Cosmetic Surgery and Sexual Rejuvenation

By popular request, I am going to talk about ‘sex'.   Nothing naughty here, romance and sex are a big part of life.   If you ask senior women why they are getting cosmetic surgery many will reply that they are ‘silver splitters' who want to look their very best for the dating market. For them, cosmetic surgery and sexual rejuvenation is a hot topic.

sexy senior
Women are calling sexual shots.

It's no secret that sex-related renewal treatments have rapidly grown in popularity worldwide over the past couple of years. But last year saw a considerable rise in genital renewal, indicating that more and more people understand the importance of the visual aspect of the erotic.

A freshly released research study by the International Culture of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), which checked more than 1,300 cosmetic surgeon worldwide on the number of specific medical and non-surgical treatments in 2017, had some fascinating results.

Welcome to the Designer Vagina.

In 2015, vaginal renewal, consisting of labiaplasty, showed the largest rise in the variety of treatments worldwide from 2016, with a 23% boost. Both treatments with the next largest rises were ‘lower body lift' (22%) as well as ‘buttock lift' (17%)– therapies that can potentially be complementary to sex-related restoration treatments. Worldwide, more than 132,600 labiaplasties were performed by plastic surgeons in 2018, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

designer vagina

Vaginal restoration treatments mainly concentrate on the renovation of the aesthetic look, in addition to firming up the vaginal canal to boost sexual pleasure.  According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, cosmetic surgery and sexual rejuvenation is the latest aesthetic trend in the cosmetic and charm market, and will it continue into 2021.?

What are the risks of labiaplasty?

Same as any other medical procedure, labiaplasty doesn’t come 100 per cent risk-free. Possible complications include wound separation and scarring. Some specialists have also raised concerns about the possible loss of sexual sensation as a result of labiaplasty but this is in not believed to be a common side effect.

There are also non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments, which fall into the “designer vagina” trend but are totally different than labiaplasty. “These include lasers to stimulate the mucosa, or inner lining, of the vagina, and LED light treatments that supposedly stimulate the vagina to produce more tissue,” Dr Hansen says. However, she warns that most of these treatments are not FDA-approved or scientifically proven to increase vaginal tightness or reduce dryness.

Tricks to Boost the Libido

Rid yourself any type of preconceptions you have about seniors and their desires.  According to a new study, seniors think it is still ‘Woodstock'.

cosmetic surgery and sexual rejuvenation
The ‘Woodstock generation'

Admittedly, it's not a ground-breaking conclusion that individuals want more sex. And also as the researchers anticipated, health and wellness took a bite out of the sex drive.

Higher BMI, cardiovascular disease, clinical depression as well as joint inflammation were amongst the conditions that contributed to a reduction in sexual activity.

Whilst designer vaginas and laser hair removal make the packaging more attractive to a world accustomed to high erotic standards age can, unfortunately, cause other problems in the intimate areas, such as dry skin.


Concerning the Study

The research study, carried out as part of the Female's Health Initiative, included 27, 357 women between 50 and 79. And also as the researchers anticipated, sexual activity lowered with age.  They noted that cosmetic surgery and sexual rejuvenation was a question that was frequently broached.

Approximately fifty per cent of the ladies in the study reported having sex in the past year at the beginning of the research study. That number was greater, at 70%, for ladies who were married or with a regular partner.

What the scientists really did not anticipate was that, of the females who reported dissatisfaction with their sex lives, 57% wanted more sex, not much less.

The research is cutting edge with the very first concrete evidence that women are not happy with the lack of sex that usually goes along with menopause.  It was clear from the survey that if vaginal dryness was a concern, desire would certainly falter.

Gels: A Woman's Friend?

The researchers also considered genital atrophy – loss of genital cells and also muscle mass tone – was an issue for numerous women with dryness.

Luckily, while hormone pills have declined in popularity, there have been some interesting developments in genital lotions that have been are developed to treat dry skin and make sex pleasurable.

Market leader Durex is available over the counter at any high st pharmacy,  and your friendly local sex shop will have some erotically branded alternatives. Other more advanced intimate products such as Vigorelle with all-natural components,  which has a big following,  is only available to order online,