Yet another Barbie that Mattel forgot to produce has been stirring up a social media storm in Melbourne Australia.  Tara Jayne – a local personality – has already spent $200.000 on her quest to transform into a real-life Barbie doll.

real-life barbie
Tara Jayne Credit Instagram

She has openly admitted to the media she's ‘addicted' to cosmetic surgery after getting five separate breast enhancement procedures, buttocks implants, a nose tip rhinoplasty, veneers, Botox and fillers.  That is just the ‘capital' outlay so to speak, there are ongoing maintenance jobs to be paid for.  Fillers need refilling and Botox needs re-injecting but I guess that Tara Jayne has factored these costs into her business plan.

Tara Jayne is an icon to cosmetic surgery tourism having had most of her procedures in Europe rather than Australia.  Now she is back in Melbourne – locked down like her compatriots.   Yet like so many of our visitors she will be delighted when she can travel again for surgery.  She says   As soon as travel is permitted, I have plans to go back overseas to visit my surgeon and get my breast size increased to 1500cc [from their current 1050ccc].

Tara is proud to say she'll stop at nothing to maintain and even enhance her ‘knockout' 37-inch [bust], 17-inch [waist] – 29-inch [hips] figure. Such is her dedication to morph into a Real-life Barbie.

‘There is no limit for me when it comes to plastic surgery. It is incredibly addictive and I already want bigger breasts,' she said.

Credit to Jam Media

 I am not sure which surgeon(s) achieved her special look – possibly in Turkey, I am phoning around to see who to credit.   She describes herself as ‘an upgraded limited-edition Barbie doll' and sees herself definitely as a work in progress.   Like many other wannabe reality entrepreneurs, Tara has set up a Fans Only page to show off her more sexy and revealing side.  The venture seems profitable and she admits to having made $10.000 in the first few days of activating her account.  Which, fo a former nurse, is a very tidy sum of money.

For her followers, there are more tweaks to come and she is planning to enhance her eyes so they are an even more vibrant green than her natural shade.  Also like Jessica Barbie who we mentioned the other day, she is looking at having some ribs removed to reduce her waistline.  We will keep you all posted on other additions to this family of living Barbie and Ken dolls.