Dr Barry Eppley a plastic surgeon who operates out of Indiana has become an iconic figure within the Incel (involuntary celibate) movement.   Incels typically believe that women find them undatable and unlovable because their looks do not correspond to a male aesthetic ideal of a chiselled jawline and honed bodily proportions.  These male archetypes are referred to as ‘Chads‘ who apparently are endlessly successful with women to the detriment of their less attractive incel peers. Dr Eppley is often referred to as the “Einstein of Aesthetics”

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Dr Eppley Evaluating new implants- this time, bicep

Dr Eppley has built a pioneering plastic surgery clinic performing radical remodelling work on the male face.  Through his work, he can give his clients the ‘male model look' typified by celebrities such as David Gandy.  He believes that the male standard of chiselled features and an angular, sculpted face, is now an achievable dream for the aesthetically disadvantaged male.

Eppley’s range of services includes shoulder widening and narrowing (the clavicle bones are broken, then reconstructed), deltoid and quadriceps implants, and rib removal.  The 64-year-old surgeon also offers waist-reduction procedures, as well as implants to enlarge the size of male patients’ testicles.  He uses silicone testicle implants rather tan the saline implants used by surgeons on testicular cancer patients since silicone allows him to create larger testicles that retain a more natural look and feel.  Remember, this is elective reconstructive surgery for the sake of aesthetics, to make his clients more attractive in the dating market.

He uses a computer-aided design (CAD), the software used by architects and engineers, to 3D print facial implants to change the underlying structure of a patient’s face and head in a far more dramatic fashion than conventional cosmetic operations, such as nose jobs or facelifts.

Often his rib-removal patients are transgender and will get hip implants in the same trip. Transgender female patients make up 10 to 15 % of his practice. He performs facial-feminization surgery on around 25 patients a year.   Most of his facial reconstruction is on facial-masculinization for cis-gender men.

pixee aesthetics
Pixee Fox – The Living Cartoon

His most celebrated challenge was to turn young Swedish model Pixee Fox into Jessica Rabbit with a 14″ waist achieved by removing some ribs. His technique borrows from the bone harvesting used in rhinoplasty and jaw reconstruction but with tinier, more cleverly placed incisions.

Very helpfully Dr Eppley runs a very informative blog on his site where people can pose questions about his innovative surgeries.   In this visually dominated world where a first glance can make or break a potential romantic encounter, it is not surprising that Incels and those with dysmorphia find comfort in the range of surgeries that Eppley offers find an enthusiastic audience.