Rhinoplasty The Top Economic Destinations For Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty, and the top economic destinations for your nose surgery. 

The nose is a  ‘work of art' as we show in this humorous video clip.

The nose is one of the most distinct features on a face and has a substantial effect on your overall appearance. So, what is Rhinoplasty, and how can it benefit you? The good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money trying to change your overall appearance – slight changes to the structures of your nose can drastically improve your appearance and self-confidence too.

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that can change your nose’s shape and or improve its function. So whether your nose has a deformity from injury, you have a birth defect, difficulty breathing, or even if it’s too big or crooked – Rhinoplasty can help you correct your nose profile, and repair your flaws while maintaining the natural look of your nose.

How much will my Rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty can be pricy, although the price ultimately depends on your location and the complexity of the surgery. Fortunately, you don’t have to squeeze your pocket dry to get your nose job. Traveling to world medical tourism hubs can save you a whole lot of money and allow you to explore fascinating destinations during your recovery.

However, finding the perfect destination for your nose surgery can be complicated especially since as a medical tourist, you need to be sure you’re getting top of the line treatment.

We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a rundown of the absolute best cosmetic surgery destinations for your rhinoplasty surgery.

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  1. Destination: Singapore 

During the last decade, Singapore has emerged as one of the most visited medical tourist centers in the world.

Their meteoric rise is mainly due to the first-class therapeutic and cosmetic services they provide, and the rapid increase in their state of the art medical centers and subspecialty hospitals.

Places in Singapore: The advanced methods of Rhinoplasty in Hougang, Singapore, and Tampines are our top locations for your nose job in Singapore.

  1. Destination: South Korea

Many Asians find flaws with their noses, so much so, about one in five Korean women undergo one type of cosmetic surgery – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that South Korea is regarded as the world’s capital of plastic surgery. South Korea has many talented rhinoplasty surgeons due to the high number of medical tourists that travel from all over the world.

Due to the high number of Rhinoplasty procedures in South Korea, Nose surgery is called the ‘basics.’ Among other Asian countries, the cost of Rhinoplasty in South Korea can be a little high. However, in comparison to first-world countries like the United States of America, the U.K., and Germany, the price is pretty affordable.

Places in South Korea: Seoul is the hub of many cosmetic centers that specialize in liposuction- and Rhinoplasty.

  1. Destination: Thailand

Thailand is a global tourist hot spot, and one of our favorite countries on this list. Thailand has maintained its position as one of the most frequented medical tourism destinations in the world. Thailand’s praiseworthy mention is predominately due to its remarkably low operation costs and the first-class service they give medical tourists. It’s hardly surprising that medical tourism in Thailand increased by a staggering 16% in 2019 – and these impressive numbers aren’t showing signs of slowing down either. To bolster its already excellent features as an excellent destination for your nose surgery, the cost of Rhinoplasty surgery in Thailand costs about 30 percent less when compared to other first world countries like the United States.

thailand is great for cosmetic surgery
Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun, Bangkok Thailand

A rhinoplasty that can cost $20,000 in America can go as low as $3,000 in Thailand.

Places in Thailand: Bangkok is one of the major cities in Thailand that offers exceptional rhinoplasty centers.

Bonus: After your surgery, you can explore the mouth-watering Thai cuisine, ancient temples, archaeological sites, and its warm sandy beaches.

  1. Destination: Istanbul

Rhinoplasty is one of the mainstays of the Turkish cosmetic surgery market with thousands of ‘nose jobs' performed every year .    Almost every cosmetic surgeon in Turkey is busy promoting their nose job skills so check out our list of Istanbul clinics for more information and costs.

5. Destination London

Although London is one of the more expensive countries on this list, the

astonishing success rate of Rhinoplasty surgery in London is almost unrivaled. The beautiful city houses many well-known cosmetic surgeons. Despite its price, London makes our list because of its medical prowess, and state of the art facilities. Specialists such as Mr Kalpesh Patel in London are well worth considering.

Places in the U.K.: Apart from London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Northampton are also excellent destinations for nose surgeries in the U.K.

Can I get a rhinoplasty?

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Close-up of female face being measured by plastic surgery doctor

When compared to other cosmetic procedures, Rhinoplasty can be technically

demanding. Before you zoom off to the country of your choice, you need to be eligible. Although there are no particular age restrictions, experts recommend patients should be above 15 before undergoing any nose surgery.

As an adult, if you meet these requirements, you are suitable for Rhinoplasty

  • Too small or too wide nostrils
  • Asymmetrical noses
  • Humps on the bridge or tip of the nose
  • An extra-large nose that is uneven when compared to the rest of your face.

Top tip: Make sure you have realistic expectations before your surgery. Rhinoplasty is more suitable for people who are aiming for minor improvements rather than people that want major impractical changes.

Risk of Rhinoplasty

The risks of Rhinoplasty are usually minimal, and in the hands of a professional nose surgeon, the risks are even smaller.

Rhinoplasty is a generally safe procedure that should not cause scarring or any other complications. However, in some rare cases, excess bleeding, infection, and complications with anesthesia can occur. The good news is, these risks can easily be managed.

Top tip: To avoid unnecessary surgery complications, avoid smoking, drinking coffee, and medications containing aspirin or ibuprofen a month before you go on the table for your nose surgery.

Wrap Up!

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that can change skin, bone, cartilage, or all three. So, if you’re on the hunt for a reliable and quality nose surgery at an affordable price, these countries are fantastic destinations to scout.

After your surgery, it takes about two weeks to recover fully – Although, most people feel normal a week after the surgery. I suggest you explore the marvellous cities you’re in. You’d be surprised at the fantastic delicacies and activities you’d find exciting.