5 Reasons Why Cosmetic Surgery In Tijuana Is A Great Idea

Tijuana is one of the fastest-growing metropolia in Mexico. This modern city is famous for its natural border, cultural and economic advantages. Tijuana is an enchanting blend of the old and new, with culture and commerce as important as tradition. Its geographical location between the Pacific and the Sea of Cortés enables it to be a popular tourist destination with both local and foreign visitors.


Tijuana – Location, Location and Location.

Tijuana is located at 28º 43′ N, 114º 12′ W in the north-west of Mexico. it is about 100 miles south of San Diego, California.It is a border city with the United States and sits across from San Diego on the upper Gulf of California. This means that it is superbly accessible from the United States itself and easily reached by flight from other destinations.

Why should you pick Tijuana for your cosmetic surgery procedures?

1) Tijuana culture

Tijuana is a modern and dynamic city, but with much of its traditional Mexican culture still intact. In fact, Tijuana is a mecca for both American retirees who want warm weather, and Mexican nationals with a taste for American products. Tijuana's rich history begins with the first Spanish land grant in the late 18th century that called for the townsite to be built where there was an old settlement known as “El Pueblo de los Alisos.”

2) Tijuana Position

Tijuana is located in Baja California Mexico, it's the twelfth largest city in Mexico. Baja California is home to two major international airports, and San Diego is a short drive from Tijuana.

3) Medical services in Tijuana

Tijuana is one of the fastest-growing cities in Mexico. It’s also known for good medical services at affordable costs. There are several hospitals and clinics in Tijuana that offer a wide array of services, including treatment for brain and spine injuries, cancer treatments, skin treatments, dental services and more.

4) Communication

Don’t know a lick of Spanish? You don’t have to. Some locals are bi-lingual but most will understand your need for directions or a good meal. Going through a medical procedure when you don’t speak the language is stressful. Fortunately, at many hospitals in Tijuana, communication is easy for foreign patients,  thanks to the prevalence of English and bilingual physicians.  Most clinics will allow you to have a virtual consultation with a specialist surgeon. which makes cosmetic surgery in Tijuana a relatively stress-free experience.

5) Price

How much does cosmetic surgery cost in Tijuana? If you have ever been curious about prices in Mexico this is the article for you. Curious minds want to know!


The average cost of Breast Augmentation in the U.S. is $8,000 USD and the typical patient is faced with thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs at the time of their procedure. Whereas in Tijuana you can be looking at a price range from $4000.with a highly qualified plastic surgeon.

For example, an all-inclusive Mommy Makeover package in Tijuana, Mexico, consisting of standard TT, Breast Lift with Lipo can range from $7,900 upwards. This corresponds to the fact that all-inclusive cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery packages would save up to 50% on costs north of the border.

Little wonder, that Tijuana is becoming a goto destination.

Let us look at some specific examples from top-class clinics in Tijuana.

Top of our list in Tijuana would be:

Advanced Health Medical Center

advanced medical clinics tijuana
Advanced Health Medical Center.

Cosmetic surgery services in Tijuana look no further than Advanced Health Medical Center. With a focus on providing the city’s best surgical and medical care, we serve everyone from local residents to those travelling from across Mexico and the globe.

Let us look at their costs for Breast surgeries.:

Breast augmentation surgery at Advanced Health Medical will cost you just $4,350 which includes 6 days of accommodation and travel costs (depending on your service provider)  In Texas prices for breast augmentation run around $7000 just for the procedure.  Watch the ancillary costs mount up!

Another popular surgery is Bariatric surgery for weight loss. This kind of surgery costs thousands of dollars north of the border but here in Tijuana, you can be looking at as little as $4000 with 5 nights hotel included.


Molding Clinic Tijuana

tijuana <span class='ent _cosmetic'>cosmetic</span> surgery

This is another great Tijuana clinic run by Dr Martin Martinez a physician with more than 20 years of experience in aesthetic medicine.

Dr Martínez has been a pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery. He has performed more than 1000 cosmetic procedures ranging from breast augmentations to facelifts and liposculpture. His expertise has earned him memberships with several renowned organizations that include the Academia Mexicana de Cirugía Cosmética, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society of Breast Surgeons.

The clinic is a state-of-the-art facility that consists of 2 consulting rooms, 2 operating rooms, 4 recovery chambers and a hyperbaric chamber. These facilities are used to enhance the recovery process to provide an excellent level of care.

Molding clinic offers all popular cosmetic surgeries.  A tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat and tightens the abdominal muscles. A facelift tightens the underlying tissue of the face. Other procedures include breast implants, buttock implants and eyelid repair.

What about the prices?

Well, you can expect to pay as little as $3500 for a breast augmentation and just a little bit more for a breast lift.  You can also go the other direction and opt for breast reduction surgery at affordable prices. If you want a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)  -and who doesn't?  – you can get that fashionable procedure for around $4500 and you can tie that in with a nice 14-day vacation.

Another great bargain at the Molding Clinic is the rhinoplasty (nose job) which is only $2875.    This is barely the cost of a couple of exorbitant temporary liquid nose sessions and it is permanent.

Oasis of Hope Hospital 

With such an optimistic name the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana offers hope for those suffering from weight and obesity problems. Located just over the US-Mexico border and a short drive away from San Diego International airport it is a convenient option for patients from abroad to visit.

With access to advanced medical and clinical technology, as well as state-of-the-art equipment purchased in the past few years, the medical staff can provide you with cheap and seamless care.

The hospital is well known for its cancer department but for our readers the weight loss and bariatric surgeries will be of special interest.

The weight loss team at the hospital offers affordable and effective forms of bariatric treatment including gastric banding, lap banding, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and intragastric balloon.

Check out Oasis of Hope Hospital 

Is Bariatric Surgery Cheaper in Tijauna?

Good question and very important to know.  A quick glance at Google will bring you these average USA costs in 2018.

The cost of weight-loss surgery depends on a number of factors, including your location, the hospital, the surgeon's fees, and the type of procedure. According to Obesity Coverage, a bariatric surgery information site, the average cost of lap-band surgery is $14,500, while gastric bypass costs an average of $23,000.

Compare these prices to Oasis of hope in Tijuana.

A gastric bypass procedure will cost around $5000!!! Yes, that's correct $5000.  What an amazing saving that would be.  Certainly, a good reason to head south of the border if you have serious obesity problems and other life-changing surgeries. They will fit you a gastric band to reduce your stomach's capacity will cost just $4700 and that is with a first-class team in an excellent facility. They also offer post-bariatric body contouring.

So with prices and facilities like these  and an overall excellent patient experience,is it any wonder that Tijuana is becoming the next cosmetic surgery hotspot.


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