New Cosmetic Surgery Podcast Launch

Exciting news, we have just launched the first episode of our very own cosmetic surgery podcast.  We have named the podcast ‘More Than Skin Deep‘ and it will cover a whole range of cosmetic surgery topics.  We hope to do a new episode every month starting in the new year.

I am embedding the podcast right here in this post so you can listen and see what you think about it.

We expect to have the link details on iTunes in a few days time and I will post that on our site.    We will also make the podcast available on all the main podcast channels.

So what is in our cosmetic surgery podcast?  Well, we have a guest, a top UK surgeon Dr Douglas McGeorge who is a real coup for us.   apart from being a really well-respected working surgeon and educator, Douglas is also an innovator in the field of scar reduction.  He led a science team in creating a range of creams under the Science of Skin brand with green tea used as an active ingredient.  The cream has been very effective in scar healing and as Douglas points out to me in the interview, if you use the cream prior to the operation it is even more effective.


Dr McGeorge doesn't share our enthusiasm for surgical tourism mainly because he doesn't feel that enough aftercare support is given to patients.  This is debatable, of course, and has to be weighed against the cost benefits that allow many people to obtain life-changing surgery at an affordable price and enjoy an exotic vacation.  We would, of course, always advise prospective cosmetic surgery tourists to research carefully the surgeon and clinic and not just the local beach!

So, that's our big reveal!  Our very own podcast and a chance to hear my dulcet tones.  Sorry if I sound too British for you I am about as international as they come.