liposuction.

Liposuction Celebrities

Cardi B

Embed from Getty Images

The rapper first shared that she had gotten liposuction to remove unwanted body fat during her 2019 Beale Street Music Festival performance, telling concertgoers, “I shouldn’t really be performing. I should have canceled today, because moving too much is gonna f*ck up my lipo.”

Before having her liposuction, Cardi had undergone a second breast augmentation after welcoming her daughter, Kulture.

Chrissy Teigen

Embed from Getty Images

Chrissy revealed that she had gotten liposuction to remove unwanted fat from her armpits. “I had my armpit sucked out,” she said at an event back in 2017, She told the press “It added two inches of length to my arms”

Sharon Osbourne

Embed from Getty Images

The Talk cohost said that she got liposuction to tighten loose skin in her neck following dramatic weight loss. “After losing half my body weight, I had flesh hanging everywhere,” she told Britain’s Night and Day magazine in 2008. “I had liposuction on my neck and had it lifted too. I had my breasts lifted, my arms lipoed, and my tummy tucked. I had my bum lifted and implants inserted. And I had my legs lifted. The total cost was 120,000GBP, and it was worth every last penny. I love cosmetic surgery.”   For our readers who might not have 120.000 gBP to throw around check out the prices for liposuction in Istanbul 

Dolores Catania

Embed from Getty Images

Real Housewives of New Jersey star also underwent liposuction in order to tone her figure after losing weight. Dr. Joseph Michaels, a Rockville, Maryland, board-certified plastic surgeon, performed the procedure as well as a tummy tuck and fat transfer to her buttocks as part of the “tune-up.”

So, as you can see, if you have liposuction you will be shedding the fat in some really classy company.


A Compelling Argument for Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgery paradox
A Compelling Argument For Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

The idea that you would wish to transform yourself physically for purely aesthetic purposes makes many feel uncomfortable. To me, however, it seems as if ambition itself is under fire.

Personal Transformation

cosmeti surgery transform

Personal makeover is commonly seen as a desirable if not vital activity for the individual to engage in. It is a global industry with countless theories, techniques and proponents. Whereas previously, us westerners trusted religion, education and philosophy, we now have methods like neuro-linguistic programming, emotional intelligence and meditation. I would explain this as a move from the acquisition of knowledge to the manipulation of the subconscious as the basis for personal transformation.

No matter what its shortcomings or benefits this shift to the manipulation of the consciousness may have, it does allow the idea that personal change is both achievable and beneficial. The new ‘mind' based approach, however, has at its heart a contradiction that appears to encourage the sentiment that bodily change (in this case, our external appearance) is undesirable.

A substantial number of new strategies and approaches that address personal transformation have at their heart the notion that one should ‘be yourself'. The idea that there is such a thing as an irreversible self that the individual should adhere to, is fundamental to the incongruity that is present in the concept of personal change. So, on the one hand, we are encouraged to take personal transformation to our very essence and on the other be ‘true to ourselves' and keep this ‘genuine' self pristine.

To change or not to change? That is the question.


This puzzle to personal change is often played down by critics of the personal transformation industry. I strongly believe that it is essential in clarifying why cosmetic plastic surgery is frowned upon. When we apply personal transformation to the body, in the form of plastic surgery, we are immediately inconsistent with the notion of ‘authenticity'.

A Negative Self Image?
A good example of the negative thinking towards the benefits of cosmetic surgery that seems to originate from the authenticity dilemma highlighted above, is that of ‘Self Image'. It is often believed that if I choose cosmetic surgery then my sense of self worth is too closely tied to that of my physical appearance and that, consequently, is a negative thing. Having a self image that is married to my physical looks is viewed as vain or shallow.

cosmetic surgery for the real housewives

Nowhere is this more evident than in our (comprehensible) disapproval of the individuals that appear on ‘The Housewives of …' programmes that proliferate on day time tv. Accusations of vanity, frivolity and a strong dose of disbelief can not be helped in regard to the show's personalities. At the top of the list of objections, we have the fact that the programme's participants plainly have cosmetic surgery treatments.

I would suggest that ‘The Housewives of' trends covers up the benefits of cosmetic surgery. In parallel with medical science, cosmetic surgery has improved significantly and continues to do so. The procedures continually become more secure, more precise and more adaptable.

It might be that those who have cosmetic surgery have a self image that is too strongly tied to their appearance. This is not the fault of cosmetic surgery.

A New Attitude to Cosmetic Surgery.
It is fascinating to note that a significant number of aesthetic operations are undertaken to help women regain their figures after pregnancy. Perhaps more significantly, cosmetic surgery has reconstructed women's breast after breast cancer, helped burns victims and those with physical impairments.

I think that the wish for cosmetic surgery is essentially aspirational and is an entirely valid form of self improvement. I feel it is the aspirational aspect to cosmetic surgery that its critics find so vexing. We should stop knocking aesthetic surgery for the excesses of the few and celebrate the benefits of plastic surgery for the modern-day marvel that it is.