jessica the barbie doll

Jessica, the Barbie Doll that Mattel forgot to make, is celebrating her first anniversary with a fabulous, blingy photo shoot.  Yes, the Human Ken Doll, Rodrigo Alves, continues his lifelong plastic surgery obsession by transforming into Jessica, the Human Barbie Doll.  Alves who has had more cosmetic procedures than most of us have had the literal hot dinner is hitting the headlines yet again.

Confirming his joy in transitioning from Ken to Barbie,  Alves puts it very sweetly.

“As a man I had a great life, I achieved and did lots of very fun, cool things — but I was never truly happy because I kept having surgeries to modify myself when what I actually really wanted was to transition,” Alves says.

“When I look at myself in the mirror I feel really happy, I see the woman that was inside me all along.”

Well, that woman is now there for us all to witness and admire.

jessica barbie

Whilst it tempting to suggest that Alves and the search for Barbie glory is simply the attention-seeking act of someone with endless funds and inventive surgeons I think there is more than that.   We are watching the unfolding of a dream made flesh.

Firstly he believed he had truly found himself in his Ken persona but then slowly realised that whilst the ‘ball game' was right the team he was playing for was wrong.  It was not Ken that Alves wanted to morph into it was Barbie herself !- An easy mistake to make I suppose – so once the base work was done and the nose was on the point of collapse,  Alves yearned for the hips, the glorious breasts and, of course, the fabulous wardrobe.  I mean, what has Ken got?  Some commando camouflage gear, a boring dinner jacket, some country casuals and so on.  As Jessica, te whole Barbie wardrobe is available – oscar-winning robes, boho wedding gowns, the very best Rodeo Drive has to offer.

Happy birthday, Jessica, I do hope that you will find everything as you dreamt it would be.  As Will Shakespeare once said ‘ we are such stuff as dreams are made of…'