Sarah Fraisou Reveals Her Latest Cosmetic Treatment

sarah fraisou

I must admit to not knowing much about Sarah Fraisou the French reality star of ‘Les Anges' and ‘The Island of Broken Hearts' but a headline on the Explica site caused me to choke on my morning croissant.   The poor girl has been ‘nailed to her bed' by her latest cosmetic surgery treatment!  This is not the first time that her fans have worried about her cosmetic surgery and her plus-size model frame.

Being used to the cosseting handling of influencers and ‘Z' list stars by cosmetic clinics I was shocked to know that Sarah had been handled so brutally.  Reading on a bit it became apparent that it was Google auto-translate that had ‘nailed' her not her recent surgery in Tunisia.   But it seems that Sarah has been having a difficult time of it.  I have looked through all her media reports but I can't find a reference to the surgeon who has transformed her shape – he deserves a shout out.

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She has apparently had gastric band operation to reduce her weight down from 120 kgs to 95 kgs and has had some breast reduction surgery to go along with it.    This has got her body into really great shape which has got her social media fans in a bit of a frenzy.

Sarah very kindly reassured her fans that all was fine “I see that my Snapchat has panicked and that the views have increased (…) There is no scalpel. I have no bruises elsewhere. I left the hospital very quickly. “

Although Sarah is young, only 26, she already shows great potential for a lifetime in the media along with a crop of other media-savvy' reality stars. I have subscribed to her channels and will bring you more news on her ‘surgical journey as it progresses.'  She is already the richest French reality star with a net worth in the millions of dollars.