5 Conditions That Can Be Corrected Through Plastic Surgery



Social science research shows that an individual's physical appearance significantly impacts their life experiences and opportunities. Plastic surgery is done to create a normal appearance and improve self-esteem. Therefore, it is natural for a person born with body abnormalities to wonder if they are a good plastic surgery candidate.

candidate for plastic surgery

This blog post lists five conditions that can be corrected through plastic surgery.

  1. Physical Abnormalities

Many children have physical abnormalities and congenital disabilities. For example, cleft palate or cleft lip refers to a common congenital disability where the person has an opening or splits in the lip or roof of the mouth. A person with a cleft lip or cleft palate is a good plastic surgery candidate, and plastic surgery can restore normal function of the mouth or lip with minimal scarring.

Plastic surgeons mention surgery can help children or any plastic surgery candidate with congenital disabilities develop normally, and they will not have lower self-confidence when interacting with other people. Plastic surgery can also be useful to treat other physical abnormalities like ear abnormalities, extra toes or fingers, and webbed fingers or toes.

  1. Breast Reduction

As per the 2019 survey (the Harris Poll), one reason people go for cosmetic treatments like plastic surgery is to improve self-confidence and esteem. The survey results show around 22% of candidates surveyed considered surgical procedures to improve physical appearance.

Breast surgery is not limited to increasing or reducing breast size. Both men and women undergo breast reduction surgery for a number of reasons. For example, male breast reduction surgery reduces self-consciousness in men who have developed large breasts due to certain medications, puberty growth, genetic disorders, or certain medical conditions.

  1. Breast Reconstruction


Breast cancer survivors generally go for breast reconstruction surgery. The main reason for opting for breast reconstruction surgery is to make women feel more comfortable about their appearance. Breast reconstruction surgery is also recommended for women who are experiencing breast asymmetry or feel conscious due to differences in the size and shape of their breasts.

  1. Injury Recovery

Burns, bites, and traumatic injuries often leave significant scars behind. These scars make the person conscious and also remind them of traumatic injury. Any person with a  traumatic scar on the face or any part of the body is a plastic surgery candidate. Plastic surgeons can repair tissue and skin damage both under and above.

Cosmetic surgery will improve the physical appearance of the affected body part and help the patient feel less self-conscious. The surgery will also help in improving the functionality of the injured body area.

  1. Treatment for Medical Conditions and Health Problems

Plastic surgery can also be a good solution to various medical conditions and health problems. For example, eyelid correction surgery is ideal for people who have drooping eyelids and always look tired. Plastic surgery can not only improve facial appearance but also improve vision.

Rhinoplasty refers to a nose job recommended for people suffering from sleep apnea. Plastic surgery will fix the structural defects of the nose and improve breathing.

These are five conditions that can be corrected by plastic surgery. There is no doubt plastic surgery has the true power and potential to make a huge difference in people’s lives.