When I started this site back in November 2019 it never entered my wildest imaginations that most, if not all, the cosmetic surgery clinics in this world would be closed or working on a very restricted basis.  Yes, here we are in April 2020 in the midst of a Coronavirus epidemic that has shaken the world to its very foundations.  Airlines have grounded their entire fleets and airports are operating on a limited basis.  Borders are closed everywhere and the very idea of popping over to Bangkok for a ‘tummy-tuck’ for cosmetic surgery tourism has become risible.  I am not a prophet so I cannot know if this is a seismic change in our world or if things will drift back to normal in due time.  I would like to think this is merely a ‘blip’ in our history and not the end of the world as we knew it.

As we come out of lockdown my guess is that cosmetic surgery will open up on a country by country basis.  Places like Singapore who have dealt very quickly with Covid-19 infections will probably be up and running early on.  They have a large medical tourism sector that is eagerly supported by the government as a strong earner of tourist dollars.

turkey is a great destination for cosmetic surgery
The beautiful Süleymaniye mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

My heart goes out to countries like Turkey and India both of whom were developing large and profitable markets in the medical tourism sector.  Turkey was the leading destination for low-price hair transplants and had built a local industry around cosmetic surgery tourism . Just how well-financed some of these clinics are makes me worry who will be left standing when the crisis is over.  Turkey is already struggling under its refugee crisis and political instability.   Now with no British tourists and no bald heads to treat it will be ruinous on their fragile economy.

Amazingly, people are still interested in cosmetic surgery tourism and we are getting thousands of daily impressions on Google and lots of clicks through to our listings.  We aim to be the number #1 resource for information on cosmetic surgery destinations.   Many other sites only run sponsored listings which pay them commissions for patients following listings.  We do no such thing.  We don’t funnel you into booking through us or just going to commission paying clinics.   Our business model is to provide correct information to visitors so they can make their own decisions.  We want you to trust us and recommend us to your friends and family. If you feel a particular clinic should be added to our pages just send me an email admin@bestcosmeticsurgeons.com.   If you are a clinic who wants to be listed then just click on the ‘list your clinic’ link and we will see about adding you.

I am keeping an optimistic view on this situation and will blog more about it as the lockdown continues.