Cosmetic Surgery In China Will The Boom Continue After Coronavirus

Will Cosmetic Surgery be Another Covid-19 Victim?

With all the seismic world changes this month caused by coronavirus it is worth looking at how the demand for cosmetic surgery in China has surged over recent years and we wonder if this will continue when the virus storm has passed.  I was reading an interesting CNN article today which explores the passion Chinese women have for changing the way they look.  Here is a an edited version of the CNN discussion.

cinese cosmetic surgery


Manga & K-Pop Role Models

An expanding number of Chinese women are utilising cosmetic surgery to attain bigger eyes, high cheekbones, slim noses and slim legs. Like Wu, several are seeking to mimic an elegance optimal motivated by elements of Japan's manga comics, South Korea's K-Pop and also Western culture.
In 2014, greater than 7 million Chinese individuals had cosmetic surgery, according to the China Organization of Plastics as well as Visual appeals. Simply three years later on, information compiled by Shanghai branch of Frost & Sullivan professionals recommended the number was closer to 16.3 million.
According to specialists interviewed by CNN, the surge in plastic surgery in China is in part because of a series of applications like So-Young and also GengMei, which enable potential individuals to view before and also after images, publication surgeries and also look for credit report to spend for them.

” In China, it is extremely difficult to discover reliable details on facilities, specifically in smaller cities,” described Tony DeGennaro, founder of Dragon Social, a Chinese market knowledge firm. “Individuals no more rely on the search results page returned by (internet search engine) Baidu, following a number of medical rumours involving the platform, so these brand-new applications have taken control of as unofficial directory sites of surgeons.”

Many of the Chinese females having cosmetic surgery are young and living in the country's second and 3rd rate cities, according to a white paper published in 2019 by So-Young, based on evaluation of its very own data and also check outs to clinics.

More than half are under the age of 26, the white paper claimed. To place that right into point of view, plastic surgery people under 30 years old compose a simple 6% of the overall in the United States.

For members of China's Generation Z, having cosmetic surgery is a method to stand apart in a progressively jampacked dating scene and work market. “China continues to be a very patriarchal society,” said Brenda Alegre, a gender researches speaker at Hong Kong College that has actually investigated the cosmetic surgery pattern. “Being attractive  is a means to ensure you will certainly succeed at the office as well as you will find a partner.”

cosmetic surgery in china

The spread of net culture, with appealing livestreaming hosts as well as picture applications like Meitu, which enable their individuals to boost their selfies by getting rid of flaws, has actually additionally made cosmetic surgery more desirable. “Individuals seek to reproduce in reality the effects they are getting with these applications,” said Dr. Stephanie Lam, a plastic surgeon in Hong Kong.

Cosmetic surgery applications

Applications that match clients to doctors and also centers are incredibly prominent in China. The largest one, GengMei, has 36 million users as well as lists practically 20,000 doctors on its system, a company spokesperson confirmed. Tencent backed So-Young has 2.47 million month-to-month energetic users and also virtually 6,000 surgeons noted, according to a So-Young agent.

But will this all continue in our post-virus world/. Will cosmetic surgery be a medical procedure of choice once the medical profession is back to normal?   Will wealthy Chinese still be allowed to travel for eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty?  Will the corona virus irreparably harm our lust for elective beauty surgery?