Mini Lipo And Baby Botox Meet This Years Trending Tweakments

When I see ‘Mini Lipo' or ‘Baby Botox' it makes me think of a spa nail bar where you go for a lunchtime ‘Mani & Pedi'.   Indeed that is the way cosmetic surgery is heading with its trending ‘tweakments'.

mini lipo

The mini-liposuction procedure was first introduced to the public by Dr Amron. As a shorter version of his Beverly Hills liposuction procedure, mini-liposuction is perfect for individuals who are close to their ideal body weight but are looking for spot reductions in one or two stomach areas. The procedure can provide better proportion to those individuals who are slightly out of proportion and have one or two stubborn areas.

Under local anaesthesia, they remove fat that you have been unable to lose with diet and exercise. This micro-level contouring can be used to improve the appearance of one or several problem areas.  For a woman who has been working ruthlessly on her diet, mini lipo can give her results ‘La touche finale'.

After a mini-liposuction, when patients gain or lose weight the body will remain in better proportion thanks to the fat removed from specific areas. A mini-liposuction can be performed to address excess fat on the knees, chest, underarms, neck and upper arms – areas that are more resistant to diet, exercise and weight loss attempts. Other areas commonly addressed by mini-liposuction include the inner and outer thighs, the hips, love handles, buttocks, knees, calves and ankles.

The primary benefits of mini liposuction are the ability to have the procedure using only local anaesthesia, the targeting of a small area of fat, quick recovery time on average, and lower price than larger liposuction procedures.  The price differential depends on where you have the procedure.  In San Diego, for example, a typical clinic quote is around $6k for a min lipo compared to $12k for the full traditional lipo.  Things are much cheaper in the UK with a typical mini lipo at around $2k.   Prices drop considerably more once you start looking at countries like Lithuania or Poland where you get small area lipo done for $700.   nowadays, however, you have to look at what is possible in terms of travel restrictions and available flights.  Check out traditional low price countries like Turkey and Mexico where the standard of care is good.

baby botox

I had to giggle when I Googled ‘Baby Botox' and in the dropdown menu had things like “should babies get Botox?”   and “How much Botox should I give my baby?Relax – Baby Botox” is just a marketing term for a lower dose of Botox. a traditional injection to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. “Instead of using 25 units in an area, you may use 10 units,” Melissa Doft, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, tells Allure. “I have many patients who ask for half the normal dose, as they do not want to look frozen but are tired of wrinkles in photos. First-time Botox patients are perfect for this.”

As compared to standard-size injections, Baby Botox lowers the risk of your features appearing to be frozen. Take the forehead, for example: “The risk is that you weaken your frontalis muscle, which causes your eyebrows to drop,” Darren Smith, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, tells Allure. “If you're getting microdoses of Botox, that's a lot less likely to happen.”

So are these mini versions of Liposuction and Botox injections some sort of ‘Gateway drugs' for future cosmetic surgery addicts?  Is it like a quick and painless taster to help normalise your desire for physical improvement? It sounds all too easy to say to yourself “its just a ‘Baby Botox' my facial expressions won't be swept away.  And if you go for  ‘mini lipo ‘ is it just a way of cheating on your diet or avoiding the painful; workouts at the gym.  Are we all being so easily seduced by these clever marketing ploys that help us, at least mentally, to equate cosmetic surgery treatments costing hundreds of dollars with just having a ‘Mani and Pedi?'  when friends and lovers are impressed with these minor changes to our bodies can we dismiss our artifices with a smile without admitting to professional assistance?  Why not?  In England, we say ‘Mum's the word' and mums are getting yummier by the day!