Jack Shepherds Hair Transplant Journey Stage Two

If you are a regular watcher of the UK's long-running soap opera Coronation Street,  you might have noticed that Jack Shepherd (David Platt to Corrie fans) has been struggling with his hair.   For the 32-year-old this has been a period of great stress which is why he has had 2 hair transplant surgery during the last 12 months.  Apparently he suffers from the same aggressive hair loss condition as Wayne Rooney which has led him to return to for more treatment.

As he explained to The Sun newspaper “I really hope that this will fix the problem for good because, as an actor, it is vital that I keep hold of my hair.”

His surgeon was Asim Shamalak who is recognised as a celebrity hair transplant surgeons and numbers many other well-known faces amongst his clientele including model Calum Best. The surgeon implanted 3000 hairs into the front of his scalp.  It can take up to a year for the new hair to fully bed in but then it should be like your original barnet.

jacjk shepherd hair transplant

Jack said: “I know some people will say that I am being incredibly vain having a second hair transplant so quickly after the first one.

“All I can say to that was that I needed to do it for my long-term mental well-being. I have been in Corrie for 20 years now – ever since I was 12.

“I know I have been incredibly lucky and love working with such a fantastic group of actors but the relentless schedules take their toll on your mental health, particularly when you have been through as much trauma as David Platt.

Jack also gives a shoutout for UK surgeries for hair transplant saying they are safer than clinics in Istanbul and elsewhere.  “It is far safer to go to a clinic in the UK where the regulations are much stricter and the surgeons are far more skilled.”

For those of us who cannot afford the luxury of a celebrity hair transplant expert, there are a number of excellent clinics in other countries such as Turkey that we would be pleased to recommend.

I must admit that Jack's transplant looks great and he wears it well.