Helpful Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips You Should Follow

There are numerous reasons why people decide to get a nose job, from not being happy with their nose’s appearance, to breathing issues. So, if you’re thinking of having a rhinoplasty and want to be able to recover quickly and enjoy your new nose without worry, look no further. Here are some top tips for your speedy rhinoplasty recovery.!

After a nose job, you will probably notice bruising on your face. The swelling and recovery process is different for everyone. Most people will have some bruises under the eyes, but these can also be seen near the cheekbones or along the side of the face.

Exercise, Sex and Blood Pressure

On average, patients should be able to resume light exercise within 1-2 weeks of their surgery date. It is important to listen to your body and refrain from doing strenuous exercise during the entire recovery process. By 4 weeks post-op, most patients feel 100% recovered.

One limitation of this cosmetic procedure is that you can't engage in certain types of sports, such as contact sports.

It is a good idea to keep blood pressure stable for the days following your nose job and since sex will arise your blood pressure you should take things gently during that first recovery period.

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The nose typically takes about seven days to return to its pre-surgery size. With the cause of swelling being blood flow from the existing tissues into others, it’s important to increase blood flow in order to transfer fluids from old tissues into peripheral regions of the body. This is often accomplished with a facial massage or light exercise program to increase oxygen in the blood.

While most swelling from your recent rhinoplasty procedure will dissipate in the first few months, you will quickly find yourself able to post close-up selfies on the Internet. This is due to your new sense of confidence as well as the fact that you can finally inhale without involuntarily sneezing.

PRP and Rhinoplasty healing

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)  is rapidly becoming part of the nose surgery healing process. and it has also been found to be particularly beneficial in orthopaedic procedures as well. In knee arthroscopy,  and other cosmetic surgeries.   Blood from the patient’s arm is drawn and then spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma and platelets. The concentrated platelets are then injected into the injured area to encourage the healing of soft tissue while reducing bleeding and pain.

Post-Operative Care

Ice is your friend as long as you don’t overdo it. In the first 48 hours or so after your rhinoplasty, ice your nose for 15 minutes every hour that you’re awake. This tip is important to keep in mind for an early reduction in swelling.

What about your Rhinoplasty Recovery Diet Plan?

After rhinoplasty, it is best to avoid foods that are hard or tough (such as a carrot) or difficult to chew (such as steak). We recommend eating lighter meals such as steamed vegetables for the first few days, but this is optional. we also recommend you drink lots of water.

So, to ensure your health after rhinoplasty, feed your body fresh fruit. The papaya and pineapple are particularly high in enzymes that will further enhance the body’s natural healing process and in doing so reduce swelling.

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Your Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

The first night after a rhinoplasty? Stay upright. This helps to drain any blood that is sitting in the tissues as lying flat can cause blood to pool and swell the nose.

What to expect after the first week?

After getting a nose job, get moving. Don’t stay in bed for days after a procedure. You aren’t sick; you don’t have anything except a small section of your body, called the nose. Get up and get going! A lot of people are productive and work at home until they feel ready to see others again from 5 to 7 to 10 days after the procedure.

One Month After the Operation

Patients are comfortable with their breathing and noses by the 1-month post-op visit. You can expect your nose to greatly improve as it heals but the majority of the swelling and bruising will have dissipated which will allow you to breathe easier. You can now comfortably return to your normal activity.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Takes Time

Like wine, your crooked nose only gets better with time. After 3-6 months the rhinoplasty is considered complete, but you can still expect to see maturation for up to a year, as swelling gradually retires from your new nose.

Nose jobs are minor cosmetic procedure that can have big results. Some patients say they feel like their nose was made for them after plastic surgery, which is exactly what you should expect from a natural-looking nose.

Key Takeaway: Stuff to Get From Your Pharmacy:

Patients start taking a natural healing extract such as arnica just before their surgery day and keep taking it for 10 days as this will lessen bruising. A saline spray is helpful to use in the beginning weeks of recovery, as it helps to keep nasal passages moist and reduces dryness.