Briana Dejesus And Her Cosmetic Journey To Reality Tv Stardom


Briana DeJesus is a star from Teen Mom 2 and has started her only fans page. What’s cool about Briana DeJesus is that she shares everything that is going on with her. She has more than 1m followers who want to be updated with what she is up to. You can find out what her daily routine looks like and learn more about her. You can also read here about the nips and tucks she has had to make her reality life even more interesting.

Cosmetic surgery-wise Briana has had 3 makeovers;

She had her first procedure in 2016 and just a year later, she welcomed her daughter Stella, 2.

Briana headed to Dr. Miami in 2018 for a tummy tuck, a breast lift and to reshape/contour her butt, which was featured on Teen Mom 2.

According to her interview with the Sun newspaper recently she shared details of her most recent makeover.

briana de jesus
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Briana, 26, said: “What surgery did I get? Em, I got a breast augmentation. I just exchanged my implants for something a little bit bigger that's all I did, I did absolutely nothing else.

“Oh, and I fixed my belly button… ” she added. “I didn't get nothing, just implants and my belly button.”

I love this woman, one would think she was just talking about upgrading her car. But this is the world of U.S reality TV so leave your sanity in the foyer.

When TV reality stars go under the knife it's like:

“I’m always taking control of my body,”  I’m getting rid of things I don’t like, even if it might be a hard pill to swallow. …I want to look HOT in swimwear and feel confident in myself. Bye-bye belly fat! Byeeeee flab! ”

dr miami

Best of all, in my researching Briana's cosmetic surgery journey I came across Dr Miami (Michael Salzhauer) who has by far the coolest plastic surgery website I have ever seen.  Truly it is worth the $12,995 Dr Miami charges for his Brazilian Butt Lift to enter his amazing world of Snapchat glamour.  I am more used to the understated dignity of Harley Street, London than the total razzmatazz of Miami Fla.   It seems that Dr Miami has been helpful to Briana in her periodic transformations so I give him a ‘shout out here.

We wish Briana luck on her Onlyfans project and in her sex toys business which she has been promoting recently on Instagram

The reality star posted a promo for a “clitoral vacuum stimulator,” which she said is “something that she uses all the time”.

“It will not disappoint you,” the MTV favourite said, before adding that fans should go to the “highest” setting for maximum pleasure.

More stories about her and other stars and their cosmetic surgeries coming soon.