Did they?, Didn't they?  Will they? Won't they?   The questions are falling out of my inbox this week like raindrops in a summer storm.  There are some people out there who don't really care if a KPop babe adjusted his chin contour or a reality TV star had botox but we like to feature some news and gossip.

cosmetic surgery denial

This week the gossips are pointing a knowing finger at Soyu the super cool Kpop star who just released her new single ‘Gotta Go'.  she has changed her hair colour and looks even more radiant than ever.  So fans are saying she has had cosmetic surgery to revitalise her career.  Soyu hotly denies the suggestion and puts it all down to her makeup box.

She stated, “It's been five years since I did such a strong makeup. If I erase my makeup, I look the same.”  Yet these denials just add to the mystery and a bit of fan mag controversy never hurt record sales.

Denial #2 today comes from

cosmetic denial