rich family face
Hey, let's all get redrawn!!!

When Dr Andrew Jacono speaks, the cosmetic surgery world listens.   Jacono has star quality and has been the ‘face of the facelift ‘ for some time now.  This is the man who gave us the ‘Park Avenue Face' which is a more geographically defined version of the ‘rich girls' face‘ and the title of one of his best selling books.  So when Jacono points to a trend in cosmetic surgery,  – the ‘Rich Family' Face pundits like myself sit up and take note.

Dr jacono sees a trend with rich family face
Dr Andrew Jacono

Talking to Town and Country magazine recently, Dr Jacono talks about cosmetic surgery in the family context. Indeed, making the decision to have plastic or cosmetic surgery is life-changing. Whether you’re receiving plastic surgery out of medical necessity or you want to improve the way that you look or feel, there’s a chance that your life will be significantly different after you have fully recovered.

Pursuing surgery is not an easy choice, and you may feel the need to consult with other people in your life to help ensure that you are making the right decision.  This makes sense but Jacono sees it going a stage further.  He notes a trend where family members are going ‘en famille' to cosmetic surgery consultations like a group outing to the stores or the opera.

In the interview, Jacono says “Next week I’m doing a husband, a wife, and a daughter on the same day. The husband and wife are getting their face-lifts done, and the daughter is getting a rhinoplasty. I have another case coming up that’s a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter. The grandmother and mother are getting face-lifts, and the daughter, who is in her early forties, is getting her eyelids done.”  This is the ‘rich family face' in all its glory.

I have, myself known of overweight siblings (brother/sister) who have gone on slimming spas together and had used the same liposuction surgeon, but this seems to be a whole new ball game.   There is, apparently a lot about support from within the family that somehow helps recovery and strengthens family bonds.

” Support from a relative going through the same thing can make recovery easier, “People are happier because they have encouragement along the way”

Jacono  recounts that he did twin sisters’ noses, and even in the recovery room I could hear them talking through the curtain, saying, ‘You’re amazing, you did a great job.’ It was sweet.”

One can hear the conversation over Xmas dinner this year when the Vuitton face masks have been set aside.  How discussing family resemblances will focus on the delicate rhinoplasty surgery or the brow lift which might yet define a dynasty.

The only such topic at my family Xmas dinner will be who gets the ‘Parson's nose' but then we are not Park Avenue royalty.