Sex And Cosmetic Surgery For Women


How Long Should I Wait To Have Sex Again?

Sex is a healthy part of most people's lives, and wondering when you can resume having sex after plastic surgery is natural.    Nowadays, many women are opting for cosmetic surgery that enhances their sex lives, such as labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation (designer vaginas).  Even so, asking your cosmetic surgeon  “when can I have sex again?” makes some patients feel rather shy. We want to assure you that your surgeon won't blush at the question and will be happy to discuss the topic with you because they know just how important it is to be aware of physical restrictions during recovery.

Many factors govern how long you should wait before you test out the benefits of your surgery.  It all depends on the procedure, your comfort level, and your body's ability to heal.  With your new and improved look, you and your partner may be keen to regain your rhythm, but patience is a virtue here, and it is wise to take your time healing before you get energetic. Many women find that waiting also makes a return to activity even better than expected!

Apart from the obvious genital procedures, other surgeries can enhance your sexual life.

Expressing the Right to Orgasm

In point of fact, the  Aesthetic Journal of surgery has said that Breast Enlargement and Body Contouring may also improve sex lives. Is known to make people look younger and feel better about themselves. Now new research suggests that it may also improve sex life and the ability to achieve orgasm.  It has also b been suggested that by combining this form of surgery with specialist female arousal gels such as Vigorelle can boost the female orgasm to been greater heights.

These gels work by means of the innovative transdermal delivery system. By combining botanical extracts and therapeutic nutrients with natural skin permeation enhancers such as olive squalane, important ingredients can cross the lipid barrier of the epidermis. The result is greatly enhanced sexual sensations in a woman's body.  It makes sense to combine these natural remedies with surgery or even try them for a while before taking the surgical option.

Sex and Cosmetic Surgery For Confidence

It is no secret that plastic surgery enhances <span class=”ent _body_image”>body image and restores self-confidence. And it is well known that if someone feels better about themselves, they become more sexual.  Guy Stofman, MD, told  WebMD. that there is now substantive data to show how self-image can impact sexual satisfaction. Stofman is chief of plastic surgery at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh and a clinical assistant professor of plastic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh.  Stofman cautions, with I suppose, a half-smile

“We don't want the populace to think, ‘Hey, if I have my breasts done, I will have more sex,'” he says. “You don't have cosmetic surgery to have better sex. This is just an added perk.”

Regardless of why we may choose to undergo one of these procedures, their degree of success is, to a large extent, also decided by how satisfied we are with the end result.

Research has shown that ladies who opt for one of the more common types of genital cosmetic surgery, such as labiaplasties, are generally pleased with the results.

One review gives an overall satisfaction rate of 90–95 per cent for women, while postoperative sexual satisfaction ranks at 80–85 per cent.

Sex and Cosmetic Surgery – Does it Bring Happiness?

sex and cosmetic surgery
Make peace with your vagina..

One only has to listen to the story of 38 yr old Vicky, a New Yorker, who did a ‘tell-all to ‘Women's Health' website about sex and cosmetic surgery.   Vicky apparently had been unhappy with her labia and vagina for a long time.  it made her inhibited in her sexual relations and left her feeling insecure.   Now, having had the aforementioned pruning and trimming done in her ‘lady garden' Vicky is a new enthusiast of oral sex and other intimacies.   Her enthusiasm for her designer vagina is compelling:

I love it. At the two-and-a-half-week mark, I said, “Oh my god, I can't believe how amazing I look!” I didn't realize just how amazing I looked and how wonderful I felt until I did my follow up six weeks after, though. When I saw my before pictures, I said, “Please close the book! I don't want to look at it. I can't.” It was already out of my head. At that point, I didn't want to see what I used to look like. I just want to show it off. I felt like I was part of the It Crowd.

And as for sexual pleasure, she says ” The sensation has quadrupled. I've always been able to have clitoral orgasms, but it's intensified the experience. You just want to scream like Tarzan. It's just that intense. ”

When you get this kind of feedback it is easy to see why women are interested in sex and cosmetic surgery.  It is every woman's right to obtain their greatest physical satisfaction in their sexual relationships and it a branch of cosmetic surgery that will be with us for a long while to come.

So where should you go for your geniital makeover assuming we get back the right to travel.?  All the hot spots are good for vaginal makeovers.  You can get the work done in Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Indonesia and certainly Turkey. But for the moment you are probably going to be looking at your own homebase – the US or maybe the UK or Australia    Pricewise, a labiaplasty in London for example would cost betwee $3k and $4k which is much the same as in California.  In Lithuania for example Nordesthetics charge about 40% less and in Istanbul you will pay around $2k.    But these days with lock downs and a heavily disrupted medical tourism sector your choices are more constrained.