The Cosmetic Surgery Secrets Of The Tech Titans Revealed

Access to bio-hacking tools such as stem cells and hormones along with other cosmetic surgery secrets is allowing men to look, perform, and think better.  When you combine this with all sorts of injectables and body sculpting treatments, such as Emsculpt and Trusculpt Flex perhaps you can end up looking like Jeff Bezos or Peter Thiel.

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Following on from the ‘Rich Girl Look' of last season we come onto what the Daily Telegraph has termed the ‘Billionaire Look'.   This is apparently the must-have look for CEOs in or out of Silicon Valley.  It is that look that delivers authority to your team and confidence to your investors.  It is certainly a look we have been seeing a lot of recently.  It is part of this search for eternal youth that has encouraged Jeff Bezos and Peter Theil to invest in biotech pioneers like Unity Biotechnology who are riding high on the stock market.

Elon Musk is busily promoting his ever-evolving Neuralink AI chip, designed to interface with different areas of the human brain, once implanted, to help those with severe neurological conditions. It is part of a trend driven by the ‘Peter Pans' of the high tech industries.   So what are the cosmetic surgery secret that budding titans of industry are going for?

By and large, they are less invasive than that of their predecessors. men of means are turning to non-invasive procedures, most notably Ultherapy, a relatively painless FDA-cleared ultrasound treatment that requires no downtime.  In an interview with Town and Country Magazine Jessie Cheung, a Chicago-based cosmetic dermatologist suggested that the impression of alpha power is associated with sexual power and are opting for the augmented Priapus Shot or P-shot,

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Cheung says a treatment that’s the male equivalent of the O-shot. She is also increasingly recommending a machine called Emsella, better known as the Orgasm Throne, which generates approximately 11,000 Kegel contractions in 30 minutes (it was originally developed for female incontinence). “It really gives you an invigorating kick in the pants,” Cheung says.

Tech giants like Bezos are rumoured to have made use of stem-cell treatments  These are then injected into the face where required. Cheekbones, brows, chins and jawlines benefit from the stem cells, which continue to grow and to boost collagen production around the injection site, leading to long-term volume and glowing skin.  Bezos is certainly a poster boy for 50 + age group so his cosmetic surgery secrets are well worth looking at..

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Infini is the marketing name for a new radio-frequency microneedling treatment, particularly good for ageing male skin. Essentially, hot needles similar to those used in acupuncture are inserted into the skin, with radio-frequency waves then stimulating all kinds of cell activity around them. Results are immediate and on­going, which is the gold standard for high rollers.  Expect to see these being promoted at your local clinic over the coming 12 months.  You can, of course, buy a micro-needling kit for use at home from Mr Bezos himself at the Amazon store but whether this will give you similar results to the cosmetic surgery secrets of the rich and famous is debatable.

So, if you want to impress your team and the venture capitalists that fund you, there are some excellent trending treatments and products out there on the market and many more in the pipeline.