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Why choose Mexico for Plastic Surgery?

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Mexico is one of the number one tourist destinations in the world, but little did you know people are coming here for other reasons besides the amazing beaches and resorts. Plastic surgery has become a popular tourist attraction here. 10% of people getting surgery in Mexico come from other countries but mostly above the border. People are coming from all around the world to have 5-star procedures for a lower cost making. Mexico in 2015 was ranked 5th in most surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures conducted. So let's answer the question; why has plastic surgery taken off so much here? And what to take into consideration if getting a procedure done in Mexico?

Why has this phenomenon has taken off here?

The Cost is unbelievable!

The cost alone could be enough reason for people to come here and get procedures done here compared to other countries like the USA. When you add up the stay and procedure the cost is about half of what it would cost at other countries. A nose job that would typically cost you $4,400 in the USA would only be a whopping $2,800 in Mexico. That's a real considerable discount factoring in that your doctors and nurses are board certified

Quality of Care

Ranked 8th for most plastic surgeons, with an astonishing 1,550 credited surgeons Mexico is definitely top tier. The hospitals and clinics that provide these services are equipped with all the best equipment and these facilities are very well taken care of.

Convenience of Proximity

Considering most people getting cosmetic surgery done in Mexico come from the USA and Canada, they find it very convenient to travel there. You can also get a direct flight from most major cities and if travelling from the southern states you can simply drive there.

Serious Things to take into consideration when travelling to Mexico for Cosmetic Surgery

Find yourself a certified Surgeon

Whether getting cosmetic surgery done in the USA, Canada or Mexico; you have to do the necessary research in finding a board-certified doctor. You have to make sure the doctor is a licensed plastic surgeon as they had further year's of education compared to a regular doctor.

Finding a doctor with years of experience is key

Take the time to find a doctor with vast experience in the procedure you want to be done. Ask many questions and of you know people that have done procedures with certain doctors, ask them how it went. Look at reviews from multiple sources and compare before and after pictures. .

How well this clinic med your expectations?
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    How well this clinic med your expectations?
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            Know all the risks

            When it comes to surgery you need to know the risks. An experienced doctor will walk you through the risks and explain the positives and negatives that the surgery entails. There are many top tier surgeons in Mexico performing many successful procedures at half the cost. Do the necessary research on your end because that will highly determine your outcome.

            When considering cosmetic surgery put Mexico at the top of the list, you won't regret it.

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