Breast Augmentation Surgery – a Billion Dollar Business 

breast augmentation

With 1.4 million breast augmentation surgery procedures carried out worldwide and more than 300.000 in the US, it is important to consider how to make the woman's surgical treatment smooth and complication-free.   it is all too simple to pooh-pooh breast enhancement surgery as a ‘boob job' – something that you fit in between social media selfies.   Breast enhancement is a ‘real' operation and there are serious factors to consider, including pre-operation and post-operation care routines.

What Happens in Breast Augmentation?

In most circumstances, breast enhancement involves the positioning of a silicone implant beneath the pectoralis muscle, the site is situated below the breast itself.  There are good reasons why this is the most typical technique for this operation.

a) The implant looks more natural as there is extra tissue than the breast alone to cover the implant. This helps to achieve a more natural look where the edges of the implant are camouflaged.

b) Next, the occurrence of capsular contracture is reduced significantly when the implant remains in the sub-muscular space. This helps to supply a more long-lasting result and reduce the requirement for revisionary surgical treatment.

c) Lastly, the capability to image the breast in a mammogram is not compromised with the implant in this location. This aids with the long-term breast health maintenance that is important to all ladies.

Pre-Operation To-Do List

Make sure that you have extra sheets. You are going be staying in the bed a bit longer than usual and filling and emptying your washing machine will not be your top priority.

Do a supermarket run before your hospital trip.  Stock up with food that you would want to consume in the week after surgery. Calorific foods are not all bad at this stage however give consideration to foods that will help your body in healing. Nuts such as cashews, almonds, walnuts and pine nuts are excellent for healing skin tissue. Seeds including sunflower, pumpkin and sesame assist with tissue regeneration. Fruits like apple, banana, kiwi, pineapple and orange boost the immune system. Protein, which you can get from chicken, fish, eggs, beans, soy or grains are essential macro-nutrients for repairing tissue. You might also think about stocking up on drinking straws to make drinking easier when you are lying around in bed. Top tip: Empty the kettle prior to your surgical treatment.  After the op, you will not want to lift a heavy kettle.

Sleep – the Vital Component.

after breast augmentation surgery

A good night's sleep is very important at the best of times, however, it is vital after surgery and your sleep and your sleeping position are very important after breast augmentation surgery. Practice sleeping on your back. it is possible to train yourself to sleep on your back.  It will enable you to recognize what you may need such as additional pillows or a bed wedge. It might even determine problems such as lower back discomfort which could be attended to ahead of time or assisted by support under the knees. Doctors frequently advise patients with breast augmentation surgery to sleep on their back and slightly sat up for a while. It reduces swelling, boosts flow and keeps the breasts in the most natural position as they recover even when wearing a bra.

Sleep is crucial to a healthy immune system which will give you a much better and speedier recovery. scientific tests have shown that it reduces discomfort.  You could invest in an app such as ‘Breethe‘ which has some wonderful healing sleep programmes.

Sex and Your New Boobs.

There is no right or wrong response when it comes to having sex after breast surgical treatment. There's no damage in light fondling, be mindful that your breasts will be sensitive to touch for up to 3 weeks after surgery. When else would you get away with wearing a comfy bra throughout sex?  But don't be too energetic too soon.  You should keep motion to a minimum in those lovely new breasts for the first few weeks.

If your partner wants to take you off for a sunny holiday afterwards or you had your breast augmentation surgery at a sunny destination as a medical tourist ten you must keep in mind the risk of hyperpigmentation – the darkening of colour in your breasts.  As a rule, don't go topless and use a really good SPF sun cream.  A few months down the line you can treat your lovely new boobs to a tanning treat.  Top tip? Use plasters over your scars, and choose thick, opaque material to cover your boobs with.

What to Wear After Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Considering that it is more than likely that the implant will be in a submuscular position, there is likely to be some pain with the movement of the pectoralis muscle. Hence, patients ought to limit the motion of their arms far from their body, which will extend the chest. This can produce a little discomfort. Thus,  a lot of women will at first want easy on and off garments such as a zip-up hoody or button-up blouses. These tend to be the easiest for the first week of surgical treatment.

breast augmentation surgery

No matter how excited you are to see your new breasts in the ideal bra design, you require to be careful about using bras during the recovery duration after breast surgical treatment. You are advised not to wear bras or to use particular types of bras depending on their recovery phase. The cut and design of the bra matters.

The outcomes from breast augmentation tend to come in gradually, which indicates that the bra size that fits you best a month after surgical treatment might not be the exact same bra size you're using two or three months afterward. Things like swelling can affect the bra size you end up wearing.

For that reason, you may want to buy bras gradually. Don't stock your wardrobe with a lot of brand-new bras right away, as in a couple of weeks or months they might be too little or big for you. Rather, buy a couple of at a time and review the bra area of your preferred store as required.

If you're not sure how to determine your breasts to figure out the best bra size, and you can't get help from a professional at a department or lingerie shop, the procedure is relatively basic.

Initially, measure carefully underneath your breasts, around the torso to get your band size. Add 5 inches to this number if you get an odd number or 4 inches if you get an even number. If your lower chest steps 29 or 30 inches, you wear a band size 34. It's likely that this number is the same now as it was prior to your surgery. Subtract that number from your band size to determine which cup you are. If it's 4 inches, you wear a D cup, and so on. It can take a lot of trial and mistake to discover the ideal bra after your surgery. Bras can differ substantially in size and shape from one brand name to the next.  If you live in a big city you will certainly find a shop that has specialist staff to advise you on your ideal bra size and shape.    All the effort you put into your breast augmentation surgery will be rewarded when you look extra-stunning in your low cut cocktail dress.