estonia cosmetic surgery
Tallinn, Estonia old city skyline at dawn.

During the emergency situation, from March to May, the majority of Estonian clinics were closed, but some clinics continued to provide consultations by telephone and online.

According to local sources, aesthetic clinics have seen an increased interest from customers:  There is a significant interest from cosmetic surgery tourists.

This is similar to the situation in the USA, where many clinics are now fully booked until the end of the year.

During lockdown we spent more of our working life with our faces broadcast on retina screens which are not forgiving on facial blemishes.

As working from home is still common, this train of thought is likely to continue,  Importantly working from home also gives people time to recover discreetly from surgery.

The domestic market is rather different with summer vacations taking precedence over surgical procedures.

Those interested in cosmetic surgery have money, but no time

According to plastic surgeon at the MM-clinic Mare Malva, the number of people interested in surgery has not decreased, but there are also people who have lost their income and postponed surgeries.  Fortunately Estonia is well-placed to take advantage of cosmetic surgery tourism.  It is a short ferry ride from Helsinki and has a very modern infrastructure.  The medical staff are well qualified with many English speaking workers.   Already many Finns travel there for medical procedures (hip replacements and cataract operations are favoured treatments) .

Malva says the most popular surgeries are eyelid correction and breast surgeries.  

“People are looking forward to autumn. They are currently making consultations and booking time for autumn,” she said. Malva also confirmed that summer surgeries are avoided because swimming is not allowed after many procedures.

Anete Advelk, marketing manager of Medemis skin clinic,

estonian clinic
Anete Advelk,

said the clinic reopened in May on a smaller scale and with a limited choice of procedures, but the interest of customers was surprisingly high.

“Specialists' schedules were quickly booked up and for a long time,” she noted, adding the clinic has had more customers than they did this time last year.

According to Advelk, the clinic is now performing the full range of procedures which sunny weather allows.

The Medemis clinic has also seen an increase in interest after quarantine, but it is not possible to say whether this is due to the ability to recover while working from home.

“There is a noticeable increase in interest, which is shown by a higher number of visitors than in previous years. Since many of our procedures do not require a long recovery time, we cannot say whether this is due to the ability to work from home. In dealing with our customers, we have realised that people want to return to their daily rhythm and take care of their skin,” she said.

So all in all, this energetic and modern Baltic state is ready to cash in on the next wave of cosmetic surgery tourism with competitive prices and delightful tourist attractions.  We will be reviewing a full selection of Talinn clinics very shortly.