Justin Jedlica Updates Fans On Botched See Video

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There is absolutely no stopping ‘Human Ken Doll’ Justin Jedlica who has had a massive 950+ cosmetic treatments in his path to Ken Doll glory.  

Justin Jedlica, 40, also known as the “Human Ken Doll,” is a fan-favourite from the very first season of Botched. At the time, he’d already had a number of cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, tricep implants, forehead implants, and more.Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow catch up with Justin in this preview of the Sept. 28 special episode of Botched.   Here is the Youtube clip from Botched which is great viewing.

What is it I wonder, that sets these people on the road to resemble a Mattel plastic toy?   Maybe they see Ken as an iconic masculine figure that one can aspire to.  Is it the burning desire for reality TV fame?  Is filling your system with reckless amounts of chemical fillers really worth it?   Sure the money and the fanbase is great to have but the long-term effects must be really scary.

Justin Jedlica gleefully reveals that he’s had buttock liposuction and had the fat transferred to his temples, and he’s also had buttock injections on the top. On top of that, Justin’s undergone full torso recontouring with injectables.  Listening to Justin recount his adventures is compelling TV, especially when we learn that he even shared a facelift experience with his mother.

Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow are as stunned as I am by what Justin’s had done over the years. But Justin’s not finished. In addition to micro-needling on his face, he’s had micro-needling on his penis.  Dr. Dubrow asks Justin what micro-needling of the penis does.   Apparently, it adds extra vitality to the area and might even add some girth. Justin Jedica  admits that he had “tons of like little abrasions all through the penis and the gland.”   This is really disturbing on so many levels.  Micro-needling home kits are readily available on Amazon and I worry that impressionable young fans will try out this procedure on their own sensitive regions with catastrophic results.