Amazing news for all you cosmetic surgery fan out there.  Netflix, the world's favourite streaming service is bringing you a reality show, ‘Skin Decision' which looks at ‘before and after ‘ scenarios in the lives of cosmetic surgeon clients.

The trailer gives a brief look at the confidence boost clients are given after their procedures which is sure to warm your heart.

“Plastic surgery doesn't have to mean changing who you are, it's about becoming the best version of yourself,” a voice can be heard saying.

“Everyone has something about themselves that they don't like physically,” Nazarian says in the trailer.

“Our goal is for people to feel good in their own skin.”

The brief clip includes plenty of emotional moments from patients as they open up to the medical professionals about their insecurities.

“I don't have to look like Barbie, I just want to look normal,” one woman explains.

nip and tuck cosmetic surgery show skin decision

This show will get huge audience ratings as have other shows such as ‘Nip and Tuck' which have tackled the fascinating world of cosmetic and plastic surgery. and ran from 2003 – 2010.

The Netflix Skin Decision show will certainly target the Instagram generation of young women who base much of their self worth on the quality of their ‘selfies' and follow assiduously the cosmetic surgery lives of the Kardashians and other reality stars.  I for one, can't wait for this series to jump into my living room.  the opening episode sound very good ‘The Scars do not Define Me'  which looks at plastic surgery to repair damage from an accident.

Another episode ‘I Always Look Pregnant'  – performer Melissa needs a fix for her distended stomach after e4 kids. . Nurse Jamie tackles Patty's skin damage from alcohol, smoking and the sun.

Bring it on!