4 Strange Cosmetic Surgery Procedures You Probably Have Never Considered
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Eyebrows can be ‘over-plucked' and it can take a lot of valuable time to work on them with makeup every morning.  As you age your eyebrows can thin.

During a transplant, the surgeon takes hair from the “donor site” (like the back of the head) and transplants it to the brow area. Once the desired brow shape has been created, hair will begin to grow as it did in its original location, so regular trimming will be needed.   Most clinics that provide hair transplant surgery such as those in Turkey, Dubai  or India will also do eyebrow transplant and any number of strange cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Dimpleplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that provides permanent dimples on the cheek or chin. This surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. A surgeon punches a hole in the cheek and passes a suture through where it's tied off to create a natural-looking dimple.  It is one of those minor surgeries that can completely transform a look and most clinics are able to assist in this although it is not that frequently listed as a clinic speciality.

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We can be perfectionists and ‘naval gazing' is a time honoured pastime.  Now you can naval-gaze and improve what you see above the belt.  Either your button isn't aesthetically pleasing from birth or got distorted on a ‘tummy tuck' you ca get this fixed easily at your favourite cosmetic surgery clinic.

While most natural belly buttons are not perfectly round, a lot of people desire an almost-perfect innie. Loose skin, hernias, or a post-pregnancy outie are a few main reasons for those seeking belly button surgery, or umbilicoplasty.

Lip Lift

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If you've wished for permanently full lips or you're tired of seeing the effects of aging around the mouth, the lip lift might be an option for you. The procedure (also called “lip shortening surgery”) reduces the distance between your lips and your nose (lip-to-nose ratio).

Unlike temporary lip fillersa lip lift procedure involves taking a strip of skin from the part of the lip right under your nose.   So browse our listings and find a cosmetic surgeon in your area who can offer this and other strange cosmetic surgery procedures..

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