.Another week and another reality star gets outed for her cosmetic surgery.  This time it is Kaitlyn Bristowe whose star is on the ascent in the reality TV galaxy.

Rumours are flying that former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has undergone plastic surgery. This is in the run-up to the new season of Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).

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Fans accuse Kaitlyn of plastic surgery on her face

Kaitlyn is a naturally beautiful woman who truly shone on her earlier TV appearances. However, many think she has had cosmetic work done on her face,.  But, people can be cruel. Recent photos of her have been compared to her pictures from days of The Bachelorette.  And, it’s rather obvious there are some big noticeable differences.   But this is natural considering the enormous pressures reality stars are under to keep the producers happy and the fans enthused.  She has probably had some ‘tweaks' but nothing to justify the unpleasantness aired online.

Kaitlyn reacted badly to the trolls who posted about her looks:

“I forgot how mean people are when you go on TV,” Bristowe wrote. “Just so many ‘She looks so old and plastic comments’ everywhere. You win today trolls. It got to me.”

You can see her point when faced with stuff like this.

One fan said, “I feel like she has way too much plastic surgery.” Another commented, “the lips.” Yet another reply said, “she looked so much better before, it’s too bad.”

Meanwhile, over in Australia, another Bachelorette alumni is getting her share of cosmetic surgery chatter.  Angie Kent was back in the spotlight on Wednesday, appearing in an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

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Rumours are flying that she has a plumper face since her Bachelorette days and that it is down to fillers and other treatments.   Although she accepts that she has used fillers in the past she insists her current look is down to COVID and other health issues.    But truly, does it matter?   Angie Kent is looking good and a great advertisement for cosmetic surgery and reality TV.

It's back to Europe for our final reality star and her cosmetic surgery ‘journey'‘.  This time we are in France who have been very active in the reality TV cosmetic surgery reveals recently. Jessica Thivenin the lovely young French reality star from the Marseillais is …wait for it .. Planning on some cosmetic surgery!

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The candidate of the Marseillais vs the Rest of the World 5 is no longer happy with her butt that she thinks is too flat since giving birth. So like the other women in the lineup, she has opted for plastic surgery.  I assume it will be a Brazilian butt lift style tweak.  Her surgeon apparently suggested butt implants which she realised could lead to quite an uncomfortable period of recuperation.   Jessica is, however,  used to the downside of surgery having had some painful work done on her chin the other year.  It took 4 months before she could look in her mirror without feeling upset.  Quite without irony, she warned the young girls in her fanbase against the systematic recourse to cosmetic surgery which could also “massacre” the most harmonious physique.