Trending Tweakments Above The Mask Line


Covid-19 is throwing up many strange social things in its wake.  But one thing I wasn't reckoning on was Otoplasty.  Yes, our world pandemic has brought ears sharply into focus.

tweakments above mask line


Just why is that?  Well, it does make sense. Masks are making certain facial features more prominent. From sunken eyes to wrinkled foreheads, all of the small things we didn’t notice before Corona are now coming to the foreground. . Plastic surgeons are saying those ear adjustments are all the rage. “Anything ear-related in the post-quarantine period is hot,” says New York plastic surgeon Elie Levine, MD “Because so many people are wearing masks and hiding their mid-and lower face, one sees their ears more noticeably.”

A similar line of reasoning comes from Dr Terry Dubrow of E!'s “Botched” and Oxygen's “License to Kill.”     Dr Dubrow says the trending procedure at the Mayo clinic is a blepharoplasty.   This  is “a type of surgery that repairs droopy eyelids and may involve removing excess skin, muscle and fat.”

Dubrow added, “I’m still seeing a lot of people who have pent-up demand. A lot of people are wanting procedures to tighten up skin because they were just on lockdown for three months and sort of eating more carbs and stretching their skin out.”

What is certain is that cosmetic surgery tweaks above the ‘mask line' are trending.  It makes logical sense that what is seen is given attention.  A makeup artist friend of mine says that eyebrows are also getting attention for the same reason.    Certainly, if you are flirting or dating safely you would be wearing a mask and you would want the visible parts to be presenting the best version of you that they can.   The derma-filled lips and the perfect veneers can wait until things have moved on a bit.  COVID has given us so many trends to spot from ‘Zoom panic' to mask line tweaks it will be a very hard act to follow.