A great deal has been blogged about the trend of ‘Instagram face‘ and, especially, how it influences women. Last year, Instagram said that it would get rid of all augmented reality filters which portrayed or promoted cosmetic surgery amid worries that they were damaging people's mental health. Studies from around the world have confirmed that there is a correlation between these filters, body dysmorphia and a desire to get plastic surgery or ‘tweakments' like Botox and fillers.

Be that as it may, there are still augmented reality filters which guarantee to make you look ‘snatched' which, essentially, means it will help you conform to the current Instagram beauty standard of pale, smooth skin, high cheekbones, a tiny nose, larger lips and doe eyes.

augmented reality filters
Credit Instagram Daniel Mooney

Social media and body image are a complex relationship. Unobtainable beauty standards are on a high due to the use of facetune, and face augmented reality where waists are ‘snatched', jawlines sharper, and lips bigger. The question is, have you ever desired a complete surgical makeover? Well, Instagram has done a sound job at attaining that look for you. With plenty of varieties to choose from whether it's a harmless skin smoothing enhancement or the full deal, these innocent yet ‘hazardous' filters are promoting the need for improvement to the suggestible users of Instagram

There are lots of filters available, get Kyle Jenner lips, get ‘Baby Doll' look.  you can follow jypsyfix  and really amaze your friends.

Indeed, the pandemic and lockdown has provided a perfect backdrop for augmented reality filters Teen Vogue recently explored the rise of virtual makeup, and luxury brands have been dabbling in augmented-reality fashion and interior design for some time—trends that will likely only accelerate now that many Americans and  Brits  have less disposable income.

One of the major effect ts of the pandemic has been to change our use of social media.  Pre-COVID Instagram and Snapchat could document our lives hanging out with friends.  Now our social spaces have been ruthlessly taken from us and these hese platforms are now providing tools for people to illustrate their feelings “of fear, shock, loneliness, wanting something even if it is only Kyle Jenner's lips.

augmented reality filter

Yes, Instagram can be a lot of fun for many young women but we know that filters are very damaging to young impressionable minds and whilst using augmented reality filters to lift your eyebrows or pumping up your lips on your feed can be fun and give you a bunch of endorphin-loaded likes it might also let you start dreaming about filtering your real body features which could be less fun in the longterm.