Labiaplasty Hymen Repair And The Top Economic Destinations For Your Intimate Female Surgery

Intimate Female Cosmetic Surgery – What You Need to Know.

A woman’s body constantly evolves throughout her life – From childbirth, pregnancy, ageing, and surprisingly, during weight gain. The muscles around our body start to weaken during these changes, and one area of the body that tends to be affected is the vagina. so many women consider the advantages of intimate female cosmetic surgery.

The loose vaginal muscles around your Labia can be unsightly, especially when you’re wearing a swimsuit, or even having sexual intercourse. So what is Labiaplasty?

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If you’ve ever felt your vagina tugging away at you when you walk, or you’ve noticed one part of your labia is significantly longer than the other – You may be due for a vaginal rejuvenation.

A large number of women opt for vaginal rejuvenation for both cosmetic and reconstructive reasons.

Labiaplasty is an intimate female cosmetic surgery that alters the size and shape of the labia major, labia minor, or both. This procedure is usually to correct a notable difference in the length of the labia.

Another important surgery women opt-in for is Hymenoplasty. The hymen is not an impenetrable barrier, and between using your first tampon, having sex for the first time, or even doing a demanding exercise like horse riding, chances are your hymen will tear. Contrary to popular belief, some women aren’t born with their hymen intact.

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Hymenorrhaphy is a reconstruction surgery carried out to restore a broken hymen that poses many ethical questions, in terms of social, cultural and medical issues. Virginity in females is a highly prized commodity in certain cultures and carries familial honour where non-virgins can face prejudice, social ostracisation and even death as they are considered to be bringing shame to the family.   It is, however, a procedure very much in demand with many London clinics offering ‘virginity revival' treatments.  In the UK alone more than 9000 people ‘Googled' ‘Hymen Repair  during the last 12 months.

How much will my Labiaplasty cost? 

The prices of cosmetic surgeries are surging in major countries, and they don’t seem to be slowing down either. The good news is, you don’t have to empty your wallet before you undergo your procedure. Whether you are planning to have a Labiaplasty, eyelid surgery or Rhinoplasty, travelling a medical tourist is a better and more economical option. As a medical tourist, you can explore the world and get first-grade healthcare at an affordable rate. Unfortunately, searching for the perfect destination for your surgery can be challenging.

You don’t have to fret! We know how important Labiaplasty can be in a woman’s life. I’ve compiled a list of the absolute best destinations to have your intimate female surgery.

Destination: Brazil.  Check our Brazil Listings here.

It shouldn’t come as surprise Brazil makes our list of top economic destinations for your vaginal rejuvenation. Brazil is the epicentre of medical tourism in Latin America – And rightly so. Brazil boasts of sophisticated medical equipment, certified surgeons, and state of the art surgery clinics. Despite being the 3rd most visited country behind the United States and China, the cost of surgeries is surprisingly affordable.

Places in Brazil: Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are two exceptional cities worth exploring. The two cities are home to advanced medical technology, and world-renowned JCI accredited hospitals.

Top Tip: After your procedure, Brazil also has remarkable tourist centres worth exploring. You can spend your recovery time learning a new language, trying delicious cuisines, or relaxing on the warm beach.

Destination: Thailand – check out our Thai Listings.


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Thailand’s dynamic healthcare industry attracts millions of medical travellers every year, and these numbers aren’t showing signs of dropping any time soon. In fact, Thailand has gradually transformed into Asia’s biggest medical hub. Asides from the remarkable amount of cosmetic surgeons in the country, Thailand is also well known for the special treatment they give medical tourists. To bolster their already impressive medical prowess, you can save as much as 40% – 50% on your procedure, when compared to similar procedures in the U.S.

Places in Thailand: Bangkok is by far our preferred location in Thailand. The city hosts the reputable Bumrungrad International Hospital and other noteworthy JCI accredited hospitals.

Top tip: You can explore the exotic beaches, ancient temples, hot springs and experience their rich, fascinating culture.

