As the world moves out from lockdown is the cosmetic surgery sector likely to catch up after weeks with closed surgeries and health disclaimers on websites?  Actually the business never really closed down entirely with Miami surgeons even offering ‘drive-in' Botox for diehard fans. We look at the trends in cosmetic surgery markets.

The global cosmetic surgery market seems likely to gain traction from the ever-increasing number of patients undergoing procedures, such as chin augmentation, breast reduction, and breast augmentation. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) declared that in 2018, breast reduction (18%) and chin augmentation (20%) were two of the most popular surgical procedures in the U.S.

cosmetic surgeon and patient

Our guess is that there will be some fairly stringent rules imposed before surgeons actually allow clients back in to their operating suites.  Probably there will be a period of self-quarantine and testing to make sure the client is Covid free.   This will be as much to protect the clinical staff as to avoid any post-operative problems that might develop from Covid 19.   Certainly, there will  be less cosmetic surgery tourism until flights are functioning normally and borders are open.  So major centres such as Istanbul and India  will be on hold for the time being.   We expect that the cosmetic surgery boom will continue in China with eyelid surgery and chin contouring  surgeons leading the pack.

Gender reassignment surgery is certain to grow as the LGBT community strengthens across the world.  Centres in New York and London are likely to be up and running again in the next few weeks and, depending on border controls the major trans-gender clinics in S.E.Asia will be welcoming back their clientele.  We predict that Israel too will become a more important player in this market over the next 12 months. It has been opening up previously hostile public opinion with a  powerful TV documentary by Hilla Medalia and the work of the Ma'Avarim transgender organisation..  Israel will also benefit from its thriving technology sector, pushing the trends of cosmetic surgery  into 3D printing and artificial intelligence.

The next few months will be difficult to predict since nobody knows for certain about second-spike outbreaks of Covid-19 but we, at least, are looking on the bright side.