Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Ahead Of Vacations Says New Survey

A new survey of more than 2000 respondents conducted by Glowday indicates that consumers are opting to spend money on cosmetic surgery treatment rather than on foreign holidays.

This makes sense, many people have had to postpone or cancel their travel plans because of Covid restrictions so it has proved to be an ideal time to invest in the ‘tweakment‘ they have been thinking about.

Dr Katie Barron, talking to the Daily Telegraph said that overall bookings at Koha Clinic where she works, have doubled with clients spending an average of £500 instead of the £300 before the crisis.

Apparently, the goal of achieving better skin is the big post-lockdown trend. It seems that Profhilo treatment is the big hit which clients are combining with Botox which ramps up the. ost of sessions to a hefty  £1100. So what is Profhilo?

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Profhilo is essentially a moisturiser that is administered subcutaneously in two different sessions a month apart, Profhilo is 100 per cent synthetic hyaluronic acid or HA (the stuff that is in any expensive skincare product), injected by a tiny needle into the face. It rehydrates and re-textures crepey skin in a way that no topical lotion could ever do. You need two sessions, of this cosmetic surgery treatment with a four-week gap so you don’t overload (2mls at a time is the most you can do) or irritate the skin but you get more of the effect with two. Some patients even opt for three sessions (as a loading dose) and then top twice or three times a year.

One of the beauty lessons from lockdown is that beauty starts with healthy glowy skin and patients are prepared to switch to more expensive medical-grade skincare to really boost the results.

Eyelift surgery is also soaking up a lot of the staycation budget with popular eye surgeries costing around £5000 which is no more than a family holiday abroad.  Dr Mayan Zamani was quoted as saying “cosmetic surgery treatment' became available again eyelifts became a good option as they can be done with discreetly'.   Fixing droopy eyelids whilst working from home or on furlough can be a great confidence booster to help forget the Sangrias you would normally be enjoying.