Destination: Germany

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Museum Island with Berlin Cathedral – Berlin, Germany

Although the cost of Labiaplasty in Germany is more expensive than Thailand and India, undergoing your procedure here is still more economical when compared to the U.S. and London. Germany’s medical prowess in cosmetic surgery is almost unrivalled. The state-of-the-art surgery clinics, excellent success rate, and revolutionary medical technology have given Germany its noteworthy mention on our list. The Park Clinic Birkenwerder in Berlin, for example lists Labia correction on its website starting at €1900.

Places in Germany: The quality services rendered in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg qualify them as excellent destinations for your Labiaplasty in Germany.

Top tip: If you’re not a fan of big cities, and you prefer a more serene environ, I recommend you choose smaller cities like Wiesbaden and Heidelberg.

How well this clinic med your expectations?
    • Dr Bianca Knoll Frankfurt Germany (approved)
    How well this clinic med your expectations?
      • Park Klinik Birkenwerder, Berlin Germany (approved)
      How well this clinic med your expectations?
        • Dr Barbara Kernt Clinic Munich Germany (approved)
        How well this clinic med your expectations?
          • Dr Sattler Clinic Hamburg Germany. (approved)
          How well this clinic med your expectations?
            • Parkklinik, Karlsruhe. Germany (approved)

            Destination: India. check out out our India Listings here.

            intimate female cosmetic surgery in India

            India witnessed an astronomical rise and quickly established itself as a significant force in the world medical industry.

            It has become extremely difficult to overlook the premium medical service India provides. The high-quality cosmetic surgery clinics and low cost of procedures have skyrocketed India into one of the fastest-growing medical tourist destinations in the world offering intimate female cosmetic surgery alongside tummy tucks and nose jobs.

            Top tip: Due to the large number of medical tourists coming to India, public hospitals are often congested. I recommend choosing a private cosmetic surgery clinic.

            Destination Turkey: Check out our Turkish Listings here.

            Turkey has always ranked as one of the most visited countries. Today, Turkey’s top-notch medical expertise has made them one of the global hotspots for medical tourism. So much so, their medical industry attracts about 700,000 people every year compared to the 75,000 in 2015. The considerable investments in the medical field have paved the way for cutting-edge facilities, and experienced surgeons in the country.

            Places in Turkey: Istanbul is one of the best cities for your cosmetic surgery. Despite their world-class expertise and highly-trained medical surgeons, the cost of cosmetic procedures in Turkey is relatively affordable.

            Are the results of your Labiaplasty permanent?

            Once you go on the table, your Labiaplasty procedure will have a permanent effect.

            So if you’ve had complications with your labia, your labia will look and feel a lot better.


            Every surgery has risks. However, some procedures are more complicated than others. Labiaplasty has a success rate of about 95%. Complications that could arise during your procedure include;

            • Numbness
            • Scarring
            • Reduced sensitivity in the vulva
            • Painful sex
            • Bleeding
            • Infection


            After your surgery, the swelling will reduce in about 6 weeks. However, you can start having sexual intercourse and wearing tampons after about 4 – 6 weeks. To relieve your pain, I recommend you put ice packs between your elastic tights for 20 minutes, 4 times a day.

            Your recovery time is also a crucial part of your Labiaplasty. You can speed up your rate of recovery by taking time out to relax and explore the fascinating city around you.

            Wrap up!

            Having an outstretched labia can be challenging, especially since it can be embarrassing when you wear tight-fitting clothes. In fact, an extended labia could go as far as affecting your sex drive and self-confidence too. Whatever your case may be intimate female cosmetic surgery like Hymenoplasty, Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty are very delicate. And we realize just how sensitive it can be. So, we’ve come up with the perfect destinations for your procedure.

            Alternatives to intimate female cosmetic surgery:

            Even though intimate cosmetic surgery is on the increase there are other less-invasive alternatives to consider.  Many women practise Kegel exercises to tighten up their vaginal muscles which can improve sexual pleasure and also, in later years, prevent incontinence.  Other non-invasive options are currently available with the LADYLIFT® system and vaginal laser treatment.

            Unfortunately the only alternative to Hymen repair would be at a cultural level where less value is placed on virginity in bridal customs.  Until then you can use our site to explore economic options around the world.