In today's post about abdominoplasty, I have put together a helpful video to accompany the subject.  I hope it clarifies the topic for you. sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well done!  You have shed 50lbs of weight in just 3 short m months, you must be feeling really proud.  You were a ‘fatty' for years and felt really uncomfortable showing your body on the beach, In a gym or in a bedroom.  You couldn't find nice clothes to wear, life was sad.

Now that weight is gone, but you are still unhappy, that unsightly flab has been replaced with unsightly loose skin and, it looks just as bad, even worse.  How nasty the paradox, how cruel the irony.  all the effort and you just have a new version of an old problem.  What can you do??  You go to a plastic surgeon to discuss having that excess skin removed, you see, there is a solution.  we discussed Erica Lugo and her excessive skin removal journey a while ago.


So why do we get loose skin anyway? Well, it's all down to physics really.  When you gained your weight you stretched your skin to fit all that lard inside you and, when you lost the weight you found out that your skin didn't have the elasticity you expected and it didn't snap back in place.

Loose skin can be a real problem, firstly it is unsightly.  Secondly, it is uncomfortable and thirdly it is downright unhygienic since you can't clean properly between the folds of drooping flesh.  Also, clothes don't look good on you which seem unfair since you went to all that trouble on your diet.

But, a quick nip and tuck by a surgeon (plastic or cosmetic) and the excess skin can be cut away and the remaining skin stitched back together.  Does it hurt? anecdotally excessive skin removal is less painful than a C-Section and heals quicker. You will also feel way happier in yourself which is a big bonus.

On the downside, you may find it hard to get it paid on the NHS or any other insurance scheme.  Funnily enough, when it comes to getting back some of tax or insurance dollars, abdominoplasty is quickly classified as ‘cosmetic' rather than essential ‘plastic.'  Most of the clinics listed on our directory will carry out abdominoplasty procedures.

Big warning though – don't gain weight afterwards or you may well get into a mess.  Skin can stretch out of shape again and it will all be much harder the second time around.