Dr 90210 Returns With An All Women Cast Of Cosmetic Surgeons

Check out the teaser video for the new season of the long-running reality plastic surgery show Dr. 90210.   This TV favourite is seeking to reflect the importance of women as surgeons in the cosmetic surgery mecca of Beverly Hills.  Whilst the majority of patients are women it is not reflected in the spread of top surgeons, only 15% are women.   So E1 has put together a cast of 4 top female surgeons to give the show a 2020 makeover.

This season's team of surgeons includes Dr. Cat BegovicDr. Kelly KilleenDr. Michelle Lee, and Dr. Suzanne Quardt.   I love this idea and I am sure it will be a worthy competitor to the Netflix ‘Skin Decisions ‘ show which has been getting great reports. The UK viewers will have to wait for this series but can watch the BBC show “The truth about cosmetic surgery‘ in the meantime..   Personally I can't get enough of plastic surgery reality shows and I am sure that our thousands of site visitors feel the same. So, make sure you tune in on September 28th for the season premiere of Dr. 90210