The Instagram Face Why Cosmetic Procedures Are Surging In 2022

How Instagram, FaceTune, and cosmetic surgery created a single, cyborgian look.

instagram face
The cyborgian face of the future?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, the number one question we get asked is, “Why would someone want to look like that?” The short answer is that there are many reasons why people do this, but one of the biggest reasons is to look good on Instagram.

Twenty-five years ago, cosmetic surgery was considered taboo. Botox was used by celebs only. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian hadn't yet made lip augmentation desirable. However, times,  and beauty ideals, have changed. According to the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (IAAPS), over 53,000 nonsurgical procedures were performed in the United Kingdom in 2019. And if one searches “#kyliejenner package” on Instagram, they're likely to find hundreds of posts from plastic surgeons offering to give them the cheekbones, jawlines, chins, poreless skin, neat nose and lips of Kris' youngest child.

What is the ‘Instagram Face'

instagram face

The face is distinctly white but ambiguously ethnic it suggests a National Geographic composite illustrating what Americans will look like in 2050 , if every American of the future were to be a direct descendant of Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner (who looks exactly like Emily Ratajkowski).” It is unclear what came first.

The UK's cosmetic surgery market is valued at approximately £3.6 billion. Nonsurgical cosmetic treatment accounts for nine out of every ten cosmetic surgeries performed and costs £2.75 billion alone. Clearly, the cosmetic surgery market is booming, but just how much would you be willing to spend to look good enough to post selfies on your preferred social media platform?

When you want to look younger in real-time, like Kim Kardashian, I would expect that Botox would remove lines from your forehead and cheeks and leave your eyes looking wider.

They help your skin stay supple, plump, smooth and lifted, especially if you have lines and wrinkles from laughing or frowning.

Dermal fillers would be applied to the skin to make them fuller, lift the upper lip, and make your cartoonish lashes thicker.

Semi-permanent makeup could enhance the face's shape and add definition to the jawline and chin profile.

Extensions are added to lengthen the lashes.

How much does an ‘Instagram face' cost?

instagram face
How much does “insta' beauty cost?

So what might an enthusiastic wannabe influencer spend to create an Instagram face.?

Lash extension costs $40-$50 per session; Lip fillers are $200 each, Brow Waxings are $15-$25, Fake Tanning is $30-$35

You can add to this an annual spend on cosmetic treatments and surgeries of £1500. This would top out at probably £5000 per annum.

While this may seem like a large sum for some people, she probably spends less than $1,000 per year on maintenance. However, if she includes dermal fillers or botulinum toxin injections into her regimen, her expenses could easily double or triple.

Speaking to Vice Magazine, presenter Ellie Phillips, 34, has had various non-surgical procedures done. “I’ve had filler in my lips, Botox all over my face. I have semi-permanent lashes and cosmetic tattoos too, where I have my eyebrows, eyeliner, and full lip blush done.”

“They were not cheap! But they can save you money if you know how to do them yourself.” Ellie adds, “The more skilled the person doing your procedure, the higher the price tag. For example, getting eyelash extensions is cheaper than having them professionally applied because you can do it yourself. You just buy the glue and put them on yourself.”

“Ellie spent around $2,865 per annum maintaining her Instagram face.”

There’s no single formula for the perfect Instagram face. The only consistent factor in all the successful Instagram faces you see is that they’re all different.

It would be obvious to say that the more procedures you undertake, the higher the cost will go.

Many factors depend on where you live, how good the cosmetic surgeon you use is, and how much money you want to spend.

For maintenance, You need Botox around every three to four months, and filler… it depends. Once a year, maybe once every other year. The cosmetic tattoos usually they’ll last a year or two years.

With a little practice, it’s possible to keep your face looking natural for a long time. I love this line because it emphasizes that the procedure is not permanent. When you look at the before and after photos, you can tell that the person has been through a lot of work. There are no hard lines in the face, no major changes. They have just injected some filler and botox to give them a little lift.


Instagram has become a huge driving force in the beauty industry and in cosmetic surgery. Many people choose to get cosmetic surgery as a way to look more attractive to their peers on social media. It's also a great way to build your brand and get exposure. However, cosmetic surgery isn't something that everyone can afford. If you're thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, it's important to make sure that you're prepared for the cost of maintenance. You can also use the abovementioned techniques to make cosmetic surgery look natural on Instagram. In the end, cosmetic surgery isn't about getting better looking; it's about having confidence in yourself and being happy with who you are. We live in a world with body dissatisfaction and tales of body dysmorphic. What do you think about Instagram and its role in cosmetic surgery? Let us know in the comments below.