Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon Of The Year Awards 2020
Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon
Francesca White Tatler Magazine.

Every Autumn the venerable magazine ‘Tatler'  announces its top cosmetic surgeons of the year.  This is absolutely the highest accolade in the UK for the aesthetic surgery sector.  As they say ‘The ultimate edit from the Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2020 – meet the very best in the business' in the Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year award list.

So the envelopes are opened and the champagne is spurting on to the red carpet.  Who wields the sharpest scalpel in 2020 category for Best facial Surgeons?  Making the announcement was FRANCESCA WHITE the beauty editor.  To the sound of the drum rolls and the blasts of the trumpets she announces that the best facial surgeons for 2020 are:

Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Rajiv Grover:  He is the ‘Facemeister’  of cosmetic surgery in the UK, a stalwart professional on the London stage who we also rate as a top pick.  His CV is impeccable and he performs more facelifts than anyone else in the UK and they are in a class of their own, blending art and science.  Indeed, he is the only surgeon to have been invited to lecture at the Louvre. (His specialist subject? The interaction of art and surgery.) And his facelifts are similarly masterful, blending innate artistry with technical excellence and unrivalled experience.

He has a reputation for taking a close personal interest in his clients' surgery and is apparently quite a control freak in being involved in every step of his client's cosmetic journey.  A worthy Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year winner!

Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Norman Waterhouse:  Another familiar name on the awards list, Mr Waterhouse has been a consultant for more than 30 years.  He has seen how the techniques have evolved and has been at the forefront of surgical development. ‘We’ve seen a revolution in facelifting in recent years,’ says the surgeon, who continues to champion a stitching technique that ‘quilts’ the tissues, thus reducing bleeding and swelling.    Again we also rate Mr Waterhouse very highly and you can find him prominently in our listings.

Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Tunç Tiryaki:  The final name on Francesca White's 2020 list is Mr Tiyaki who moves effortlessly between his home country of Turkey and his base in London.  He has a simple and clear facelift policy  ‘Put the bones back into the correct place, and then simply elevate the skin.’   Tiryaki is recognised as an innovator  – Tiryaki helped to invent the innovative Lipocube tool, which resizes fat to a super-fine consistency while preserving the all-important stem cells) before being injected on to areas of bone loss – such as the temples, cheekbones and tip of the nose.  If you wish to join his list of happy clients we list him in our directory.

Tatler also gives its ratings to other groups of cosmetic surgeons in different categories but for facelifts, this batch stands majestically astride the stage in the Tatler Best Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year listings.


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