After the explosive Trump – Biden opening debate the traps are open for all the election runners official and fantasy. Thus far I have not heard of anyone yet doing a Trump or Biden surgical makeover.  But enthusiastic Kamala Harris supporter Cynthia Anne, a 33-year-old from Houston has decided to undergo eight cosmetic surgery procedures to be a Kamala Harris look alike.

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Cynthia Anne Photo: Courtesy Photo

Cynthia Anne, who is of Black and Asian heritage, plans to undergo plastic surgery operations to look like the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee. She is starting from a good base since  Kamala  is also of Black and Asian heritage

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The 33-year-old's surgeries will include breast augmentation, a liquid rhinoplasty, a “mommy makeover” to include a tummy tuck, liposuction and eyelid lift, along with Botox, fillers and injectable treatments.

The procedures will be done at Utopia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa by Dr Franklin Rose, a board-certified plastic surgeon who is known for his work on MTV's reality TV show “I Want a Famous Face.” He has helped women to look like  Meghan Markle, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez and more.  A true master in the field of cosmetic fan surgery.

Neither Dr Rose nor Anne said how much the surgeries will cost or how long it'll take. Harris is currently campaigning for Democratic nominee Joe Biden ahead of the November election. She's not the most stereotypical plastic surgery model considering the 22-year difference between both women, but do what makes you feel beautiful or in a good political space.

This is the first time I have seen anybody do cosmetic fan surgery. to look like Kamala or indeed any other political female figure.  I wonder if she will go out canvassing on the campaign trail.  Swing voters might be impressed if they spot Kamala strolling up to their driveway.

Talking to the local Houston media Cynthia said “Kamala is an inspiration and an excellent role model for women of colour, as well as for all women and all people everywhere,”