Being Barbie And Ken How Cosmetic Surgery Brings Fantasies To Life
Barbara Luna Sipos a human Barbie doll
Barbara Luna Sipos (Photo credit Instagram)

Only the other day I was considering reasons to be concerned that Hungary was not allowing British visitors for Covid reasons.  I briefly worried about my implants that were done by a Hungarian dentist a few years ago but they are feeling quite secure.  I had a moment of regret tat Magareta Island would not be on my holiday list – its really lovely in Summer and I spent a happy week at the Danius hotel one August whilst my implants were settling in.   but then, I chanced a glance at the Sun online and was enthralled by the a goddess who combined the beauty of a giant Barbie doll with an illustrated guide to cosmetic surgery.

Barbara Luna Sipos is the name of this enchanting creature, has devoted much of her young life to sculpting a version of herself that is both magnificent and scary.  From childhood she has been obsessed with Barbie dolls    Grace be to God that she wasn’t obsessed with Moomins!!!   She has had 10 cosmetic surgeries so far and there will undoubtedly be more to come.    She has increased her breast size from 34B to 34F which at least answers an age old question.   Could a living version of a Barbie doll actually stand up straight or would the bosom make her topple over?

Rodrigo Alves a human version of Ken
Rodrigo Alves

Although her husband has financed her obsession to the tune of £125.000 she is obviously with the wrong partner.  She should have teamed up with Rodrigo Alves who has spent even more money turning himself/herself into a replica of Ken, Barbie’s official beau.  Rodrigo Alves, also known as the “Human Ken Doll”, recently revealed she’s a transgender woman saying that while many know her as “Ken”, inside she’s “always felt like Barbie”. Rodrigo hit some problems when his nose began to fall off but he would certainly find a sympathetic although perhaps surgically adjusted ear, with Ms Sipos.

roddy in barbie mode
Rodrigo (Roddy) Alves in latest Barbie mode

There are those out there, in media land, who say this is an example of how cosmetic surgery can fuel obsessions and ruin lives.  But this is too much of a knee-jerk tabloid reaction.   Cosmetic surgery can be a real force for good amongst young people.  I clearly remember a girl in my class at school who had a nose to rival Concorde.  One September she arrived in the school yard a changed person, new nose, new personality and hopefully a brighter future.   Nature does not treat us all fairly and sometimes we have to make our own modifications.  The sad fact that some people act out fantasies and obsessions should not be used as a criticism of cosmetic surgery itself it is just a means of expressing some deep disturbance.