How Has Covid 19 Boosted The Cosmetic Surgery Industry

With many areas reporting huge losses, cosmetic surgery clinics appear to have enjoyed a boost since the pandemic swept the globe. More people are paying for surgery because they have the time to heal while working at home, giving them the chance to have their surgery pass without comments from others.


Clinics in locations such as South Korea, Australia, America, and Japan are all reporting a rise in non-invasive treatments such as Botox and lip fillers as well as surgeries like nose jobs and facelifts. With the increase in stringent hygiene expectations, clinics can still operate as long as they take extra precautions with cleaning in-between clients.

It Is Not Just for Women

Traditionally, we are led to believe that the cosmetic industry is more geared up for females. Still, with lockdown, more men have been able to get treatments that they would usually to be too embarrassed or too busy to get, opening the doors to new clients and new revenue streams.

Working from home during global quarantine

One man reported that he had his lips filled and cheek fat removed so that he could recover and people would never need to know how he had changed his appearance. He also pointed out that having the time to relax after surgery was possible due to the lockdown restrictions and being able to recover in the comfort of his own home.

What About the Locals?


South Korea has made a lot of money from the tourist cosmetic surgery trade over the years, with foreign nationals heading to the destination to enjoy the treatment for a lower price than at home. However, the effects of lockdown meant that travelling ceased and the clinics had to pivot to find new ways to make money quickly. They did this by reducing their prices and enticing locals to try out their procedures.

s.korea cosmetic surgery industry

It worked; the majority of South Korea’s clinics soon had full appointment books, and people started getting the treatments they had been considering for some time. Experts in the filed have reported that the number of local people having surgery has doubled from last year and that the number continues to rise. As lockdown eases, the clinics are not only looking forward to welcoming back their old trade, but they are excited about how they can continue to serve local people as well.

Is It Essential?

Some countries, such as Japan, did not instigate a formal lockdown but just provided advice to people on how to conduct themselves and asked them to stay at home wherever possible. This lack of insistence led them to see their opportunity to have a cosmetic treatment, especially as they had time to recover at home afterwards.

However, not everyone saw this opportunity as a good thing, and the Japanese Association of Aesthetic Medicine were quick to remind people that cosmetic surgery is not always essential and should be avoided if the spread of Covid-19 were to slow down. This warning has not stopped clinics from trading, and they report that people are keener than ever to get the cosmetic treatments they have been waiting for.

How Are They Doing It?

When we imagine cosmetic surgery, we picture the multiple consultations and discussions before the big day arrives. This level of physical meeting has not been possible and so clinics have taken to using video conferencing to start the consultation process. It is evident that there is a moral requirement for clinics to check their clients are right for surgery, but most of these decisions can be made via video call discussions.

covic consult the cosmetic surgery industry has answers

People meet with the doctor, in an online space, to discuss their requirements and find out what is and is not possible for them. Then rough measurements can be taken and initial plans made before they even need to leave the house. Once this stage is complete, they will schedule times to go to the clinic and prepare for surgery.

What is the Result?

For many people, the pandemic has been a time where they can drop into their local clinic and have procedures that they were unable to enjoy before life slowed down. The increase of homeworking and mask-wearing has made it possible for people to heal in their own time and keep their surgeries a secret from the outside world.

The reduction in physical appointments has made it easier for clinics to continue to see people, and the result is an industry that has been able to continue despite the impact of Coronavirus. With the enormous losses being seen all over the world, cosmetic surgery clinics may have just managed to beat the pandemic