Celebrity Arms Are Trending Liposuction Goes Niche


The body part of the autumn is officially the arms.   Toned, lipo-suctioned arms are trending.  Marketed by Dr Thomas Su from Tampa Florida  – fly in and out the same day with perfectly toned celebrity arms.  Sound great but what is Dr Su offering to his enthusiastic celeb clients?

celebrity arms

The PR information we received is quite exciting.   This is an advanced version of liposuction combined with ‘boot camp' workout of the arm muscles.  You remain awake whilst the fat is removed and the muscles are put through their paces.   Who says Celebs don't put in the effort to look good?  Forget the old, passive sleep while the arms are reduced,  this is a new technique.  I couldn't hope to compete with Dr Su's copywriter who  describes the process thus;

“This advanced control and feel elevate the procedure from suctioning and slimming to the realm of artistic “sculpting.” There is a big difference between making the arms a little smaller, compared to intricately sculpting the arms to show the beautiful shape and contours of the muscles. Dr Su will show patients their new “Celebrity Arms” in front of a mirror immediately after the procedure.”

I just love the immediacy of it all.  You see your new celebrity arms in front of a mirror before you hop in the limo for your journey back to the airport.   So what does this latest celebrity arms deal cost?  Well, it costs plenty.  Depending on whether you have small arms or big arms it can range between $7k to $10k.

There are additional charges for doing more extensive areas such as the upper back and bra bulges which also include the armpit fat. These additional areas also vary in cost depending on the size and average between $2000 to $3000 extra. Doing all areas combined often results in a cost of $10000 to $12000.  This is a healthy wedge of cash but if you are photographed holding a microphone or an Oscar it is a price well worth paying.

As with so many trends, this exclusive celebrity arms sculpting from Thomas Su will trickle down slowly into the wider cosmetic surgery market as influencers and marketeers promote the niche around social media. But for the moment it looks like Dr Su has the whole celebrity world in his arms.